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Andrew Grill | Keynote Speaker

Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner

Andrew Grill


Andrew Grill I Keynote Speaker

Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner, Andrew Grill is a popular and sought-after presenter and commentator on issues around digital disruption, social selling, the workplace of the future, emerging technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, digital diversity, personal branding, and employee advocacy.

If your organisation is struggling to understand how digital disruption will impact you in the short to mid-term then futurologist Andrew Grill can help.

His insights can be delivered as an inspiring and impactful keynote for your management off-site, a facilitated workshop or as an ongoing strategic consulting engagement.

His practical and actionable insights have been delivered to large and small companies around the world, and clients have remarked on how they were able to instantly implement these strategies, saving months of work in the process.

100% digital, Andrew believes that “to get digital you need to be digital” and his engaging keynotes provide actionable insights on how to achieve corporate goals on a global and long-lasting scale.

A seasoned corporate leader, Andrew has launched and run technology companies in Europe and Australia and worked with and for some of the world’s leading companies including Telstra, Vodafone, Nestle, BBC, American Express, John Lewis, and Unilever.
He is also a seasoned TEDx speaker, having presented at 4 separate TEDx events.

Andrew Grill - Essence Statement

Andrew Grill

Former IBM Managing partner and top-rated futurist Andrew Grill discusses the short to mid-term impact of digital disruption. In his hugely popular keynotes, he proposes practical and immediately actionable plans for corporations; allowing them to facilitate a digital proof structure. Andrew designs his keynotes specifically to meet the needs of his clients and the market sector in which they operate. A proven track record in delivering this structure and has gained incredible client feedback over the years.