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Dr Ian Pearson | Keynote Speaker


Dr. Ian Pearson


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Dr Ian Pearson I Keynote Speaker

Ian Pearson has been a full time futurologist for 27 years, tracking and predicting developments across a wide range of technology, business, society, politics and the environment. He is a Maths and Physics graduate, a Doctor of Science, and has worked in numerous branches of engineering from aeronautics to cybernetics, sustainable transport to electronic cosmetics. His 1850+ inventions include text messaging and the active contact lens, more recently a number of inventions in transport technology, including driverless transport and space travel. He was BT’s full-time futurologist from 1991 to 2007 and now runs Futurizon, a small futures institute. He writes, lectures and consults globally on all aspects of the technology-driven future. He has written eight books and made well over 750 TV and radio appearances. He is a Chartered Fellow of the British Computer Society and a Fellow of the World Academy of Art and Science and the World Innovation Foundation.

As well as his main business streams of conference speaking and writing futures material for corporate PR campaigns with associated media interviews, he often writes white papers for companies reconsidering strategy in the face of rapidly changing technology and occasionally runs or participates in scenario planning workshops. He is equally comfortable talking to technology specialists and people who know little about technology, explaining complex technologies in everyday language.

Dr Ian Pearson - Essence Statement

Dr Ian Pearson

Dr Ian Pearson is an engineer, inventor and futurist working with a huge demographic of clients operating in crucial industries: transport, cybernetics, cosmetics and many more. All of which will be shaped and reshaped by AI.
Dr Pearson holds a key position as someone who intimately understands; and interprets technology.
A leading expert, who speaks about the evolution of careers, women in workplace, wearable smart skin to transport; as well as the ethical and moral implications faced by decision makers.