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Artificial Intelligence Speakers

Nano dust. Robot surgeons. VR goggles. Driverless cars. AI is becoming increasingly integral to the function of a wide range of sectors including art, manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, education and much more. Firms are adopting innovative approaches and tools, bringing operational efficiency and profitability. Successful examples of digital transformation can be seen anywhere from museums to government agencies to the private sector.

In a personal day to day sense, AI technologies are set to transform how we move about, interact, access education or healthcare and even grow food. From smart cities to robotics, driverless cars to cyber security; there is a lot of innovation to keep up with as well as ethical dilemmas to consider!

Our portfolio of speakers specialising in this field comprise futurists, digital entrepreneurs, tech experts and scientists. Their focused eclectic approach and differing expertise will help you evaluate the impact of AI in varying contexts and how it applies to your sector in order to future proof your business. Please browse our AI speakers below and get in touch for more booking information.