BAME Speakers

BAME Speakers

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Ambarish Mitra
Ambarish Mitra Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Blippar and co-Founder of Greyparrot
  • An Augmented Future - What's Next for Augmented Reality?
  • How Are AR & AI Technologies Impacting Our Lives Today?
  • Is The Augmented Reality Hype Already Over? What Is Next For AR?
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar Entrepreneur, Investor and Curator Exponential View
  • The Exponential Age is Leading to a Burst of Abundance
  • Generative AI & The Future of Work
  • The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society
Azran Osman Rani
Azran Osman Rani Former CEO of Air Asia, CEO and Co - Founder of Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd
  • Disruptive Innovation and Challenging The Status Quo
  • Building Brands in Emerging Markets
  • Shaping an Innovative Organizational Culture and Attacker’s Mindset
Ben Lindsay OBE New
Ben Lindsay OBE CEO and Founder, Power The Fight | Best Selling Author Charity Times Rising Leader Of The Year 2022 | PhD Candidate at Durham University
  • Community & Social Action
  • Violence Affecting Young People
  • Youth Sector
David Lammy MP New
David Lammy MP Labour MP for Tottenham | Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs | Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Managing diversity in business
  • Post-Brexit Britain
  • Social justice in a fragmented and multi-cultural society
Dr Ally Jaffee MBChB BSc FRSA New
Dr Ally Jaffee MBChB BSc FRSA Multi-Award Winning NHS Medical Doctor, Mental Health Advocate & Content Creator, Nutritank Co-founder & Creative
  • Doctor’s Mental Health
  • Health & Creativity
  • The importance of Human Connection
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon New
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon Keynote Speaker, Author, Social Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
  • The Tech Landscape and Why Tech Needs Diversity
  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  • A.I. & The Future of Work
Dr. DION Terrelonge CPsychol New
Dr. DION Terrelonge CPsychol Fashion Psychologist, Researcher, Consultant
  • Dressing for success: Is there any science in it?
  • Personal style and wellbeing
  • Towards a circular economy: Psychological barriers and ways forward
DR GIFFORD RHAMIE Executive Director of Rockstone Consultancy with responsibilities for Organisation Development and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging
  • The Great Resignation – sharing stories and data of the present phenomenon of the mass exodus of Generation Z and Millennials from typical 9–5 jobs in favour of a more holistic life/work balance. The focus is on our response.
  • Leadership & Management – sharing stories and experiences of strategies for effective, inclusive leadership, team management and organisation growth.
  • The Exit Velocity Paradigm – sharing stories and experiences of how and why companies could provide wellbeing development support for the upward mobility of their staff so that they leave better than when they started. Then the ex-employee becomes a champion advert for company.
 Dr Prash Ladva New
Dr Prash Ladva Award Winning NHS Doctor, Chief Executive Officer at LinkMedics, Associate Director in the NHS and Clinical Fellow to the NHS National Medical Director
  • The power of youth – why young people should have a seat at the table
  • How to win hearts & minds – why storytelling is important to success
  • Building resilience – my story leaving the UK to study medicine overseas
Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Dr. Ayesha Khanna Futurist, AI Expert, Philanthropist Co-Founder & CEO ADDO AI, Chairman 21st Century Girls
  • Winning with AI: How Innovative Leaders Drive Growth?
  • The Future of Work: How to Amplify Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Smart Cities 2.0: The Future of How We Will Work, Play and Live
Dr. Parag Khanna
Dr. Parag Khanna Strategic Futurist, Globally Bestselling Author, Founder of FutureMap
  • Global Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic World
  • The Global War for Young Talent
  • Climate Adaptation: This Century’s Highest Priority
Dr Rupy Aujla
Dr Rupy Aujla International Health and Wellness Speaker | Clinical Adviser to the RCGP on Nutrition Sunday Times Bestselling Author
  • Eating for Health
  • Healthy Eating Hacks
  • Mental Health
Erica Dhawan
Erica Dhawan Leading Authority on Collaboration and Innovation. Bestselling Author. Named “Oprah of Management Thinkers” and Ranked #1 of Top Women Keynote Speakers of 2020
  • Get Big Things Done: The Power of Connectional Intelligence
  • Digital Body Language: Collaborate Faster and Further, Together
  • Concrete Empathy: A Playbook for Leading Modern Teams to Innovation
JASPREET BINDRA Founder - Tech Whisperer | ex-CDO Mahindra, Microsoft, TAS | Author - The Tech Whisperer | MSt AI & Ethics Cambridge University | Advisor - Findability Sciences | Cambridge, Gurgaon
  • Digital Transformation (DX) for Large Businesses: Become a Digital Business.
  • Blockchain Demystified, How it can Change your Business, and How to Adopt It
  • For Better or for Verse (Metaverse, NFTs, Web3
Karen Blackett OBE New
Karen Blackett OBE UK President , Former CEO @ MEdiaCom | Chancellor Portsmouth University | Keynote Speaker | Entrepreneur
  • Influence & Leadership: Creating an Exceptional Culture
  • Unlocking and Understanding the Consumer
  • World Class Leadership
Lee Chambers New
Lee Chambers Psychologist, Founder Wellbeing and Inclusion Expert
  • The Future of Workplace Wellbeing
  • Male Allyship: From Words to Action
  • Black Mental Health: A Missing Conversation
Mariam Naseem New
Mariam Naseem Polar & Planetary Researcher | Consultant | Tech Strategist | Business Development | Engineer | Space Advocate
  • Space Exploration
  • Planetary Science
  • Astrobiology
Metta World Peace New
Metta World Peace (fka Ron Artest) NBA Champion and All-Star, Coach, Mental Health Advocate and Entrepreneur
Natalie Nixon New
Natalie Nixon Creativity Strategist CEO, Figure 8 Thinking
  • Leading with creativity
  • Building and sustaining an innovation culture
  • The future of work is jazz: 4 shifts to make

Ethnic Minority Speakers For A Better Workplace Culture

The UK's cultural landscape is transforming rapidly, with people of more diverse backgrounds increasingly making their presence felt in a variety of ways. Increasing the visibility and representation of such backgrounds is crucial to ensuring that everyone feels included and valued.  Not only for individuals but also for businesses that are actively seeking new ideas, inspiration and innovation. 

In particular, elevating the voices of those from Black, Asian or Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities has been an important part of this shift toward greater diversity. In this article, BAME advocates Uk and we have listed down 5 most popular diversity and inclusion speakers who we think are the perfect fit for any of your events.

Who are BAME Speakers?

BAME speakers are individuals from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic backgrounds who specialise in providing insightful talks on a variety of topics. These topics might be all sorts of different issues from racial equality to health and social care. Their objective is to share their experiences and areas of expertise with a wider audience in order to inspire greater understanding between different cultural groups. 

Particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic, ethnic speakers have stepped up to provide essential insight on how various communities' lives have been affected by the restrictions that have been implemented worldwide. By sharing their knowledge and thoughts on the matter, BAME motivational speakers can help others appreciate what life looks like for people from different cultural perspectives.

List of Popular BAME Speakers You Should Know

Here are the list of popular BAME speakers:

Ambarish Mitra - Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Blippar and co-Founder of Greyparrot

A highly successful AI entrepreneur, Technology Pioneer and the Founding CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra is one of the most celebrated BAME speakers to emerge recently. Starting his tech career in 1997 as a high school drop-out teenager with a web portal for empowering women, Ambarish has since become an expert in pioneering innovation and entrepreneurship. 

His years of experience have been captured in many keynote talks given at institutes such as TED Talk, World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos and Web Summit. Through these events, he has spurred the growth of budding entrepreneurs, students and business community by imparting invaluable knowledge on topics like AI and social impact. Ambarish's engaging talks have truly made him a hugely popular figure amongst the BAME population.

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon - Author, Keynote Speaker, Social Entrepreneur and Podcast Host

Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon is one of the most influential BAME speakers in tech. She has been voted the most influential women in tech in the UK of 2020 by Computer Weekly and featured among the top 10 BAME leaders in tech by The Financial Times. Her work as a keynote speaker, presenter and co-founder of Stemettes has taken her to some of the world’s biggest digital companies. 

Additionally, she is the host of a widely successful podcast called Women Tech Charge and has extensive experience as a conference facilitator. With a keen understanding of technology coupled with an impressive track record for inspiring change, Anne-Marie has rightly earned her place among the preeminent voices on technological innovation across the globe.

Ben Lindsay OBE - CEO and Founder, Power The Fight, Best Selling Author. Charity Times Rising Leader Of The Year 2022 

Ben Lindsay OBE is an influential BAME role model who has dedicated his career to tackling violence amongst young people. As founder of the award-winning charity Power The Fight, Ben seeks to create long-term solutions for sustainable change and bridge the gap between the community and policy makers. 

His successful programmes, such as Double Edge which was featured in the London Criminal Justice Board, aid in mitigating gang and knife crime. Furthering his advocacy against youth violence, Ben developed a gangs and serious youth violence strategy for Camden Council. Also, he created the mini mac project responsible for developing mental health services for children and young adults at MAC-UK. His impactful work continues to drive positive change within his sector.

Dr. Ayesha Khanna - Co-Founder & CEO ADDO AI, AI Expert

Dr. Ayesha Khanna has earned tremendous recognition as an inspirational BAME advocate. She is a distinguished strategic advisor to corporations and governments across the world for her groundbreaking work in artificial intelligence and the metaverse, 

On top of that, Dr. Khanna is part of the Global Future Councils for the renowned World Economic Forum. It is a group of well-known international experts committed to offering insightful observations on how upcoming technologies will be managed and their effects. With her undeniable experience as an AI expert, along with her various positions to several businesses and endeavours, it's no wonder why Dr. Khanna has been increasingly recognized in the tech industry lately.

Jaspreet Bingangsdra - Founder - Tech Whisperer | ex-CDO Mahindra, Microsoft, TAS

As a popular UK BAME leadership speaker, Jaspreet Bindra is highly sought after for his expertise in the realm of digital transformation, AI, blockchain, and the future of work. He currently serves as Managing Director and Founder of Tech Whisperer Consulting and holds a seMasters'ssters degree in AI, Ethics and Society from Cambridge University. 

He has offered lectures and taught courses related to digital disruption and blockchain at some of the world's premier institutions. This includes Harvard Business School, INSEAD, and the Indian Institute of Management; elevating his knowledge of these topics to even greater heights. Furthermore, Jaspreet has published articles that offer unique perspectives on these matters as they relate to new business models.

What Next?

With a greater focus on diversity equality and inclusion in recent times, it is important that we strive for representation in all areas of life. It is vital that BAME speakers are given the platform they deserve to help spread awareness and correct inequality. 

By booking ethnic minority speakers through a trusted agency, you can be sure that you are putting your events in reliable, capable hands. If you require more information on how to book a diversity or BAME speaker or to read further about our work and experience, visit the Speaker Agency website by clicking 'Book Now' on a speaker's page. Or you can also contact us by email ( or telephone (+44(0)20 3393 1061). 

Keep up with our latest news and updates from the agency by following @speakeragencyuk on social media. It is essential that we support those who bring these conversations to our attention, so let us come together and work toward equality for all people.

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