11 AI Podcasts to Learn More About Artificial Intelligence

The best artificial intelligent podcasts in 2023 include: The Lex Fridman Show. The Joe Rogan Experience and Making Sense with Sam Harris.

Artificial Intelligence
  • Release Date: 30 January 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Artificial intelligence will be the topic of the century. 2022 already saw an inkling of its power, but that’s likely to accelerate dramatically in 2023 and beyond. 

Futurist and former Google engineer, Ray Kurzweil, stands by his prediction of human-like computers by 2029. We only have around six years left to discuss the impact of technology, according to the genius. Fortunately, numerous podcasts run by some of the world’s leading thinkers and interviewers are riding to the rescue. But which are the best? 

When you search for artificial intelligence podcast Spotify, here are some of the top ones.

1) The Joe Rogan Experience

The former MMA fighter interviews some of the top artificial intelligence experts in the world, making his channel one to watch. 

A famous Joe Rogan artificial intelligence podcast sees the presenter joined by Yale Professor Nicholas Christakis. They discuss sex robots, home assistants, and how AI will change how we interact with each other. 

Rogan also interviews Swedish philosopher Nick Bostrom. The pair discuss the existential risk of artificial intelligence and how it could shape the future. 

Bostrom talks about the “big hope” and “big fear” of AI. The hope is that it will solve many of the world’s problems, including disease, war, death, and pestilence. The fear is that it will lead to a new dark age of human enslavement – or worse. 

2) Twiml AI Podcast

TWIML podcast is the brainchild of analyst and thought leader Sam Charrington. TWIML actually has its roots in another podcast  from 2016. This Week in Machine Learning.

You can see all past episodes and gain access to here

3) The Talking Machines

Here is another podcast that focuses on Machines Learning, natural language processing and real life applications of ai powered technology. Each week hosts Neil Lawrence The Talking Machines is an intellectually accessible and interesting take on AI.

4) Lex Fridman Show

Lex Fridman runs a computer science and technology podcast that regularly covers the subject of AI. The podcaster hosts guests with radically different perspectives on the technology. 

The most famous Lex Fridman artificial intelligence podcast features billionaire and Tesla CEO Elon Musk. He believes that AI represents an existential risk. A self-aware super intelligent machine might have the power to destroy everything. Or carry out a program that works against the interests of humanity.

In an interview with Andrej Karpathy, he discusses autonomous vehicles, artificial general intelligence, and the possibility that physics has “exploits.” 

Another podcast with Oriol Vinyals covers deep learning technology and how it might develop over the next decade. 

5) Making Sense Podcast by Sam Harris

Philosopher Sam Harris is another excellent thinker on AI topics and the future of robotics. He regularly covers the subject, thinking deeply and critically about its implications. He believes there are only two conditions humanity needs to satisfy to see the emergence of machine super intelligence

1) continuing human civilization 

2) further improvements and refinements of computer technology. 

However, he also enjoys discussing his unique thoughts and opinions. 

In a popular Sam Harris artificial intelligence podcast, the philosopher talks to filmmaker Jay Shapiro. The pair discuss the impressive and dystopian impact of AI on their lives. Harris expertly adds context to AI podcasts, explaining the history of the technology and its development over the last seventy years. 

Harris is also fascinated by the ethical implications of AI. He discusses how it might “fracture the information landscape” or disrupt societal relationships if it becomes more powerful. He also ponders how the emergence of generalized intelligence could threaten human existence, similar to Musk and Bostrom. 

Fundamental to Harris’s beliefs about AI is that intelligence lies along a spectrum. It begins at the bottom with bacteria and continues to vertebrates, mammals, primates, and humans. According to the philosopher, machines couldt mark the next step of the evolution of intelligence in the universe.  Naturally (!) exceeding our capacities a trillion-fold. 

6) The AI Podcast by Spotify

Tech company Spotify believes that artificial intelligence will continue to grow in power. Therefore, it launched the Spotify AI Podcast to discuss issues relating to the topic. 

The podcast features interviews with hundreds of experts throughout the AI field. Subject matter includes everything from conversational AI to publicly available datasets for new machine learning applications. 

Spotify likes to put a positive spin on the emergence of artificial intelligence. However, it does cover controversial issues such as deep fakes, advertising, and conservation. 

Spotify’s interviews with industry professionals – people who live and work with AI systems daily – are the most interesting. These individuals provide accurate insights into the state of the technology and what they believe it is capable of right now. Experts discuss how the technology may augment robotic hands or improve wastewater analysis. It’s practical, detailed, and less concerned with the big picture. 

7) Intel On AI

Chip manufacturer Intel is right at the heart of the artificial intelligence revolution. They make components that make current neural network technology possible. It runs the best artificial intelligence podcast for anyone interested in the latest scientific research and AI policy implications. Intel on AI brings together industry leaders and its internal executives. 

8) Brain-Inspired

Brain-Inspired is another artificial intelligence podcast option. Hosted by Paul Middlebrooks, the series interviews the biggest names in AI and associated fields. Like the Intel podcast, Brain-Inspired isn’t afraid to go in-depth on technical subjects. Such as general AI, data science, and neuro morphics. 

9) Data Skeptic

Data Skeptic, hosted by founder Kyle Polich is another top artificial intelligence podcast. It got going in 2014 and soon became the number-one data science podcast on iTunes. 

Polich covers topics in video games, image recognition, satellite communication, market research, and e-commerce. His podcast tries to make AI easy to understand  for the general population and explain how it affects our daily lives. 

Polich himself is a mentor for data scientists and works alongside Thinkful for one on one mentorship programs. 

10) Exponential View

Exponential View  is Azeem Azhar’s popular podcast. It examines the impacts of rapidly evolving technology on our societies and systems. From crypto to Web3, from airesearch to nuclear energy each week a thought leader is invited to share their views. 

Subscribe to listen and gain access to all full episodes of the podcast. Get up to speed with the latest in A.I. and Machine Learning. You can also invite Azeem to speak at your event.

11) The Era of Generative AI

The Era of Generative AI is a substack newsletter/ podcast from celebrated political analyst and journalist Nina Schick. Nina interviews key voices in ai, ai generated content, latest ai research, deep fakes and their impact on the wider society. As well as questions around legislation.

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