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Customer Experience Speakers

As consumer trends change at an unprecedentedly rapid rate, companies and brands find themselves trying to react quickly to protect and grow their brand. This is where CX comes in.

Short for Customer Experience, CX refers to your customers’ understanding of their overall experience of your brand. From the first time they heard about it. To how they browse your brand online. To their experience with your after sales support.

Improving, monitoring and curating a strong CX is crucial for brands who wish to maintain and grow their customer base. To execute this you need to carefully obtain and analyse data using various digital metric tools. This in turn allows for shorter reaction times to changing consumer and market demands; bolstering the relationship with your customers, and ultimately profitability.

Our CX speakers will help you understand and implement a robust CX system for your brand. They will talk you through the latest consumer, business and market trends. Help you facilitate the interaction between differing components of Customer Experience like AI, Neuroscience, Social Media, Marketing. Allowing you to gain a holistic view which will transform your relationship with your customers.