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Covid-19, the greatest levelling-act of the century, has shifted, transformed and altered the continuum forever.

  • Release Date: 12 March 2022
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Covid-19 Pandemic

Future of businesses, public and private sectors, new supply chain, consumer behaviour, workforce, vital services, urban life, technology, governments… All is transformed. In the wake of major changes with this much gravity, which affects the global economy, our only strong suit to ride this wave is knowledge. Pretty much the perfect tool to protect our livelihoods.

When the first measures were being taken against the pandemic, we all had an idea that the global economy would be affected by this. Especially the United States and the EU putting lockdowns and strict restrictions into place, we all knew there was going to be an impact. However, it wasn’t easy to estimate how much of a hit the supply chains would take, particularly in the European Economic Area (EEA).

In order to avoid higher risks, governments chose to go into a long covid era where people learned to live without close contact. We all learned what it is like to have remote work or how life is when we are tested positive. In the meantime, the efforts to control covid-19 were there of course but it took time.

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The prevention and control of the disease was not an easy task even with the covid-19 vaccination efforts were fruitful and several vaccines were proven to be effective against it. Also, for quite a while, the worry was about covid variants.

Symptoms of covid-19 were observed on individuals but the virus was a variant of covid-19. Public health professionals were once again worried about the variants and their long term effects where the control of covid still looked like it was a far-fetched target. Sure there was an impact on the global economy but at the same time, each nation and economy was affected in its own particular way. 

We will probably talk about the long term effects of the pandemic in the future but where we stand today is clearly a better place than a couple of years before. As of July 2022, vast majority of countries are free from covid restrictions and although there are still positive test results for the disease, there are still mask mandates in certain countries and still a bit of worry which stems from past experience, we have a handle on the issue. 

What we learned from the lock-downs and the various behaviour mandates is undeniably valuable. We put a significant amount of knowledge and experience under our belt but this doesn’t change the fact that there’s work to do and we still actually do not know the long term effects of what we have been through. Working from home changed certain aspects of employment.

Public health is now a whole different area of interest and all sectors, public and private, have newly-adopted measures to tackle problems that can affect supply chains or the global economy in general. So, in this era of major changes and clashing forces, how do we stay afloat? 

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Covid-19 Global Impact Experts

Speaker Agency covers a variety of topics which are the speaking subjects of expert global speakers. If you are wondering about what your business’ post covid-19 trajectory should be and what crucial steps to take to minimise loss and maximise on new opportunities, then join us in exploring the possibilities.

We have a great roaster of speakers to help you achieve just that!

How do we keep going with the least possible damage and best possible outcome, despite all the conditions? How do we cope with new economic issues which were caused by restrictions or sanctions or some kind of government-dictated limitation? And what to do next? Granted, since July 2022 the world seems like it’s functioning again as it used to, but what can we do to make things better for ourselves and our communities?

Our expert global speakers understand both the sectoral and geographical/cultural nuances that define you and your business! They will be answering your questions about what’s in store for your sector after Covid-19 and provide solutions that will meet your unique needs.

We believe, by booking a live webinar with our experts, you will be investing in the longevity and success of your business.

Webinars are

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Help your organisation stay afloat, stay ahead, keep your team together and motivated as well as keep learning.

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