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Axel Liebetrau Entrepreneur, Innovator, Futurist


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Axel Liebetrau 2024 Speech Titles Axel Liebetrau 2024 Speech Titles

  • Futurize Your Mindset
  • Futurize Your Business
  • Futurize Your Marketing & Sales
  • BeyondCORONA – Shaping the Future

Axel Liebetrau's Biography

Axel Liebetrau is a futurist, a sought-after keynote speaker and a passionate start-up entrepreneur. In over 1,000 keynotes in more than 15 countries worldwide, he has been able to bring his many years of practical experience as a researcher, consultant, author and entrepreneur closer to an interested audience..

Axel Liebetrau is a professional member of the German Speakers Association, the Global Speakers Network, the board of various different think tanks, and is founder of the Europe’s only innovation consultancy for banks.

By now he has published 13 books and numerous ar ticles on management, trends, foresight and innovation.
Axel Liebetrau is the first futurist to receive the CSP in German-speaking countries.

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