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Speaker Agency Inspiring Speakers

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door.” Milton Berle

If you’ve ever met someone who achieved great things through mediocre methods or made a ground-breaking discovery without leaving their comfort zone, either they lie, or have been very lucky!

Berle leads us to more inspiring lives; one needs to make the doors that open into new and inspiring experiences.

Speaker Agency Inspiring Speakers are all individuals who have created and seized their own opportunities, utterly unafraid to venture into the unknown. They are  entrepreneurs, artists, venture capitalist, motivational speakers, storytellers, scientist, trend predictors and many more.

To learn more about Speaker Agency Inspiring Speakers and how they can inspire you and your business, please click on their photos.

Ambarish Mitra CEO and Founder of Blippar
André Borschberg Co-Founder, CEO and Pilot Solar Impulse
Astronaut Garrett Reisman Professor of Astronautical Engineering at USC and a Senior Advisor at SpaceX
Caspar Craven Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Motivational Speaker
Dave Carroll Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Social Media Innovator
Dr. Martyn Newman Clinical Psychologist specialising in Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness
Felicity Aston Explorer, Scientist and Author
Heidi Ganahl One of the best-known Entrepreneur and Community Leader in Colorado, Elected Member of the University of Colorado Board
Jamil Qureshi Performance Coach, Psychologist, Author and Keynote Speaker
Judith Malika Liberman Storyteller, Art Therapist, Speaker And Trainer
Kevin Gaskell Inspiring Business Leader, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer
Linda Liukas Author and Illustrator of Hello Ruby
Moran Cerf Neuroscientist, Business Professor at the Kellogg School of Management
Pandit Dasa Mindful Leadership Expert
Professor Nick Bostrom Professor at University of Oxford, Director at Future of Humanity Institute
Thomas F. Anglero Director of Innovation (IBM Norway), Public Speaker, Podcaster