What is Strategic Leadership?

The ability to visualise, plan, lead, and make the best of the resources you have in order to execute strategies efficiently and successfully is called strategic leadership. A strategic mindset is the essence of strategic leadership because how leaders think equals how they think.

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  • Release Date: 28 December 2021
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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The importance of strategy in today's organisations is a much talked-about subject. Top management of organisations around the world desire to improve their leadership approach, but finding the right one takes time and effective competencies. A well-crafted, well-executed overall strategy that links business priorities to a managerial strategy is essential to an organisation's long-term success as well as its organisational culture..

Choosing the right management approach for your team is the best way to challenge legacy practices, mitigate risks, scale your organisation, and communicate effectively. Therefore, educating yourself about the characteristics you want to embody will help you become a better leader.

In our article, we will emphasise on the importance of strategic leadership and the characteristics that a leader should bear.

Definition of Strategic Leadership

Strategic leadership is a practice that enables managers to develop a vision by using different management styles and to adapt to the changing economic and technological climate for their organisations. It is the whole of the view that constitutes the corporate structure. They can use this vision to motivate employees and departments, develop a sense of unity and direction among them to implement change in their organisations.

The main purpose of follow-up guidance is efficiency. Other goals are to streamline processes, increase productivity, foster innovation and create an environment that encourages employees to be productive, independent and develop their own ideas.

Being a strong manager requires organisation-wide discipline and a commitment to continuous learning. In this sense, you can play a critical role in supporting your organisation's long-term success by tracking opportunities and finding ways to implement them.

Importance of Strategic Leadership

Important decisions affect areas outside of your own functional area, business unit, or even your organisation.

Strategic management is future oriented; therefore, it is better to work with a broad timeline that combines short-term results and a long-term focus.

Follow-up management is change-oriented and often drives organisational change. The impact of their work is felt gradually or ripples throughout the organisation.

The answer to the question “What is corporate culture?” is best given by looking at how a company's employees and management interact and is the sum total of values, beliefs, ethics, and attitudes that characterise the organisation. It is formed by the founder or senior management of an institution. In this respect, the way managers design the corporate structure affects the corporate culture.

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How prepared are you to manage the organisation in a crisis? What is crisis management? Crisis management is the implementation of strategies designed to help an organisation cope with a sudden and important situation. An experienced manager knows how to react to a situation.

A manager who can stay confident and positive while unwanted events are going on also motivates the organisation and its employees and achieves success in a short time. However, it’s no easy task to develop leadership skills as it is a matter of experience and knowledge with several elements including team members.

A great leader is someone who makes an ordinary team a great team. Successful leaders influence team members -and others- in ways that they don’t necessarily feel in a short term period. Even the basic interaction between good leaders and team members on a day to day basis is a valuable experience for the team members because they live and learn.

Same thing goes when there’s a crisis situation in the company and it’s important to remember the value of communication once again. Strategic leadership requires excellent communication skills to tackle various issues during times of hardship.  

Skills of a Strategic Leader

Here are a few characteristics of effective strategic leaders that lead to superior performance:

  • The most important characteristics of a successful manager and an effective leader are strong communication skills and the ability to be a good listener.
  • Strong and effective leaders demonstrate their commitment to their vision with their words and actions.
  • Efficient and effective leaders keep themselves updated on what is going on in their organization.
  • They use their power wisely.

Effective leaders make decisions after understanding and evaluating the views and feelings of their team members. They earn the respect of their employees with an empathetic approach. Because these people know exactly what it takes to get the job done, they are more likely to implement the recommended strategies successfully.

In other words, effective and successful managers are strong communicators and active listeners. They are passionate, positive, innovative, accommodating, honest, diplomatic, empathetic, and humble. By taking steps to acquire these qualities, you can lead your team to success with you. Being a strong leader takes practicality and realism, but it also requires innovation and the ability to apply it.  

As a result, strategic leaders can create a new outlook for the organisation and lead it with transformational leadership abilities to ensure lasting success. 

Effective Power with Examples

Examining different management approaches and examples of leadership behaviour is a good way to learn about developing leadership skills. For example, Toyota's strategy aims to research its competitors, to know their weaknesses, and to develop high quality and innovative designs in the light of this information.

PayPal, on the other hand, uses unconventional strategies to grow its empire instead of being just another bank. Rather than partnering directly with banks, it focuses on building partnerships with merchants and building trust with consumers.

Steve Jobs was obviously an effective leader who also created an amazing organisational culture in a business where even the senior leaders kept learning and transforming the company. Apple Corporation became one of the most macro companies by market capitalization under his management. Similar to Jobs, the strong vision of Mark Zuckerberg was accepted by all his employees and celebrated by adapting the organisational culture he envisioned.

Effective leaders equipped with skills influence others and they have the magic touch which can bring out the best in people. These leaders have a special connection with those who follow them and they know how to motivate them towards action. The guidance they offer for the people is valued and respected.

The great men of history and today have also worked hard to develop the right mindset, build successful habits, and achieve what no one wants to do, and they have left an inspiring impact on the world. You can be like them with the right steps and develop your effective managerial features.

A New Approach

There are successful leaders who offer strategic management and transformational leadership speeches to help with managers and organisations. Participants in strategic management speeches learn about various subjects like leading change, shaping corporate culture, and crisis management which are actually interconnected. At each stage, they learn a new element of the follow-up mindset and gain insight into how it applies to their own challenges.

By watching the videos of Speaker Agency's Leadership Speakers or listening to their podcasts, you can learn how to change organisational culture and explore the collective skills needed to lead a high-performing company. 

Boost your leadership skills and find out how strategic leaders work with other organisations, team members and senior leaders. Be inspired by visiting the pages of Deborah Rosado Shaw, Goran Carstedt and Yves Morieux, who have the knowledge and experience that makes a difference in working life. Please contact us now to start transforming your workforce today and to learn more about our programs that we can design for you.

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