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Speaker Agency brings together world-renowned and inspirational speakers on a wide range of topics, including motivation, artificial intelligence, diversity & inclusion, economics, sustainability, mindfulness, and many more.

Felicity Aston
Felicity Aston Explorer, Scientist and Author
  • Resilience / Self-Leadership / Mental Hygiene / Adaptation to Change
  • Teamwork / Creating High Performance Teams / Virtual Teams
  • Leadership
Jamil Qureshi
Jamil Qureshi Performance Coach, Psychologist, Author and Keynote Speaker
  • The Psychology of High Performance
  • Future of Business Engagement
Professor Iris Bohnet
Professor Iris Bohnet Academic Dean of Harvard Kennedy School, Professor of Business and Government
  • What works: Gender Equality By Design
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Defying Gender Bias
Will Higham
Will Higham Behavioural Futurist, Author, Speaker, Founder of Next Big Thing
  • What Your Customers Will Want, Need and Expect From You Tomorrow
  • How to Anticipate and Appeal to Tomorrow’s Customer
  • Why Consumer Trends Matter to Your Business
WHY SPEAKER AGENCY? Contribution to Business Transformation

In the fast-changing business world, it's important to stay up-to-date with current trends and apply new concepts effectively. Our speakers share the latest innovations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, and employees, using personal experiences and practical examples to enhance insights and inspire the community. We provide significant value in maintaining the relevance of the business sphere.


In the realm of marketing communication, harnessing the power of Business Influencer Speakers is the key to making an impact on your target audience. Our Business Influencer Speakers, followed by a substantial audience on social media platforms due to their knowledge, experience, and expertise, can make the impact of your brand's engagement with its target audience truly unique.

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J.P. Morgan

Choosing a speaker involves aligning your event's goals and audience's interests. We assist by understanding your objectives and recommending experts whose expertise and insights will resonate with your event's theme, ensuring a meaningful and engaging experience for your attendees.

Speaker Agency is a professional organization specializing in connecting event organizers and planners with expert speakers for various types of events. We curate a diverse selection of speakers, including industry leaders, thought experts, motivational speakers, and more, to elevate the impact and success of your events.

Booking is a straightforward process. Start by sharing event details, audience demographics, and goals with us. We then provide you with a refined list of potential speakers. Once you make a selection, we take care of all logistics, ensuring the speaker's seamless integration into your event.

A keynote speaker is a distinguished individual chosen to deliver a central address or presentation at an event, often setting the tone, theme, and focus for the entire gathering. Keynote speakers are selected based on their expertise, influence, and ability to captivate and inspire the audience.

The way to create an impact on your target audience in marketing communication is to get the power of Business Influencer Speakers behind you. Our Business Influencer Speakers, who are followed by an intense audience on social media platforms with their knowledge, experience and expertise and create social impact, can make the impact of your brand meeting with its target audience unique.

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