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Judith Malika Liberman | Keynote Speaker

Storyteller, Art Therapist, Speaker And Trainer

Judith Malika Liberman


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Judith Malika Liberman I Keynote Speaker

“If we could change the stories the world hears, we could change the world”

I help people discover their inner storyteller, and reconnect to the enchanted world.

Judith Liberman is a storyteller, art therapist, speaker and trainer based in Istanbul. She hosts a weekly storytelling show on national radio channel NTV, and weekly storytelling concerts in Istanbul and all over Turkey. She is considered to have triggered the storytelling revival in Turkey where she trained hundreds of storytellers over the last ten years. Her first book “Tale Therapy” was an overnight bestseller. Her new book came out in october this year. Judith believes storytelling is the magic that weaves community, and uses every opportunity to invite people to dream together.