STEM Speakers

STEM Speakers

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Allison Duettmann New
Allison Duettmann CEO, Foresight Institute
  • Meta Tools for Accelerating Scientific Innovation Introduction
  • Bio, Nano, Neuro, AI: Opportunities and Risks in Frontier TechIntroduction
  • Charting Optimism: Steering Sci-Fi Futures from Existential Angst to Hope
 Dr Alex George New
Dr Alex George UK Ambassador for Mental Health| Host of @thestompcast | Co-founder of @be_mettle_ | Best selling Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Mental health
  • Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Managing High Performance Teams
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon New
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon Keynote Speaker, Author, Social Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
  • The Tech Landscape and Why Tech Needs Diversity
  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  • A.I. & The Future of Work
Dr Reena Kotecha New
Dr Reena Kotecha Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, TEDx/International Public Speaker, International Advisory Board Member for Headspace Health, Mindfulness Research Advisor, University of Cambridge
  • Mindfulness Meditation; A Core Resilience Skill for Stress Management
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Wellbeing & Professional Productivity and performance
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Dr Shelley James New
Dr Shelley James The Light Lady' | Author | TEDx speaker | WELL AP, Advisory & Faculty | Consultant | Collaborating Across Industries and Agencies to Improve Health, Well-being and Sustainability Through Effective Lighting
  • From the space station to the workstation: how NASA's innovations are redefining office design
  • Busting the Melatonin Myth: New Perspectives for Human-Centric Lighting
  • Lighting for health and well-being in the workplace and the home office: sleep, mood, musculoskeletal health, computer vision, ergonomics, productivity, employer branding, healthy building certification, sustainability and return on investment.
Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Dr. Ayesha Khanna Futurist, AI Expert, Philanthropist Co-Founder & CEO ADDO AI, Chairman 21st Century Girls
  • Winning with AI: How Innovative Leaders Drive Growth?
  • The Future of Work: How to Amplify Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Smart Cities 2.0: The Future of How We Will Work, Play and Live
Dr. Hannah Fry New
Dr. Hannah Fry Professor of Mathematics | Science Presenter | All Around Badass
  • AI
  • Technology
  • Big Data
Ella Podmore MBE New
Ella Podmore MBE IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year 2020 | McKinsey NGWL 2022 | Surrey 40 Under 40 Winner
  • Fail Fast, Learn Quicker!
  • The Future is STEM
  • Life in the Fast Lane
Felicity Aston
Felicity Aston Explorer, Scientist and Author
  • Resilience / Self-Leadership / Mental Hygiene / Adaptation to Change
  • Teamwork / Creating High Performance Teams / Virtual Teams
  • Leadership
Furkan Karayel New
Furkan Karayel Best Selling Author, Speaker
  • Inclusive Intelligence, How to be a Role Model for Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace
  • Build Your Leadership Profile as a Woman/Woman in Tech
  • Cultural Intelligence
Ghislaine Boddington New
Ghislaine Boddington Creative Director / Presenter / Expert - Future Human - Future Selves, Virtual Physical Presence, Hybrid Identity | body>data>space | University of Greenwich | BBC | Stemettes
  • Future Human: The Body is the Interface
  • Women in Tech: Diversity & Inclusivity Enables Innovation
  • Experience Economy: How Technology Will Define Collaborations
Leanne Elliott Young New
Leanne Elliott Young CEO & Co-Founder of Institute of Digital Fashion
Linda Liukas
Linda Liukas Author and Illustrator of Hello Ruby
  • Innovation & Design
  • Programming & AI
  • Education
Mariam Naseem New
Mariam Naseem Polar & Planetary Researcher | Consultant | Tech Strategist | Business Development | Engineer | Space Advocate
  • Space Exploration
  • Planetary Science
  • Astrobiology

STEM Speakers Can Add Immense Value to Your Event 

STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering and math.  As society innovates and technology advances, the demand for professionals in STEM-related fields soars.  The urgency for STEM application is not just relevant in the workforce.  But, the seed for developing interest in STEM begins as early as preschool years and expands beyond tertiary education.

A STEM speaker can help cultivate the right level of enthusiasm and attitude to excel in STEM. They can motivate and encourage students to pursue STEM fields by sharing their personal experiences and insights.  The spectrum of the audience that can benefit from STEM education is wide.  Hence, the most notable and famous STEM speakers come from a variety of backgrounds and cater to their applicable niches.

You may wonder who makes up the collective of STEM speakers.

Not surprisingly, nearly all of them are prominent figures in the field themselves. They are science speakers, women in engineering and more.  The encouraging STEM motivational speakers under this category may be:

  • mathematicians
  • engineers
  • scientists
  • researchers
  • inventors
  • technology experts.

Top 5 Topics That Will Pique The Crowd's Interest At Any STEM Event 

1. Social Media

Social media is a life-changing phenomenon that transforms our landscape of communication. Its application is so ubiquitous in modern society. Therefore, it may be easy to undervalue  its significance in the field of STEM.  Entrepreneurs are using social media to increase STEM awareness among the general public because of its widespread use.

So, what can a STEM speaker for events emphasize about the relationship between social media and STEM?

Firstly, the STEM speakers can encourage the audience to employ social media as a mode of STEM education.  Several applications such as Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest provide free platforms. They can be used to research resources and promote their related works.  

Moreover, we are hearing many successful entrepreneurs' stories that begin by taking baby steps in social media.  A keynote speaker can provide the spark of inspiration. He/she can create a needed hyper-connected workforce in the field of research and innovation. This workforce can be equipped to make significant strides in STEM with the help of the right speaker. 

2. Diversity In STEM Speakers 

STEM speakers for events that specialize in diversity in STEM-related fields advocate for inclusivity.  They are passionate about evolving corporate culture and creating ideal work environments that create high-performance organizations.  

Many motivational speakers are successful because they evoke their audiences’ emotions.  Some may have personal experiences facing challenges that violate the code of diversity in STEM industries.  These may manifest as unequal circumstances  in education access, resources and gender gaps.

In any circumstance, any inspiring STEM speaker would recognise the diversity in this field. He/She would generate different perspectives of creativity to approach problems.

3. Students & STEM 

To make strategic STEM decisions, the decision-makers must develop a concise and well-informed understanding of the field.  However, all decision-makers in the modern world start from the early stages of school.  This platform refers to schools, colleges and universities.

STEM speakers for schools play an important role to create a spark of interest in the field at a young age.  Memorable and inspiring STEM speakers for kids may leave permanent footprints on tender minds as early as elementary school.  Stem speakers for universities give inspiration to both students and teachers. 

An inspiring speaker from this field can share information on what excites them about their career.  They may also propose some guidelines that help them achieve their career goals.  Or, offer some insights on the rapid changes that occur in tech spaces and the consequential job market demands.

4. Leadership 

Leadership in STEM-related fields is a challenging role.  Being a part of the STEM industry already poses obstacles, for example, being fast-paced and constantly evolving.  It is imperative that a STEM leader invests time in personal development and develops key professional skills necessary for success. Stem speakers for corporations also enhances the leaders points of views. 

It is no wonder that a STEM event is incomplete without a STEM keynote speaker.

With their inspiring speeches, the right STEM speakers can challenge their audience to reimagine their leadership.  They will also provide the engaged crowd with tools to motivate employees to execute strategies, visions and values.

5. Start-Ups & Entrepreneurship

There are a variety of ways to achieve success in the field of STEM.  Entrepreneurship is an avenue that strongly relates to a STEM field.  Both aspects are prominent components in the innovation equation.  Entrepreneurs translate innovative ideas supported by STEM skills to create products and services to gain profit.

Audiences will delight at the prospect of the opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from successful entrepreneurs in the field.  The speakers can offer the crowd their perspective on their career journey, successes and mistakes along the path.

Get To Know Some Of Speaker Agency UK’s STEM Speakers

Speaker Agency is experienced at connecting event planners with some of the best speakers in the industry.  We pride ourselves in our ability to overcome the complexities that may arise to book inspiring speakers at your event.

Plus, the Speaker Agency is familiar with the qualities and benefits of the speakers in our portfolio.  Some of our notable STEM speakers include:

She is a mathematician, a best-selling author and an award-winning science presenter.  She currently holds the title of Professor in the Mathematics of Cities. This is at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL. She is one of the most important names among women in stem speakers. 

Hannah is also the host of popular podcasts and television shows. These shows are City in the Sky, Magic Numbers, The Joy of Winning and The Joy of Data.

She is an award-winning materials engineer who is passionate about creating an impact in the automotive industry.  Her accomplishments have been recognized by winning the IET’s Young Woman Engineer of the Year in 2020.  

She was honoured as a Member of the British Empire (MBE). This honor was given at  the late Queen’s Jubilee Birthday Honours list in 2022. This honour was awarded to her for her services to Engineering, Innovation, and Diversity.

Linda is a programmer and illustrator from Finland who is well-known for her book series Hello Ruby.  She is passionate about programming. She is also a founder of Rails Girls, an establishment that teaches the basics of programming to young women.  

She has amassed many notable awards and accolades.  These include UNESCO High Level Reflection Group 2019, Thinkers 20 and  The Brightest Business Minds of Northern Europe 2016. She was one of the 50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe 2015, 2018, 2019.

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