Cyber Security Speakers

Cyber Security Speakers

Speaker Agency CyberSecurity Speakers and experts can help you educate your teams learn to identify cyber threats, fake information, identity theft and increase their cyber savviness.

Alexis Conran New
Alexis Conran TV Presenter, Times Radio Presenter and Actor
  • The psychology of deception - How the brain can be fooled by assumption.
  • The anatomy of a scam - How a handful of scams that have existed for thousands of years still catch people out.
  • Social Engineering - How it works and why it is so successful.
Ben Owen New
Ben Owen Co-Director EMEA Region at Fortalice Solutions #OSINT #Cybersecurity #Cyberspy | Keynote Speaker | Hunted U.K. Channel 4 & Hunted U.S. CBS | Ex -British Intelligence and Military Sniper
  • ‘Hunted’ a global TV show
  • How safe are you online?
  • Digital data in the modern world.
Carme Artigas New
Carme Artigas Co-Chair AI Advisory Body United Nations
  • The Impact of Big Data on Business Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Female Leadership in the Technological Era
Cassie Kozyrkov New
Cassie Kozyrkov CEO at Data Scientific, Google's first Chief Decision Scientist, Decision Advisor, Keynote Speaker
  • AI and Innovation: Less Hype, More Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence: Software 2.0
  • Automating Beyond Human Expression
Catherine Knibbs New
Catherine Knibbs Human Behaviour Technologist
  • Why we do what we do online (needs and e-ttachment), healthy development in a world of technology
  • Cybersecurity and the human who ‘humans’ (why mistakes are really made), addiction is not the answer, tech is not the cure
  • Porn viewing in children and young people: why it’s not use or consumption
Christian Baudis
Christian Baudis Digital Entrepreneur, Futurist, Former Google Executive
  • Digital Future (+10-20 years from now)
  • Global Disruption
  • Robotics and Selfdriving Cars
Cristina Dolan
Cristina Dolan Co-Founder and COO iXledger, Founder of InsideChains
  • Blockchain
  • Future of Trust
  • Cryptocurrencies
Dr Jessica Barker New
Dr Jessica Barker Cyber Security Expert| Best Selling Author of “Confident Cyber Security” | Keynote Speaker |Media Commentator
  • How a Hack Works
  • Demonstrating a Phishing Attack
  • Why Culture is Key to Cyber Security
Dr. Michal Kosinski
Dr. Michal Kosinski Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior at Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Computational Psychologist
  • Big Data
  • Privacy
  • Future of Politics
FC aka Freaky Clown New
FC aka Freaky Clown Hacker | Author | Speaker
  • How I rob banks·
  • The (nation) state of cyber security·
  • How a hack works: Spearphishing with demo·
Gianni Giacomelli New
Gianni Giacomelli Head of Design, MIT Collective Intelligence Lab. Founder,
Innovation Advisor, Genpact
  • AI Augmented Collective Intelligence
  • Tomorrow's solutions come from tomorrow's intelligence
  • Building Superminds
Helen YU New
Helen YU Founder & CEO of Tigon Advisory; Host of CXO Spice; Vice Chair, Global Cybersecurity Association; Board Director of KeenFolks
  • Cyber Resilience in 21st Century
  • The Future of Work
  • The Art of Digital Transformation
Henry Ajder New
Henry Ajder Expert Advisor and Broadcaster Specialising in Generative AI, Deepfakes and Immersive Technologies
  • Will 2030 Be Real? The Future of Generative AI
  • Synthetic Futures: Navigating the age of Generative AI
  • Demystifying Deepfakes: Navigating the synthetic age
Jeremy White New
Jeremy White Senior Innovation Editor for Wired Magazine, Speaker, Consultant, Tech Trends Analyst
  • What is the real Metaverse?
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Internet of Things
Joe Toscano New
Joe Toscano CEO, DataGrade // Author& Int'l Keynote Speaker, Automating Humanity // Featured Expert, The Social Dilemma
  • Privacy 2.0: A Post-Compliance Era of Profitable Privacy Practices
  • Empathetic Privacy: Situational Awareness Training for Data Professionals
Jonathan MacDonald
Jonathan MacDonald Business Strategist, Investor, Sunday Times Bestselling Author
  • Consumerisation of Technology
  • Virtualisation of Physical Entities
  • Agility & Innovation
Larry Downes
Larry Downes New York Times Best-Selling Author Technology, Strategy and the Law
  • The Impact of Disruptive Innovation on Business Strategy
  • Regulating Technology
  • Big Bang Disruption
Lex Sokolin New
Lex Sokolin Chief Economist at ConsenSys | Fintech & DeFi Builder
  • Frontier technology transforming Financial Services
  • Mixed Reality and IOT
  • Fintech Consumer Bundle
Monique Morrow New
Monique Morrow Venture Partner | WEF Contributor | Futurist | Emerging Technology Architecht
  • Advancing Women in Tech: A Look into How Far We’ve Come
  • Privacy Isn’t Dead
  • Cybersecurity: A Global Responsibility
Moran Cerf
Moran Cerf Neuroscientist, Business Professor at the Kellogg School of Management
  • Human 2.0 The Future Of Neuroscience And Intelligence
  • The Neuroscience Of 'Free Will' And Decision Making
  • Changing Behavior

Information Security and Cyber Security Speakers

Are you looking to host an event that is sure to capture the attention of your audience? Then why not consider hiring a cyber-security professional as a speaker?

It's a fact that cybercrime is  on the rise. So, it's essential for corporate clients and event planners alike to get up-to-date information about online safety. That way they can ensure their business is secure. Cyber security risk management may sound a bit foreign but in fact, it is a vital concept. 

This will help protect vulnerable data. It can also enable professionals to take steps toward preventing common security risks. 

Qualified cyber security speakers can engage with audiences while providing education and insight into cyber safety. It is a necessary component in any modern workplace. In this article, let’s look at 5 popular speakers so you can book them.

Who are Cyber Security Speakers?

Cyber Security Speakers are a versatile and knowledgeable group that can provide invaluable insights and information. Cybersecurity professionals specialise in cyber-security, surveillance, risk assessments, security certification, and mitigation of business risk. They also use data and information from state actors, non-state actors, and politically motivated entities. 

For example, highly distinguished cyber warfare specialists can advise businesses on protecting against the fallout from sensitive data breaches. In contrast, public governance specialists can be consulted on navigating the complex regulatory compliance landscape. 

An expanding array of threats and challenges are posed by cybercrime and malicious actors (including malicious codes and malicious software). Expert guidance from these speakers is vital for companies. Especially when they are hoping to secure their operations against digital attacks (DDOS attacks, middle attack and SQL injection attacks). They are the most qualified for certifications for cyber security and security controls (including entry level certification and certification exams).

List of popular Cyber Security Speakers

Here are the list of cyber security speakers uk:

Ben Owen - Co-Director EMEA Region at Fortalice Solutions

Get ready for an adrenaline ride with Ben. He is the international mastermind taking the world by storm in the hit TV show, "Hunted." It has been shown in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States for over half a decade. 

The man in the middle of thrilling action, Ben surpasses expectations in the high-stakes world of covert operations.

His battlefield? The relentless fight against threats like counter-terrorism, counter-proliferation, and counter-espionage. They target the United Kingdom and its steadfast allies. This makes him one of the best hacker speakers.

Ben's uncanny ability to lead, orchestrate and govern undercover operatives has been pivotal in attaining crucial intelligence on nefarious individuals and groups that jeopardise national security. Witness the thrilling spectacle of Ben's skills and dive into the heart-pounding labyrinth of international stealth operations by booking him as a keynote speaker with us.

Cristina Dolan - Co-Founder and COO iXledger, Founder of InsideChains

Cristina Dolan is an esteemed cybersecurity speaker and creator of engineering ideas for problem-solving. She is famous for her TEDx talk “Just Solve It” and for originating the global student competition “Dream it. Code it. Win it.” 

Currently, Cristina holds the position of Co-Founder and COO of iXledger, an alternative marketplace for insurance. It is based on blockchain technology. Her technical expertise in computer science and unique speaking style have earned her recognition as one of the best cyber security consultants today.

Michal Kosinski - Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior at Stanford University

Dr Michal Kosinski is a highly sought-after and respected speaker in cyber security. He is  a professor of Organizational Behavior at Stanford University Graduate School of Business. Kosinski has spoken to important audiences. They are German, Mexican, and Russian parliaments and Chatham House. 

His research and theories achieve widespread attention. The reason is his innovative use of cutting-edge computational methods, AI, and Big Data technology. The aim is to study humans in a digital environment. 

With over 80 peer-reviewed papers published in leading journals, including Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and Psychological Science, his work has been cited more than 11,000 times. It has inspired a range of media formats, including The Economist magazine cover story, theatre plays, TED talks, video games, and popular press articles.

Cassie Kozyrkov - Chief Decision Scientist, Google

Cassie Kozyrkov is a highly sought-after speaker on cyber security, decision intelligence, and data science. She expertise in advising leadership teams on AI strategy and setting up successful data-driven organisations. This has made her a popular choice for keynote addresses and presentations. 

She has been instrumental in the spread of Decision Intelligence within Google in her career path. She is credited with personally training over 22,000 Googlers. Cassie Kozyrkov holds mathematical statistics, economics, psychology, and neuroscience degrees and can provide unique insights into cybersecurity trends. Cassie Kozyrkov should be on the list of potential speakers for any organisation seeking an expert voice on cybersecurity risk management.

Henry Ajder - Expert Advisor and Broadcaster Specialising in Generative AI, Deepfakes, and Immersive Technologies

Henry Ajder is a leading figure in generative AI and immersive technology. He has also been influential in driving international discussion around deepfakes and related technologies. He has been consulted by organisations including MIT, WITNESS, and Sensity AI.

He was recently identified as one of Europe's most influential authorities on generative AI by The Financial Times' Sifted publication. Henry regularly appeared as a keynote speaker or expert guest for various events and venues. This includes CogX, SXSW, AdWeek, The London Law Tech Expo, and Stanford University. 


Cybersecurity is of utmost importance in this digital era.  An engaging and experienced cybersecurity speaker can help organisations stay at the forefront regarding cybersecurity. If you are wondering how to get into cyber security, book a speaker with us to discuss digital security personal data. Imagine the possibility of a threat to install malware in your system, be aware of these issues before they become real for you. 

Here we have laid out some popular cybersecurity speakers and how to book them through the agency. If you would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email - at, phone - at +44 (0) 20 3393 1061, or follow our social media pages. We hope you enjoyed reading about cyber security and feel empowered to tackle cyber security attacks in these uncertain times.

Ultimately, having a leading professional explain this complex topic in an interesting way can benefit audience members greatly. It will make the event an incredibly informative and enjoyable success.

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