Aysha Iqbal

Aysha Iqbal Director, Wizz Media - TEDx Host/Speaker


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Aysha Iqbal 2024 Speech Titles Aysha Iqbal 2024 Speech Titles

  • How to be a powerful public speaker
  • How to speak like the best public speakers past and present
  • How to take your confidence to the next level
  • How to master the art of great conversations
  • How to network like a pro
  • How to communicate like a leader
  • How to naturally enhance your charisma
  • Why image makes an impact
  • How to get your business featured in the media
  • How to forge a career in broadcasting
  • Why mastering self-discipline is the key to accomplishment

Aysha Iqbal's Biography 

Aysha Iqbal is a TEDx host (2023) and upcoming TEDx speaker 2024. She is the founder of Wizz Media, a media and communications coaching company.

Aysha is a communications expert with an 18 year career in journalism. She was headhunted by the BBC to be one of the main news anchors for BBC South West, and has worked as a news anchor and reporter for ITV, and is a Sony Gold award recipient.

She has also freelanced for LBC radio, BBC Five Live and BBC London radio. 

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