Public speaking training: Benefits and Possibilities

Is public speaking training something you need? How you can apply public speaking to your daily life, and what you’ll learn.

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  • Release Date: 24 March 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
690X460 Public Speaking Training

There’s never a bad time to work on yourself, and public speaking is a great way to do so. It’s important in nearly all fields of work and careers, and you can use it to get ahead in life. Speaking in front of a crowd might be the basic definition for public speaking, however, ıt’s so much more than that in many aspects. 

Public speaking is about your communication skills, how well you articulate your thoughts, and how you handle a crowd. If you’re looking to speak like Gareth Davies or Dominic Colenso, you’ll need some public speaking training of your own!

Successful courses to consider

You don’t want to just try your chances with any public speaking course - you want something that’s tried and tested, something that’s going to give you the results you’re looking for. Public speaking training, London or elsewhere, there are places to look into. Everyone has their own preference, which is why it’s important to take your pick from the list:

As you can see a lot of these courses vary in name, and in extension. Some might find it better to take more than one course to target where you’re lacking, and it’s important that you practise and take criticism for it. Remember the first and biggest hurdle is beginning your course, because you’ll be expected to practise. You need a great course and once you make that first step, it’s all much easier to overcome from there.

What you can expect to learn

Public speaking is quite a broad term, and it doesn’t really tell you a lot about what you would learn in an effective speaking course. As mentioned before, it’s not just the ability to speak up on stage.

690X460 Public Speaking

There’s a lot to manage and think about before you get up on the stage and try to get your message across. A lot of it comes down to how you talk to just one person, like your body language, and how well you’re able to communicate. If you’re lacking those skills, it’s important that you look to pick them up during your training in public speaking when you’re taking public speaking classes.

Body language

Speaking in front of a large crowd can make it quite difficult to ensure everyone understands what you’re saying, which is why it’s significant to have great communication skills. Your body is an instrument which helps to convey your message to your audience. Hence the term “body language. Your emotions and your points are expressed by your words but your body helps this entire performance in an effective way. 

Your body language emphasises your words and can help to keep things clear. If body language isn’t your strength, but you use it anyway - it can confuse your audience. It’s something that some need practice with, and knowing what to do with yourself while you’re giving a speech can help to gain confidence.

Maintaining eye contact is a major topic here, please remember that. It’s not only a secret bridge between you and your audience, it’s the best way to connect with your audience. 


If you’re going to give a speech, you need to know how to win over your crowd. Struggling to get your point out, or poorly presenting what you’re thinking isn’t going to get anyone on your side. You can’t apply that anywhere, but learning how to bring your point out in a more persuasive manner is highly valuable. If you need visual aid, use it wisely and properly.

When it comes to convincing someone for something, the impact of visual aid is undeniable. If you choose to use these elements, go ahead and make the most of it. 

Anxiety management

If you struggle with anxiety, getting up and speaking in front of a small crowd, let alone a large audience, can be incredibly difficult. Being able to manage and overcome that anxiety will help you reach much further than ever before.

690X460 Public Speaking2

You can learn to harness nervousness in your public speaking training and apply it to your daily life. Some public speaking courses in London focus on breathing as well. 

Remember, take a deep breath. It will be alright.

Where can you use public speaking?

We’ve all witnessed public speaking, but how can you apply it directly to your own goals and better your life with it? Public speaking and presenting skills are so useful you’d be surprised how often you can use it to your advantage. When you’ve got these strong public skills to back you up, your public speeches can take you very far.

Boosting your confidence

First and foremost, one of the biggest advantages of improving your public speaking skills is boosting your confidence. Speaking in front of an audience is something that most people aren’t able to do, and it’s known as glossophobia.

Glossophobia is so common, in fact, that it’s estimated to take up nearly 75% of the population. Not only is this a barrier you’ll need to overcome in order to get ahead in your life, but once you actually can get past it, you’ll find that you feel empowered.

You’ll find the more you achieve, the more you feel like you can do, and overcoming a hurdle as big as the fear of public speaking can give you confidence in places you’ve never had before. You’ll be much more of an opportunist, and bolder, and you’ll have no problem tackling problems that you didn’t have any trouble with before.

Leadership skills

You’ll be learning how to show your confidence in front of others, as well as communicate clearly - something that every leader needs to know how to do. If you’re going to effectively lead others, that makes you much more capable of higher positions in your career. Presenting these leadership skills in the workplace is a great way to make yourself an obvious candidate for promotion. Take the lead during group projects, and show off what you know during team-building exercises.

If you take every opportunity you can to present those skills, it won’t just stand out with your employer, but with third parties, too. 


Public speaking is something that everyone can benefit from, and at some point becomes an essential part of moving up the career ladder. Whether you’re your own boss, or working underneath someone else, being a confident public speaker is a great way to increase your success. Public speaking skills not only help us in our professional lives but our personal lives as well. Today’s complex human relations, whether at work or home, cause anxiety or even depression and threaten our well-being in many ways.

Public speaking training can improve your communication skills in a way that you can benefit both professionally and personally. Even if you don’t enrol for a class, there are many possibilities online. Watch your favourite motivational speaker and try to learn from him or her. 

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