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Robert van Waasdijk | Keynote Speaker

Transformation & Leadership Expert, Executive Coach, Speaker

Robert van Waasdijk


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Robert van Waasdijk I Keynote Speaker

Dutch national Robert van Waasdijk is an expert in leadership and transformation processes for people and organizations with over 20 years of experience. In 2010 Robert founded BizAssist Coaching & Consulting that operates industry independent and provides (executive) Coaching, Consulting, Training, Interactive Workshops and Interim Services in the areas of Strategy, Business Modelling, Leadership, Digital Transformation, Employee Experience, Customer Experience and Continuous Improvement.
Robert is an EMCC Certified Professional Coach as well as a certified LEAN consultant.

After graduating from The Hague University Faculty of Business Administration, Robert started his career in sales and marketing of IT related products and services both in The Netherlands and as Sales Director EMEA. In 1997 Robert decided to make a career switch to become a full-time professional consultant, coach and trainer.

As Director Netherlands and lead consultant/trainer of a Belgium based Training Company, Robert managed, developed and conducted numerous consulting, coaching and training programs for a wide variety of branches and customers in Holland and various European countries.

Among his clients are companies such as Eurocontrol, Rabobank, ING Group, Philips, General Electric Co, GE Healthcare, Johnson & Johnson, Lifescan, Ricoh Europe, Ricoh Nederland, Interscience, Solar Nederland, Maastricht University, ABAB Accountants, Randstad, Fidelity Investments, Alcatel, KPN Telecom, and various Dutch SME’s and municipalities.

Geographically Robert’s main focus is on Western Europe, Türkiye and the Middle East where he can be booked as a Speaker, Consultant or Executive Coach and for his Workshops. Robert services these regions from offices in The Netherlands and in Istanbul, Turkey.

Areas of Expertise

  • Vision and Strategy Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Transformation Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Employee Experience
  • Customer Experience
  • LEAN Continuous Improvement

Specific areas of interest

  • Neuro Leadership, the application of findings from neuroscience to the field of leadership.
  • Digital Transformation (DT), Employee Experience (EX) and Customer Experience (CX) as driver for change in leadership and culture throughout the entire organization. Approaching DT, EX and CX as “just a marketing exercise” appears to be a common misunderstanding among many executives and high tier managers.
  • Employee Experience (EX) as a strategy to increase not only employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention, but also brand equity, competitive advantage, and sustainable growth.

Robert’s personal mission is to coach and strengthen executives and managers with tools and insights how to successfully deal with transformation and leadership in the specific context of their organizations.

Robert’s services are provided in Dutch or English and are free of travel and accommodation costs for Istanbul.

Robert van Waasdijk - Essence Statement

Robert van Waasdijk

Robert van Waasdijk is a leadership expert and executive coach. Focused on the specifics of business strategy, new trends, customer experience, digital transformation and employee experience.
Waasdijk has spent the last 20 years consulting for senior management teams within global corporations; operating in finance, retail, health et al.
As a popular leadership speaker, Robert helps his clients navigate organisational transformation and change; focusing on utilising the power of digital transformation and talent retention.