Benefits of Outdoor and Indoor Guerrilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is a fun and creative way of grabbing customers’ attention. Here, we look at some of the innovative ways guerrilla marketing strategies have been implemented.

  • Release Date: 07 February 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Guerrilla marketing tactics come from "guerrilla" warfare, like the element of surprise, to attract customers from certain groups. Guerilla marketing campaigns are  especially effective at creating intrigue.

A business can promote a campaign without spending a lot of money on traditional advertising by using guerilla marketing.

What is guerrilla marketing?

It is a form of advertising that makes use of unconventional strategies in order to surprise and appeal to potential clients. It is an alternative to more conventional methods of marketing. 

Such as advertisements in print media or on television, billboards, or direct mail. 

Guerilla marketing focuses on using public spaces and events with unexpected but carefully planned visuals or acts. The goal is to lead people to associate the brand with or buy the product. 

Guerrilla marketing is typically focused on human interaction in unusual settings. The aim is to deliver a significant impact on a limited budget.  

In the early 2000s, there was a surge in the popularity of guerrilla marketing. And it continues to be a popular marketing style employed by big brands.. In order to compete for attention in today's world, strategies need to be more innovative than before. 

The reason why digital marketing offers a better return on investment (ROI) these days is that it uses the internet. Meeting customers exactly where they are. When done well, guerrilla marketing aims to increase brand awareness across social media platforms. Creating a word of mouth marketing effect.

What are the different types of guerilla marketing?

There are four main types of guerilla marketing: outdoor, indoor, event ambush, and experiential marketing. These four categories encompass a variety of additional creative forms of guerilla marketing.

1. Outdoor guerrilla marketing

When something uncommon is placed in an outdoor location, this is an example of outdoor guerilla marketing. In most cases, this takes place in urban areas where there are a great number of pedestrians. Adding something to a monument such as putting a scarf on the famous bull statue in Birmingham. 

Putting a giant replica  in a park, or putting goods in the street are all examples of outdoor guerilla marketing tactics. An excellent illustration of this took place in 2017 in Australia. When Ikea celebrated created replica living spaces at bus stops.

2. Indoor guerrilla marketing

The purpose of indoor guerrilla marketing is to generate attention about a product or service by using indoor public venues. This includes places like college campuses,  train stations, and even in museums. 

A flash mob by T-Mobile in Liverpool Street Station in 2009 led to an increase in sales.

The video of the event has been viewed more than 40 million times on YouTube. 

Additionally, it won the award for best television advert of the year at the British Television Advertising Awards.

3. Event ambush marketing

Event ambush guerrilla marketing is a way to advertise something at an event that is already happening. A concert, a festival or a sporting event,  often without the permission of the event organiser. 

4. Experiential guerrilla marketing

Through experiential guerilla marketing campaigns, the general public is encouraged to talk about the product or service. This can happen anywhere  and it can be done in any way. Coca Cola’s happiness machine campaign featured a vending machine that delivered flowers and pizza as well as some fizzy soda.

Is guerilla marketing right for your business?

Guerrilla marketing has the potential to leave a lasting and emotional impression. But if it is not carried out correctly, it has the potential to fail. 

Guerrilla marketing works best for bigger brands that focus on a specific area. Then rely on word of mouth to spread the campaign across the country or globally. Social media platforms can be used to amplify the impact. This would allow your campaign to become  Viral marketing. 

In general, guerrilla marketing works best for larger brands. But smaller local businesses can also increase their credibility by going to events. In any part of the economy, guerrilla marketing can be an effective and cheap way to win over potential customers.


Successful guerrilla marketing campaigns to promote a product will lead to an increase in brand awareness. If you want to be successful with guerilla marketing, you should not feel that you have to give up traditional advertising. Instead, you should work on figuring out how to use guerrilla marketing to make your current campaign reach more people.

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