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Music Speakers

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Dr. Adam Kay New
Dr. Adam Kay Award-Winning Author | TV Writer | Comedian | Former Junior Doctor
  • Healthcare
  • National Health Service
  • Health and Wellbeing
Aric Dromi New
Aric Dromi Futurologist | Strategy & Innovation Advisor | Speaker
  • Automation & fast tracking Technology, process and human behaviours, how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?
  • The smarter data dilemma The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation How will technology and human behaviour impact our privacy? Can legislation actually protect our privacy, or is it there to legalize surveillance?
Dr. Michael Bloomfield New
Dr. Michael Bloomfield Global Speaker on Creativity | Anthropologist | Creator of CreativeBeing App | Artist | Semiotician
  • Why leaders need creativity
  • Embedding creativity in your culture
  • Creativity for mental health & wellbeing
Edward Newton Rex
Edward Newton Rex VP Audio, Stability AI | Former Product Director TikTok Europe
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • AI Music
  • AI and Creativity
J Grange New
J Grange Musician, International Public Speaker, Neurodiversity Advocate and Diversity & Inclusion Champion
  • Living as a Neurodivergent person – Understand what it’s like to be neurodivergent and how to support those who are.
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace – Employing and supporting the ND community
  • How Businesses can benefit from a better understanding of neurodiversity – What is it, how can you change and improve and what’s in it for you?
Mehmet Unal
Mehmet Unal Award Winner Artist, Composer and Software Developer
  • The Journey from Composing to Coding
  • The Future of Digital Art
  • AI & Art
Niall Breslin
Niall Breslin Mental Health Advocate and Host of Award-Winning Podcasts "Wake Up/Wind Down" and "Where is my Mind"
  • How to Find Peace in the Chaos of the Modern World
  • Music and Mindfulness
  • The Neuroscience of Mindfulness
Owen O’Kane
Owen O’Kane Bestselling Author, Psychotherapist, Former NHS Clinical Lead
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Coping With Change
  • Bouncing Back
Rafe Offer New
Rafe Offer Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of global music start-up Sofar Sounds
  • Creating, developing and improving your company culture
  • The essential ingredients behind maintaining successful and progressive customer service
  • How to create and maintain a world class experience
Will Higham
Will Higham Behavioural Futurist, Author, Speaker, Founder of Next Big Thing
  • What Your Customers Will Want, Need and Expect From You Tomorrow
  • How to Anticipate and Appeal to Tomorrow’s Customer
  • Why Consumer Trends Matter to Your Business

Motivational Music Speeches To Make Your Event More Valuable

Music speakers, also known as music industry speakers, are experts in the field of music who have achieved success in various areas. They are often invited to speak at events to share their experiences and insights.

Music speakers can come from different backgrounds within the music industry, including musicians, producers, songwriters, music executives, and other professionals.

They share their expertise and knowledge on topics such as songwriting, music production, artist management, marketing, and more. They also provide valuable insights on the business aspects of the music industry, such as copyright and licensing, music distribution, and the impact of digital technology on the industry.

Music speakers not only offer valuable information, but they also inspire and motivate others with their stories of success, hard work, and perseverance. They can provide valuable advice and guidance for those who are just starting out in the music industry or looking to take their career to the next level.

5 Ways Music Speakers Can Add Value to an Event

1. Expertise and Knowledge: Music speakers have vast knowledge and expertise in the music industry. They can share their insights and experiences on songwriting, music production, marketing, and the business side of the industry. Some of these music talks can be given by inspiring musicians who have worked with the most influential musicians of all time. Their knowledge can provide valuable learning opportunities for attendees.

2. Inspiration and Motivation: Many music speakers have achieved success through hard work, dedication, and perseverance. By sharing their stories and experiences, they can inspire and motivate attendees to pursue their goals and dreams in the music industry. This can be good for beginners as well as experienced professionals.

3. Networking Opportunities: Events featuring music speakers often attract a diverse group of attendees, including music industry professionals, aspiring musicians, and music enthusiasts. This creates a valuable opportunity for attendees to network with like-minded individuals and potentially build meaningful relationships.

4. Entertainment Value: Music speakers can also offer entertainment value by performing music or showcasing their talent in a live setting. This can enhance the overall experience for attendees and create a memorable event.

5. Unique Perspective: Music speakers can offer a unique perspective on the music industry, which can challenge conventional thinking and spark new ideas. For example, research has shown the importance of music in education.

6. To experience music that is inspiring has many benefits: Music speakers also have the inside information about the art of music and how new technologies impact the industry as well the musical instruments themselves. This can provide attendees with a fresh outlook on the industry and help them stay up-to-date with the latest happenings and innovations.

Importance of Music Speaker Topics & Some Popular Examples

Music speaker topics are equally important as they can shed light on various aspects of the music industry, which can help aspiring musicians, music enthusiasts, and music professionals.

They can provide insights into the creative process of making music (how the most inspirational songs have been created) and share strategies for success in the industry. They can also offer guidance on navigating the complex world of music licensing & distribution, as well as provide information on the latest technologies that are changing the music landscape.

5 Popular Music Speaker Topics

  1. How Businesses can benefit from a better understanding of neurodiversity – By J Grange
  2. Music and Mindfulness by Niall Breslin
  3. The Journey from Composing to Coding by Mehmet Unal
  4. Musician by Dr. Adam Kay
  5. Difference is Strength – Why society needs to embrace different minds by J Grange

Some of the Best Music Speakers of the Speaker Agency

1. J Grange

He is a British musician and songwriter with many other talents. 

Growing up in East London, J Grange faced numerous mental health challenges during his time in education, which led to him being permanently excluded from school. However, this did not deter him from pursuing his passions. Inspiring music, instrumental or not, always pushed him.

Apart from his musical pursuits, J is also an accomplished international public speaker and neurodiversity advocate.

2. Mehmet Unal

He is a multi-talented artist based in Istanbul, Turkey, who has made a name for himself as a Composer, New Media Artist and Software Developer.

Unal's passion for music, combined with his fascination with technical objects, has led him to create his own instruments and algorithms, which are integral to his creative process.

Mehmet has worked on numerous projects, providing music and sound design for various events and exhibitions, which have been showcased in several cities around the world.

3. Niall Breslin

Niall is a leading mental health advocate in Ireland, with a diverse background as a musician, athlete, academic, and podcaster. 

Niall's expertise (and his “Bob Dylan combined with Jimi Hendrix” attitude) has led him to consult for a number of organizations. Among them are international corporations, the Irish government, and the EU parliament.

How to Book a Music Speaker Through the Speaker Agency?

Booking a Music speaker through the Speaker Agency is simple and quite straightforward. You only need to follow 3 easy steps to make your booking:

1. Browse the speaker directory: Visit Music speaker directory on the website, browse through different speakers & find the one who meets your needs and requirements. You may check out their speech titles & bio to help make the decision.

2. Book Them Online: You can directly book the Music speaker via the Speaker Agency by filling the form on the website. After submitting it, someone from the agency will reach out to you, confirming the details & the booking.

3. Book via Call/Email: You can even call or email the Speaker Agency to book the Music Speaker of your choice.

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Those who play an instrument would probably appreciate the beautiful complexity of music. Think of the artists of all time. From contemporary musicians like Christina Aguilera to classic icons like Chuck Berry, we all have some kind of musical memory.

Rock bands like Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd, unforgettable singers like Elvis Presley and James Brown, revolutionaries like David Bowie or Michael Jackson have some kind of impact on all of us. Music speakers bring significant value to events as they provide expert knowledge and insights into various aspects of the music industry. They offer inspiration, motivation, networking opportunities, and entertainment value to attendees.

So, whatever your favorite genre is, hip hop or jazz fusion, turn your wireless speakers on and book a speaker today!

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