Why is Gender Equality in Sport Important?

Gender equality in sport continues to be widely discussed. Here, we examine how to overcome gender inequality in sport and what the future holds

  • Release Date: 03 February 2023
  • Update Date: 06 February 2023
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Since the beginning of society, there has been an issue with gender parity. Women historically faced inequities in their professional fields, educational institutions, households, and other environments; athletics was not an exception. 

There are many different approaches that can be taken to promote gender equity in the world of sports. Following are the ones that need to be taken in order to make the future more welcoming.

How can we take steps to promote women’s equality in sports?

  • Make an effort to close the funding and investment gap that exists in women's sports

One of the problems that a lot of sports teams have to deal with is insufficient funding. In most cases, men's teams are the ones to obtain the lion's share of sponsorships and television contracts.

The vast majority of businesses are unwilling to provide financial assistance to female athletes, and those who do so see it more as a moral obligation than an investment opportunity. Women's athletics are progressing and have the potential to achieve greater heights if they receive adequate financial support.

By expanding support for women's sports, the economic disparity can be narrowed and closed. As a direct consequence of this, additional opportunities for female athletes to compete will become available.

  • Boost media exposure

The way in which the media portrays sports and athletes contributes to the formation of detrimental gender stereotypes. Sports Media has a tendency toportray female athletes as women first and athletes second when reporting on their accomplishments.

In order to increase the visibility of women in sports, collaborative organisations and the media can use their influence and voice, take action, and demonstrate leadership by addressing inequalities in sports and journalism. This will help increase the visibility of women in sports.

  • Put an end to the presumption that males are more skilled athletes

The assumption that men are better athletes than women should be abandoned. Especially if we are to make progress toward gender equality in sports. People frequently believe that men are more powerful, better at sports, and faster than women.

This is not always the case because women, for instance, have a lower risk of injury. And they typically perform better than when competing in athletic events.

  1. Develop programmes that promote equality between the sexes

The objective of gender parity must be pursued in a strategic manner by sporting organisations, governing bodies like the international olympic committee. If a woman puts in the same amount of effort as a man, she should be entitled to the same participation opportunities, financial assistance, prize money, and privileges that the man would get.

  • The ability to access resources, structures, and leadership

Sports programming for women and girls needs an organisational framework in order to create a lasting impact. Sports programmes must ensure that women and girls are represented on their board. They are treated equitably, have access to funds, and are included in the process of making decisions and setting goals.

This is because these programmes are more likely to involve women in the decision making process. This is due to the fact that these programmes ensure active board membership and leadership roles for women and girls, equity, financial means, and participation in decision making and strategy planning.

  • Choice of sports

Mixed versus single-sex sports activities; team versus double versus single sports; are all examples of categories of sports that successful sport programming for women and girls has given great attention to.

The establishment of female sports participation and integrating sports into everyday life can be helped by giving these factors careful thought. In the United States, research on perceptions of sport has shown that basketball is considered a "rough" sport. Whereas in another country, such as Senegal, research on perceptions of sport has shown that basketball is considered a "feminine" sport. This suggests that an understanding of how different communities view different sports is necessary.


  • Create a whistleblowing programme

Complaints of discrimination and harassment in sports groups can be collected using a platform that is user-friendly, secure, and anonymous. The act of coming forward to disclose unfair practices can be scary.  Therefore, it is crucial that the whistleblower's identity should not be shared. Title IX in the US has articles to that effect.

  • Encourage the formation of sports teams led by women.

It is imperative that women's teams receive the same level of support as is given to men's teams. This is an excellent tactic for advancing the cause of gender equality in sports and encouraging female athletes to compete.

This can be accomplished by giving female athletes the same level of attention that is given to male athletes in sports. As an additional technique for promoting gender equality, you may want to think about joining a club, going to games, and going to sporting events that are open to people of all genders.

All participants in a sport need to have access to similar opportunities if they are to be treated fairly. Participation from all individuals is necessary in order to advance gender equality in athletics. 

When talking about gender equality on social media, it is important to be cautious and to use language that is inclusive. It is also essential to make an effort to collect resources and data on the many ways in which other people are working to advance gender parity in sports.

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Gender equality in sports statistics

Sport Av. prize money for men Av. prize money for women Prize gap
Football £22, 075, 000 £561, 230 £21, 513, 770
Cricket £3, 100, 000 £470, 500 £2, 629, 500
Golf £1, 021, 033 £492, 875 £528, 158
Cycling £35, 518 £5, 942 £29, 576
Tennis £1, 452, 022 £1, 452, 022 0
Volleyball £83, 011 £83, 011 0
Athletics £31, 008 £31, 008 0
Swimming £25, 097 £25, 097 0

Male football players make forty times more money than their female counterparts Megan Rapinoe, captain of  world cup winning US Women’s football team, has been vocal about this disparity. She is one the prominents voices fighting for equal pay.

The gap in prize money is a big concern. Despite the fact that other sports do not come close to having the same level of inequality. The difference in prize money awarded to male and female golfers is £528,158, whereas the amount of money awarded to male cyclists is approximately six times that awarded to female cyclists.

On the other hand, there are disciplines that actively discourage gender discrimination in sports. In tennis, volleyball, athletics, and swimming, the typical prize money awarded to male and female competitors is equivalent.

An Insure4Sport survey found that 75% of the women believe that there is gender inequality in sport. In comparison to 68% of the men. In addition, around one-third of females find it more enjoyable to watch men play sports, which suggests that it is not simply male spectators that are a barrier for female athletes.

Concerningly, only seven percent of respondents say they enjoy watching women compete in sports. This demonstrates that there is still a significant amount of effort to be done in order to close sports gender issues.

A big global family

Participating in sports as a kind of recreation is beneficial to both our physical health and our overall quality of life. Girls participation in sport, especially in countries where women are seen as secondary citizens, could drive positive socio economic outcomes with far reaching impact.

As a global sector, sport encourages social participation and collaboration all across the world.  True sport gender equality gives equal opportunities for men and women to compete at the highest level of their sport. As well as to assume leadership roles within the industry. This is better for everyone in the long term.

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