Conference Speakers

Conference Speakers

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Adam Cheyer
Adam Cheyer Top Technology and AI speaker, Co-Founder and VP Engineering of Siri and Viv Labs
  • The Future Of Ai And Businesses
  • “Hey Siri”: A Founding Story
  • How To Build A Successful Startup: Lessons From The Founder Of Siri, Inc.
Dr. Adam Kay New
Dr. Adam Kay Award-Winning Author | TV Writer | Comedian | Former Junior Doctor
  • Healthcare
  • National Health Service
  • Health and Wellbeing
Adelina Chalmers New
Adelina Chalmers The Geek Whisperer Founder, CTO Advisor
  • "I'm not a jerk" ... And Other Reasons Why Engineering Leaders Worry About Doing Performance Management
  • The Thinking Chasm Between CTOs and CEOs
  • The Top 5 Mistakes CTOs Make
 Adolfo Fernández Sánchez New
Adolfo Fernández Sánchez Global Product Strategy & Operations @ TikTok | Monetization Product & Technology
  • Italians queuing for American coffee
  • I want it, and I want it now
  • People are not afraid of change
Akshay Ruparelia
Akshay Ruparelia Founder UK’s 3rd largets Online Agency, Forbes 30under30
  • Scaling a Business
  • Resilience
  • Entrepreneurship
Aldo Kane New
Aldo Kane World Record Adventurer, Explorer and TV Presenter
  • Resilience and Mental Strength
  • Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Expedition – A Life of Adventure
Alex Alley
Alex Alley World Record Yachtsman
  • Sailing solo non-stop round-the-world record attempt
  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
Alex Depledge New
Alex Depledge Founder & CEO Resi
  • Start-ups shouldn’t win but they often do. What can big businesses learn?
  • The future of work: How innovation can disrupt standard business models.
  • We have a women-problem, but is the problem maybe us?
Alexandra Adams New
Alexandra Adams UK’s First Deafblind Person Training to be a Doctor | TEDx Speaker
  • Being the UK’s first deafblind medical student: The Journey
  • Experiences of the Young Female Patient
  • Medicine and Mental Health
Alice Fraser New
Alice Fraser Comedian, Broadcaster, Writer, Keynote Speaker
  • Grief, loss, mental health and wellbeing, politics
ALLISTER FROST The Future Ready Mindset Expert & Keynote Speaker
  • 5 Steps to Success in a World of Change
  • Smart ways to follow change and stay on top
  • How to react so change becomes your BFF
Allyson Stewart-Allen
Allyson Stewart-Allen Renowned Advisor, Author, Speaker and Educator
  • The USA: How To Succeed in the World’s Largest Market
  • Building Global Mindsets: How to Work Across Cultures
  • Content Marketing to Transform Retail Customer Experiences
Amanda Hamilton New
Amanda Hamilton Nutritionist Auhtor Broadcaster
  • Biohacking: Understanding the rules of the nutrition game
  • Longevity: Live better, live longer
  • Gut Health: Health problems rooted in an unexpected place
Ambarish Mitra
Ambarish Mitra Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Blippar and co-Founder of Greyparrot
  • An Augmented Future - What's Next for Augmented Reality?
  • How Are AR & AI Technologies Impacting Our Lives Today?
  • Is The Augmented Reality Hype Already Over? What Is Next For AR?
André Borschberg
André Borschberg Co-Founder, CEO and Pilot Solar Impulse
  • Making The Impossible, Possible
  • The Pivot Point From Explorer to Leader
  • From Vision to Reality
Andrew Grill
Andrew Grill Futurist Keynote Speaker and former IBM Global Managing Partner
  • Are You Ready for Generative AI?
  • From Turing to Transformers: The Unfolding AI Revolution
  • Web3, The Metaverse, Crypto, NFTs & Blockchain explained
Andy Stalman New
Andy Stalman Co Founder & CEO TOTEM Branding. "Mr. Branding". Best-selling author: "BrandOffOn" "HumanOffOn" "TOTEM". Professor. Speaker. LinkedIn Top Voice 2023
  • For brands we are not in an era of change, but in a change of era.
  • A new generation of brands: TOTEMs. And how to transform customers into believers.
  • TOTEM. The new face of Branding. A humane, innovative, sustainable and shared future.
Andy Torbet New
Andy Torbet Presenter | Stuntman | Soldier | Diver | Climber | Skydiver | Academic
  • Risk
  • Fear-An analysis of fear stress & anxiety. The forms it takes,as well as ways to deal with and manage
  • Overcoming Obstacles
Anton Musgrave
Anton Musgrave Futurist and Business Strategist
  • The Future, Innovation, Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Quantum Relationships
  • Lessons In Radical Innovation From 30 Years of Experience
Aric Dromi New
Aric Dromi Futurologist | Strategy & Innovation Advisor | Speaker
  • Automation & fast tracking Technology, process and human behaviours, how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?
  • The smarter data dilemma The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation How will technology and human behaviour impact our privacy? Can legislation actually protect our privacy, or is it there to legalize surveillance?

Selecting the right conference speakers can make or break your event. These speakers are the heart and soul of your conference, shaping the experience and leaving a lasting impact on your audience. 

But with a sea of options out there, how do you choose the perfect ones? To help you navigate this important decision, we've curated a list of 5 exceptional conference speakers who are ready to inspire, educate, and elevate your event. 

Whether you're planning a corporate summit, industry conference, or a special gathering, these speakers are your key to a successful and memorable occasion.

Who are the conference speakers?

Conference speakers are individuals with expertise, knowledge, or unique insights in a particular field or subject matter. They are invited to address and engage with an audience at conferences, seminars, workshops, or similar events. They play a vital role in sharing valuable information, sparking discussions, and inspiring attendees.

For example, imagine you're organizing a technology conference. Your conference speakers could include renowned tech industry leaders, innovators, and experts like Elon Musk, who could speak about the future of space exploration and technology. 

Another speaker might be a cybersecurity specialist, providing insights into protecting digital assets in an interconnected world. These individuals bring their expertise to the event, making it informative and engaging for the attendees.

Why should you hire a conference speaker at your next event?

Hiring a conference keynote speaker for your next event can bring a multitude of benefits:

  • Speaker at conference are often experts in their respective fields, providing valuable insights and knowledge to your audience.
  • They can captivate your audience with compelling presentations, interactive sessions, and real-world examples, making your event more engaging and memorable.
  • Speakers can inspire your attendees with their success stories, motivating them to achieve their goals and aspirations.
  • Different speakers bring diverse viewpoints and experiences, enriching the overall content and discussions at your event.
  • The presence of a reputable speaker can attract professionals, offering valuable networking opportunities for your attendees.
  • High-profile speakers can enhance the credibility and reputation of your event, attracting a larger and more diverse audience.
  • They can provide practical knowledge and actionable takeaways that attendees can apply in their personal and professional lives.
  • Conference speakers can offer a variety of topics and formats, catering to different interests and learning styles.
  • Some speakers are not only informative but also entertaining, adding an element of enjoyment to your event.
  • Hosting a speaker can differentiate your event from others, making it a sought-after and valuable experience for attendees.

Benefits of Hiring a Conference Speaker at your next event

Expertise and Insights

Speakers for conferences are typically experts in their respective fields, bringing a wealth of knowledge and insights to the stage. Their expertise can provide attendees with valuable information, offering fresh perspectives and the latest industry trends. Engaged and Informed 


An engaging speaker has the power to captivate the audience with their compelling presentations. This not only ensures that attendees are informed about the subject matter but also makes the event more enjoyable and memorable. Attendees leave with a deeper understanding of the topic at hand. 

Inspiration and motivation

Many conference speakers share their personal journeys and success stories. These narratives can serve as powerful sources of inspiration, motivating attendees to set and achieve their own goals. It adds an element of motivation and empowerment to your event. Networking 


Reputable speakers often draw diverse crowds, including professionals and like-minded individuals. This creates a fertile ground for networking, allowing attendees to connect with peers, industry leaders, and potential collaborators. It fosters valuable connections and partnerships. 


Hosting a respected and influential speaker can significantly boost the reputation of your event. It sets your event apart from the competition, making it more appealing to potential attendees and sponsors. The positive experience of the event can also lead to increased attendance in future iterations, further enhancing its reputation within the industry.

Top 5 Speakers From Our Arsenal

Will Higham

Will Higham's mission is to help brands anticipate and monetize new consumer needs and behaviors. His consultancy, Next Big Thing, serves clients across various sectors, including retail, finance, media, technology, and drinks. Will Higham is the perfect conference guest speaker to bring valuable insights to your conference.

Shrouk El-Attar

Shrouk El-Attar is a distinguished advocate, engineer, and performer recognized as one of the BBC's 100 Most Influential Women of 2018. She was honored as Young Woman of the Year 2018 by the United Nations HCR and esteemed as one of the Top 6 Young Women Engineers. Shrouk El-Attar brings a unique perspective and a commitment to important causes to your event.

Dr. Ayesha Khanna

The Co-Founder and CEO of Addo, a global AI solutions firm and the best conference speaker, is Dr. Ayesha Khanna.She has been a strategic advisor on AI, smart cities, and the metaverse to leading corporations and governments worldwide. Ayesha's expertise in AI and innovation is a valuable addition to any conference.

Richard Turrin

Richard Turrin is an international best-selling author and a top-ranked global fintech influencer.

With extensive experience in fintech, including IBM and investment banking, he offers unique insights into China's digital currency revolution. Richard's expertise in fintech and China's developments is a must-have for your event.

Professor Kevin Curran

A cybersecurity expert recognized for his outstanding contributions in the field is Professor Kevin Curran. He is a Fellow of the RSA and a senior member of the IEEE, known as a top influencer in security thought leadership. His global recognition and expertise in cybersecurity make him a valuable speaker for any event.

Adelina Chalmers

Adelina Chalmers, D.P.S.I., Dip H.E., is a trusted advisor to Chief Technology and Science Officers in tech companies. Her focus is on addressing the most critical issues in business, consistently adding substantial value, often exceeding $1 million, to each company she collaborates with. Since 2011, Adelina Chalmers has been dedicated to helping science and technology companies ranging from 50 to 110,000 staff tackle communication, leadership, and strategic challenges.

Afua Adom

Afua Adom is a charismatic and outspoken advocate for diversity in Britain. Her influential voice resonates across various media platforms, including ITV’s This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Jeremy Vine on Channel 5, the BBC, Sky, CNN, STV, Yanga! TV, TalkRadio, and LBC. With a rich background in journalism, Afua has hosted CNBC's TV show "Sustainable Energy," contributed columns to The Voice Newspaper, and served as Editor-in-Chief for Glam Africa Magazine. Afua's journey from Glasgow to London at the age of 17 led her to study journalism at City University. There she specialized in broadcast and music, eventually landing roles at T4, PopWorld, and ITV's 60 Minute Makeover.

What Next?

So are you ready to make your next conference interesting and informative? The above listed speakers are more than qualified to give valuable insights and educate your team on various learnings. 

If you are looking to hire any conference speakers, then the Speaker Agency is the way to go! Speaker Agency boasts extensive experience in organizing conferences, seminars, and corporate training programs across various industries, including Banking, Pharmaceuticals, Automotive, GSM, Energy, FMCG, Cosmetics, Retailing, and more. Speaker Agency specializes in collaborating with Opinion Leaders, Celebrity and motivational Speakers, Trainers, and Consultants to deliver exceptional events. 

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