How To Use AI To Improve Your Work

AI is a permanent part of our world. Since ChatGPT's 2022 debut, its use has surged. Globally, people and businesses seek AI to simplify work and life, enhancing productivity and instant access to information.

  • Release Date: 19 January 2024
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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Artificial intelligence is here to stay. Even since ChatGPT was introduced to the world in 2022, AI use has grown exponentially. People and businesses across the world are trying to find ways of making work and life easier, with the help of AI. Artificial intelligence has the ability to help people work better, be more productive, and gain access to relevant information instantly. Every day tasks are now becoming easier because of AI.

Just around five years back, it was only the large tech businesses that were using AI, and knew what to expect of AI. Today, AI has reached the masses. Think about how ChatGPT saw one million users using it within just five days of it being introduced. Compare this with Netflix, which took around three and half years to reach the same number of users.

ChatGPT isn't the only AI tool available right now, with competitors like Bard already available for use. There are niche tools as well, that you can use to get help with simple tasks. Tools like Grammarly and Spotify AI DJ are just some of the other useful tools available to you. So if you want to use AI to make work easier how you, how do you do it?

Using AI To Make Work Easier

AI for work is a trending topic these days. There are ways for you to become more productive if you use AI to make work simpler. There are three kinds of tasks that you can get AI to do. These include:

  • AI tasks based on text based content
  • AI tasks based on images and videos
  • AI tasks based on audio

Let's look at each of these individually to better understand how to use AI for work.

1) Text Based Content Using AI 

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When it comes to getting help with text, you can easily use AI to write all kinds of sales copy. If you're building a landing page for a website, then AI can help you to create the perfect content that fits within the specifications you need, for your website. It's possible to create persuasive copy that generates sales for your brand, with the help of AI.

AI will be able to analyze what products and services you have. It can isolate its USPs and then create a persuasive copy that resonates with the masses. This saves you time, effort and money as well, since you won't need to hire a copywriter.

AI for work can help you in summarizing long articles, in writing professional emails, and even with creating excel formulas. All you need to do is explain what your data is and what you need AI to do for you. People can even improve their resumes with the help of AI.

It helps not just fill out the contents of your resume, but also helps you find the perfect layout, and with text formatting. You'll be able to highlight your best skills and provide details on your experiences. This can help increase your chances of getting your resume noticed.

AI also helps creative, since you can create stories and even write dialogue. Finally, AI for jobs can be used to understand difficult topics in a better manner. All you have to do is ask the AI chatbox to explain the difficult topic to you. There are several AI productivity tools that you can use as well, to make it easier to create your content. 

2) Images And Video With AI

Complicated tasks that are digital often involve the use of videos and images. AI makes it easy for people to both create and then edit various visual elements. If you want to add images to your next business presentation, then AI will be able to help you.

You can create custom art out of nothing. You can take various product images and tweak them to look more professional, without hiring a professional graphic designer for the task. You can create appealing logos and other branding collateral. Edit videos, generate headshots and upscale your images with the help of AI. AI and productivity are both buzzwords that go together these days. AI helps with not just text but also with videos, images and audio files. 

3) Audio And AI 

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AI has the ability to make you more productive. Consider listening to a talk from our artificial intelligence speakers to learn more about how you can use AI to perform better at work. Aside from text and images, you can also use AI for your audio needs. You can create voices that sound human, and even male music as well.

AI has, for example, now made it easier than ever before to create audiobooks. It can transform any written text into speech that sounds natural, within moments. You can use AI to transcribe various video meetings, while the meeting is happening. This removes the need to manually write down what's happening. AI can also be used to turn web pages into audio files that can be heard, making research easier. If you want to professionally edit your music, then you can do that with AI as well. From making podcasts to generating music, there's a lot that AI can do when it comes to video files.


AI makes you more productive. To learn all about what you can expect from AI in the future, consider listening to a talk from our

future of work speakers.

AI is here to stay, and make life more productive and simpler for people across the world. Whether you're an individual or representing a business, there are real ways that AI can be of use for you.

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