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Aldo Kane New
Aldo Kane World Record Adventurer, Explorer and TV Presenter
  • Resilience and Mental Strength
  • Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Expedition – A Life of Adventure
Caspar Craven
Caspar Craven Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Former CFO, Author
  • Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible
  • Be more Human: Re-thinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
  • Time to Change Tack - Developing Agility and Resilience
 Dr Alex George New
Dr Alex George UK Ambassador for Mental Health| Host of @thestompcast | Co-founder of @be_mettle_ | Best selling Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Managing High Performance Teams
Dr. Chris van Tulleken New
Dr. Chris van Tulleken Infectious Diseases Doctor @ UCLH | BBC Presenter | One half of Operation Ouch!
  • Stem
  • Future of Health
  • Public Health
Dr. Hannah Fry New
Dr. Hannah Fry Professor of Mathematics | Science Presenter | All Around Badass
  • AI
  • Technology
  • Big Data
Dr. Xand van Tulleken New
Dr. Xand van Tulleken Infectious Diseases Doctor @ UCLH | Bafta Winning BBC Presenter | One half of Operation Ouch!
Nicola Adams OBE New
Nicola Adams OBE Actor and 2x Olympic Champion
  • Peak Performance
  • Diversity
  • Maximising Success

Excelling Your Event with Celebrity Speakers 

Why not consider hiring a celebrity speaker for your upcoming event?  Celebrity speakers are known for excelling in their field, well enough to draw the attention of a large number of people across the world. From successful entrepreneurs to sports personalities and to celebrity doctors, you'll be able to find many motivational speakers at our agency.Do you want the audience to be inspired after the speech?

Maybe you're a business owner who is looking for a way to motivate your employees. A celebrity speaker could teach your employees what it takes to succeed, and fill in them the dream that they can reach their goals. The Speaker Agency's famous UK inspirational speakers have had to face challenges and hurdles in their lives, which they've overcome in their journey to reach their goals.

Learn from them, how to best motivate yourself, and keep your kind focused on the goal. Famous  keynote speakers aren't just well known for their talents and skills, but also for their ability to motivate other people.

What Can A Celebrity Speaker Bring To Your Event? 

Celebrity speakers know how to work up the crowd to make them feel more confident and proud of themselves. They can, through their personal stories and experiences, help other people on their own paths. In order to succeed in life, people need to feel inspired. Often, people struggle with finding this inspiration.

Inspirational speakers play the important role of helping people believe that they can reach their goals. Businesses can especially benefit from booking celebrity public speakers. Not only will you be able to give your employees something to talk about, but you'll also make them become more inspired both at your physical and virtual events. 

 Here are five celebrity speakers for you to consider

1. Aldo Kane

Aldo is a world renowned adventurer, and also one of the television presenters. He has previously worked as a Commando Sniper in the Royal Marines. During his adventures, he has found himself charged by a black Rhino, he has been held at gunpoint, he has rowed across the Atlantic, and has nearly escaped Ebola. 

Aldo served in the Northern Ireland military for some time, and in the Middle East as well. There, he would become one of the youngest people in the UK armed forces to become an Elite Commando Reconnaissance Sniper.

He has since appeared in a large number of media channels across the world, including BBC, Nat Geo, Discovery, the History Channel, and much much more. He has appeared next to people like Henry Cavill and Tom Hardy, in extreme environments. He has, alongside his thriving career as an adventurer, also been giving inspirational talks. Through his talks, he has spoken about resilience and mental strength, living life as an adventurer, emotional intelligence, and on how to design a life.

He has written the book 'Lessons From The Edge: Inspirational Tales Of Surviving, Thriving, and Extreme Adventure'. He also runs a business of his own, Vertical Planet, that helps film crews in environments deemed high risk.

2. Dr. Chris Van Tulleken

Chris is an infectious diseases doctor. With his twin brother Xand, he presents 'Operation Ouch!' Drom CBBC. This show has become a huge success. It involves self experimentation as well as lab work to show kids what happens within human bodies, as well as in hospitals.

Chris grew up with his brother in London, where they both studied medicine from Oxford University. When he was a junior doctor, he found himself working during the genocide in Darfur. This helped Chris develop a passion for medicine and politics within conflict zones. He would later be appointed at Fordham in the US.

Since then, he has returned to the UK to focus on writing, becoming a TV presenter UK, as well as healthcare. He has given talks on the future of health, public health, anthropology, mental wellbeing, and more.

3. Dr. Hannah Fry 

Hannah is a professor of mathematics of citizens, at UCL. She works in the Center For Advanced Spatial Analysis. There, she studies patterns of human behavior. 

Hannah Fry is also well known as a bestselling author, having written the book 'Hello World - How To Be A Human In The Age Of The Machine'. She is also a science presenter and hosts various TV shows as well as podcasts. If you want to hire celebrity speakers in the UK for your next event, then consider Hannah.

She has worked on critically acclaimed BBC documentaries such as 'City In The Sky', 'The Joy Of Winning', 'Magic Numbers' and more. 

She has also given numerous talks and can inspire people through her entrepreneur motivational speech. She also inspired many entrepreneurs in the world with her motivational speech.  She has given talks on smart cities, patterns, technology, big data, AI, and more. She has an inspiring place among the motivational speakers in the world.  

4. Dr. Xand Van Tulleken 

Like his twin brother Chris, Xand is also an infectious diseases doctor. His interests lie in public health, in anthropology, as well as in humanitarian aid. 

He co-hosted 'Operation Ouch!' on CBBC with his brother  He also launched a podcast with his brother, called 'A Thorough Examination With Dr. Chris and Xand'. This podcast reached the top spot in various charts.

He meets global specialists in food, taste, weight, addiction, and other related subjects.  In 2020 he launched the super successful daytime show 'Morning Live and Healthcheck UK'. The event aired on BBC One.  

Throughout his career, he has, together with his brother, appeared in multiple projects. He also embarked on individual endeavors including authoring the book 'How To Lose Weight Well'

He is currently working as lecturer at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

5. Nicola Adams Obe 

Nicola is a two times Olympic champion, as well as an actress. She is one of the leading sports personalities in the UK, and is best known for winning gold at the Olympics. She is also one of the most successful female boxers of all time in the UK. If you're looking for celebrity speakers UK for your event, then Nicola could be exactly what you're looking for. 

In 2016 she would become the first British boxer to defend their Olympic title. She would also go on to become the world champion. In 2013, she was appointed Member Of The Order Of The British Empire for her outstanding achievements. 

When it comes to famous motivational speakers in the UK, Nicola ranks one of the top 10 motivational speakers. Through her talks, she has spoken about peak performance, diversity, maximizing success, overcoming adversity, and more.  

Video To Embed- Nicola Adams: From Grassroots to Gold, A Champion’s Story – Aviva Community Fund

How Can You Book Celebrity Speakers For Your Event? 

From famous entrepreneurs to inspirational speakers, at Speaker Agency, you can find amazing celebrity speakers for your next event. To get in touch with us to book a celebrity speaker, please email us at ''. Alternatively, you can call us on +44 (0) 20 3393 1061. 

Another way to book our celebrity speakers is to go to the dedicated profile page of the speaker you want to book, and click on 'enquire'. You can also connect with us on social media @speakeragencyuk. Follow us to stay up to date on the latest celebrity speakers, and to connect with them. 

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