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Goran Carstedt | Keynote Speaker

Fomer CEO IKEA, Social Entrepreneur

Goran Carstedt


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Goran Carstedt I Keynote Speaker

Göran Carstedt Ph.D is engaged in several initiatives where entrepreneurial business ventures can be combined with community based social innovation. Dr. Carstedt is an advisor and coach to various European, US and Asian organizations and serves as chairman and board member in several corporations. Dr. Carstedt was 2007-08 Senior Director of The Clinton Climate Initiative. He served 1998-2000 as Managing Director for SOL – The Society for Organizational Learning, at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA, a research center for organizational learning and leadership. He is the former President of IKEA Retail Europe and member of the IKEA Group Management Board 1990-1997. He served from 1990-1995 as President of IKEA North America in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania.

Before joining IKEA, Dr. Carstedt served for many years in different executive positions with Volvo. He joined Volvo in 1974 as Manager of Market Planning at the Car Division in Gothenburg, Sweden. From 1977-1982, he was Manager of Corporate Planning Office at Volvo Headquarters, and from 1982-1985 he was President of the Car Division at Volvo France SA in Paris. From 1985-1990 he served as President of Volvo Svenska Bil AB, the Swedish Volvo sales organization for cars, trucks, buses, spare parts and services. During this time he was also a member of the Volvo Group Management Committee.

Dr. Carstedt received his Ph.D. from the University of Umeå in 1974, and an honorary doctorate at Blekinge Tekniska Högskola, Karlskrona , 2007. Moreover, Dr. Carstedt served as a guest professor at The School of Business, Economics and Law, at University of Gothenburg, from 2015-2017.

Goran Carstedt is a leading expert in leadership and organizational learning and change. He speaks at international conferences, prestigious universities and to corporate management teams.
His speeches can change dependent on subjects, but his view is anchored in a strong belief that leadership that invites people to something meaningful, something learningful, something worthy their fullest commitment, does create human energy necessary for creating successful organizations. He argues that a transition towards a more sustainable society, can only happen as a consequence of more sustainable business strategies. In his lectures, he gives hands on examples on how this can be done. His lectures gives insightful perspectives on subjects like leadership, learning organizations, organizational change, building a brand , entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Goran Carstedt - Essence Statement

Goran Carstedt

Climate change and sustainability are two of the most frequently discussed global topics at present; and Dr Carstedt is integrally associated with sustainability and Climate change.
An expert in leadership and organisational learning with a focus on sustainability. Having spent nearly 3 decades at two Swedish giants Volvo and IKEA, Dr Carstedt progressed to lead the Organisational Learning research centre at prestigious MIT.
Former senior director at Clinton Climate initiative, Carstedt discusses the key drivers of corporate innovation, change and sustainability.
In his phenomenally inspiring keynotes, he talks about viewing sustainability as a business imperative; and ways to create a workplace that liberates human creativity, nurtures collaboration and eliminate waste.
What are real markers of progress aside from GDP?
How can we grow a new culture that harmonises with nature and brings people together around a meaningful goal?