Social Media Trends for 2022

Over the past couple of years, Influencer Marketing has been becoming a popular concept since social media platforms are being used by more and more people. Marketing strategies have changed in parallel with the technological improvements which allowed Digital Marketing applications come in use.

26 May 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

Many companies have been investing more time and effort into digital marketing techniques which involve ‘influencer marketing’ as a part of their marketing strategies and as a way to have a better competition ground. More and more companies today use social media to promote their brand and while doing this they need the assistance of public figures (opinion leaders) and experts or specialists. Hence the term Influencer Marketing emerged and gave a different direction to marketing methods and ways. You might want to know more about the concept of Influencer Marketing to put your marketing strategies into a new perspective and to include experts in your digital projects for better results and success.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing is about the brand and the influencer. The goods and services are introduced or promoted on various social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. The influencers are picked from a group of people who are known to be found their niche and have a substantial number of loyal followers. These influencers are also compatible with the brand image and they have knowledge and experience about the product (goods or services) that they promote. Influencers are categorized among each other such as micro influencers, celebrities, bloggers, social media influencers and important public figures or opinion leaders.

Travel gurus and ptographers, culinary arts experts and chefs, tech-gurus, artists, stand-up/comedy actors are some of the influencers we see today on social media channels. Then the influencer is not famialiar with the product that he or she is promoting, his or her accountability and positive influence are the two main aspects for the potential customers to trust the product.

When promoting a product, most influencers create their content independently but integrate the advertisement message of the brand in that content.  If the content is original, informative and promotional enough, the possibility of reaching out to the target customers will be higher. Social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram act as the perfect tool for live broadcasts, guest-posts or forwarded posts from other channels and blogs. Financial value of this kind of marketing is defined depending on the platform used and the number of followers.

Why is Influencer Marketing Significant?

Most businesses and corporations seek assistance of content creators to publicise their brand and to extend messages to their target customers. Influencers have been replacing the work done by conventional advertising methods and are becoming more and more popular.  The collaboration between the brand and the content creators is the main aspect for the businesses to expand their access to more customer profiles. Social media project, blogs, informative articles, advertisements (both digital and in print) and of course television are some of the tools by which this kind of collaboration can be carried out.

By word-of-mouth and social proof are two methods in marketing which are known to be critical for a successful campaign. Influencer Marketing uses these strategies in essence therefore it is efficient as a marketing method. Customers tend to view the opinions and experiences of their friends and family, their peers, or the people they admire valuable. In fact, it’s known that people prefer to value the opinions of these groups more than the company when making a decision to buy the product.

Influencers can be anything from being a fashion designer on Instagram, a cyber-security expert or a a successful marketing manager on Twitter as long as they are experts of the field they represent. They need to be able to answer the possible questions asked by the target audience. Depending on their field of expertise, influencers post content which is useful or interesting, they create the fun video or share the amazing image or run the heated debate online.

Who is a Business Influencer?

Generally speaking, to be an influencer of a certain field is the final target of a successful professional. Influencers are followed by masses and they lead and pave the way for others. The prestige they have is rooted from the knowledge and expereince they gained and from their expertise on their field. There are two types of Business Influencers: successful business owners and defined influencers.

Successful business owners are those who have major impact on business and work life. People like Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Jeff Bezos set a good example as successful business owners. Although they do not claim themselves as influencers, they are so important in business that it’s inevitable what they say or do create an impact in the world of business. People who actually name themselves as influencers though, are sought for their insight. They generally have followers in the hundred-thousands and they focus on promoting small businesses. They look for new partnerships and new possibilities for investment.

When compared with conventional marketing, influencer marketing makes it possible for the influencer to have a possible direct contact and communication with the customer. The influencer has a relationship with his or her followers based on trust and respect and this becomes an advantage in terms of marketing methods. Because of the bond between the influencer and the potential customers, they are more likely to hear out the suggestions of the influencers and make purchases according to the suggestions of the influencers. Naturally the community of followers do know that influencers are paid to promote the products but they also acknowledge the fact that the influencers would never risk their own reputation and status by approving just any product.

If you’re looking for a way to make an impact on your potential customers or to have a solid perspective of your brand on your target audience, consider the assistance of our Social Media Speakers some of whom are prominent influencers themselves. Speaker Agency Works with experts Dr. Behice İlhan, Timothy Armoo, Mustafa Icil, Edward Newton Rex, Will Higham  who can help you with your marketing activities. Please refer to our web site for more information and for further queries.


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