Will Higham

Will HighamBehavioural Futurist, Author, Speaker, Founder of Next Big Thing

Keynote Speaker

  • What Your Customers Will Want, Need and Expect From You Tomorrow
  • How to Anticipate and Appeal to Tomorrow’s Customer
  • Why Consumer Trends Matter to Your Business
  • What are The Consumer Trends Impacting The XXXX Industry
  • Your Customers and Tomorrow’s Technology
  • How to Win The Loyalty of Tomorrow’s Customer
  • How Better Understanding Your Consumer Can Help You Beat The Competition

Speaker Profile

Will’s mission is to help brands anticipate - and monetise - new consumer needs, expectations and behaviours, identifying the commercial opportunities they present.

He runs strategic consultancy Next Big Thing, whose clients range across retail (Amazon to Sainsbury’s), finance (HSBC to Nationwide), media (Walt Disney to BBC), technology (Philips to BT) and drinks (Budweiser to Diageo).

Will wrote the first practical handbook for trend strategists: ‘The Next Big Thing: Forecasting Consumer Trends For Profit’ (Kogan Page, 2009), which has since been translated into five languages.

He’s spoken at and chaired events for brands, media and industry bodies from Barclaycard to Financial Times, ICSC to FHM. He’s presented TV shows for CNBC on the future of work, been interviewed across media - BBC to Bloomberg TV, Cosmopolitan to The Times – and written for The Economist, Director, Advertising Age and Huffington Post.

Will started his career in the entertainment industry. He worked at Sony, Virgin and Universal, running marketing and communications campaigns for artists from Rolling Stones to Michael Jackson to The Cure. He later ran online research agency OnePoll, whose clients included Kelloggs and Findus.

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