The Power Of Coaching: Tips For Finding The Right Coach For You

The right coach can positively transform your life and help you reach your goals. Find out how to pick the perfect coach for you.

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  • Release Date: 28 September 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
The Power Of Coaching

A good coach is someone who communicates well and comes off as credible and trusted. They are competent, demand respect and have developed authority for themselves in their field. Your coach should be able to explain their ideas to you easily. They'll help you set clear and defined goals and will help you chart a path towards reaching your goals. They will provide you with regular feedback and reinforce key messages in your brain. They are essentially here to train you to be the best version of yourself that you can be. But how do you find the right coach for you?

Your Guide To Choosing The Perfect Coach: Tips And Considerations

Personal coaching has really taken off in recent years. From business leaders to people who just want to lead more productive lives- a lot of people are turning to personal coaching. If you've been thinking of getting a personal coach for yourself, then you might already have a decent idea of what you want in your coach. With so many personal coaches out there - how do you find the right person for you?

The first step to finding the right coach, is deciding what it is that you want to be coached on. Don't simply go for the first coach you see online, this can be a mistake. Instead, focus on doing your groundwork first. This is where you 'test out' relationships with different coaches to find the best match for yourself. Here are some tips on finding the right coach for yourself:

  • Know what it is that you want to learn from the coach - how do you want them to help you?
  • Think about what kind of credentials are important for you. Do you want your coach to be certified in their field?
  • Next, decide how you want to be coached. Do you want one on one advice? Do you want your coach to go you create a routine? If you only need help online, you can even opt for a coach who lives in a different state.
  • Now, do your research and make a list of coaches that can be perfect for you.
  • Ask yourself whether the coaches you've shortlisted can really help you reach your goals.
  • Monitor the chemistry between you and the coach - do you feel comfortable with them?

Identifying Your Coaching Needs: A Step Towards Personal Growth

Now that you have a basic idea on how to start searching for a coach, it's time to identify what your coaching needs are. This will be different for different people. If you've already decided on a coach that you want to work with, talk to them about what you hope to achieve. It's important that you feel comfortable with your coach. If this isn't the case, then you may be better off choosing a different coach.

Your coach should ask you about what you expect from them and how you want to be helped. Be clear about what your goals are. When you can express what you want clearly, your coach is more likely to lead you down the right path for you.

If you don't know what your goals are, it's time to start thinking about them. Your goals can change over time, but think about what you want to be coached on.

Identifying Your Coaching Needs

The Qualities Of An Exceptional Coach And What To Look For

So what makes a coach exceptional? These are the traits that you should look for in your coach:

  • They should be good communicators
  • They should make you feel good about yourself
  • They should be good at motivating and guiding you
  • They should know what your limits are, and shouldn't push you beyond them
  • They should help you create clearly defined goals that you can work towards together

How To Make The Most Of A Coaching Relationship: Do's and Don'ts

There are several coaching benefits for you to enjoy once you choose the right coach for yourself. You'll receive help with reaching your goals and will also be motivated along the way. To make the most of your coaching relationship, you need to think about what you want from the relationship.


  • Clearly communicate with your coach what you expect from them
  • Let them know whether you want them to be more or less present in your life
  • Work with your coach on creating a great plan for yourself
  • Find ways to measure your progress together
  • Set clear boundaries when it comes to parts of your life that you don't need help with



  • Don't approach the first coach that you find
  • Don't expect your coach to change your life - you'll still need to put in the work
  • Don't avoid communicating with your coach - they need to know how you're doing
How Coaching Has Transformed Lives And Careers

Success Stories: How Coaching Has Transformed Lives And Careers

Finding the right coach has transformed the lives of many people. People who never thought that they would experience success and reach their goals are now doing it. This is all possible thanks to help of certified coaches, who can help transform the lives and careers of many people. Consider listening to speakers like Dr. Michael Gervais, Jamil Qureshi, Dr. Darren Coleman, Nicola Adams and Manisha Tailor MBE.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions that people have about choosing the right coaches for themselves.

How do I choose the right coach for me? 

Choosing the right coach for you starts with your own research. Look through all the coaches that fit what you're looking for. Ensure that they are credible and well reviewed. Bring your list down to three coaches. Then, pick the coach that you share the best rapport with.

What is the true power of coaching? 

Coaching success tips lure a lot of people towards coaching. The true power of coaching lies in the ability of the coach to help people reach their personal and professional goals.

What are the five essentials to effective coaching? 

These are the five essentials to coaching:

  • Building trust with the coach and developing a positive relationship with each other
  • Expressing yourself clearly to the coach and listening to way they have to say
  • The base of your progress should be positivity - build from a positive place
  • Select one long term goal that you want to work towards- don't focus on too many goals at once


What is the key for good coaching? 

With the right coach selection criteria, you'll be able to find a good coach for yourself. The key to good coaching is good communication. Think about how you're communicating with your coach, what kind of a rapport you have and how your coach can help you reach your goals.

Become better at public speaking and reach other goals with the right coach by your side. 

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