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Are you looking for the best podcast apps 2023 for ios and Android? Discover all the best apps for listening to podcasts right here, including free ones and the features they offer

  • Release Date: 17 March 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Podcasts are hugely popular right now. Whether you are commuting or relaxing at home, the beauty of podcasts is that they offer entertainment wherever you are. Hearing your favorite programme while you run or when waiting in the traffic is simply quite wonderful. 

According to Nielson’s Podcasting Today report, there are now millions of podcasts available, with over 92 million episodes ready. And they’re all waiting to be listened to! Podcasts cover a wide range of genres, from true crime to parenting. Whatever your interest, there is sure to be a podcast to match. 

Research from Statista shows podcast audiences in the UK reached 19.1 million listeners in 2021. It is predicted to increase to over 28 million listeners by 2026. If you still need to get on board with the trend, you may be wondering which is the best podcast app to use.

There are many good podcasts, some of which also bear the title “the most popular podcast”. From true crime to pop culture, from mental health to real life experiences, from interview podcasts to history podcasts, the availability is quite amazing. When you think of the best UK podcasts 2022, you need to refer to podcast charts.

Podcast charts give us an idea about what kind of audience follows what kind of shows. Whether it is the controversial issues on The Joe Rogan Experience or music history in The Deep Dive, podcasts in the world cover a wide area.

Some of the big names in the industry including Joe Rogan or Jordan Peterson create regular content to address their audience. There are a number of hosts out there like Paul Joseph Watson, an alternative journalist or Brian Reed, the successful producer. When it comes to comedy podcasts, certain podcasters push the boundaries of the industry. Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark do a great job in the world of comedy podcasts.

True crime podcasts are becoming more popular as they reflect the point of view from a different angle. Read on to find the best one for you.

1. Spotify

  • Podcast selection: Over 4 million podcast titles available.
  • Cost: Millions of podcasts are free to listen to. There are also premium subscriptions available.
  • Devices: Compatible with ios and Android devices.

If you are looking for the best Android podcast app, Spotify is a top pick. Spotify is best known as a music streaming service but ranks high as a podcast app as well. 

The app is available for Android and ios users, and can be used to create your own podcast library. You can also listen to exclusive Spotify Original podcasts that you will not find elsewhere.

Check out Spotify here

2. Apple Podcasts

  • Podcast selection: Over 2 million podcast titles are available.
  • Cost: Millions of podcasts are free to listen to, premium subscriptions also available.
  • Devices: Compatible with Apple devices.

If you are looking for the best ios podcast app, look no further than Apple Podcasts. If you have an Apple device, you will find that the Apple Podcasts app is already installed and ready for you to use.

As well as being super easy to access from your Apple device, Apple Podcasts are also available on iTunes for Windows and using a speaker that enables Alexa. Apple Podcasts is also compatible with Siri, making it even easier for you to listen.

To reach Apple Podcasts click the link 

3. Google Podcasts

  • Podcast selection: Not specified.
  • Cost: Free with a Google account.
  • Devices: Compatible with ios and Android devices.

Google Podcasts was launched initially as an Android-only app, but in 2020 an Apple version followed. So users of both ios and Android operating systems can now enjoy all their favorite podcasts using the Google Podcasts app.

One of Google Podcasts’ best features is listening to podcasts across multiple devices and picking up where you left off. Imagine being able to listen to a podcast when out and about on your smartphone and seamlessly switch to your smart speaker when you get home. No delay! Now, this is a great feature.

Another key feature of Google Podcasts is the ability to auto-download episodes. That way you can listen wherever you are, even without internet connection.

To reach Google Podcasts click the link 

4. PodBean

  • Podcast selection: Not specified.
  • Cost: Basic subscription packages are free, but paid-for upgrades are available.
  • Devices: Compatible with ios and Android devices.

If you like the idea of starting your own podcast, PodBean could be the ideal choice of app for you. PodBean is both a podcast listening app and a podcast hosting platform. 

PodBean can be integrated with Amazon Alexa. The intelligent speed feature removes silences from podcast episodes without distorting the quality. 

As well as a host of podcasts, PodBean app users can also access bestselling and classic audiobooks for free.

Check out PodBean at 

5. Castbox

  • Podcast selection: Over one million product titles are available.
  • Cost: Free membership available.
  • Devices: Compatible with ios and Android devices.

Castbox is packed with podcasts, so you will find plenty of choices on the app. As well as offering an excellent selection of podcasts, Castbox is a multi-award winning app with a zen mode. Zen mode provides ambient soundscapes to lower stress levels.

One of the biggest benefits of Castbox is that you can stream and download podcasts for free. Also, you can do this whenever you like and wherever you are.

The Castbox app offers podcasts in over 70 languages, so you can listen in your native language or learn a new one.

Castsbox is available here  

6. Audible

  • Podcast selection: Hundreds of thousands of podcasts available.
  • Cost: Free.
  • Devices: Compatible with ios and Android devices.

As well as offering a wide choice of audiobooks, Audible has hundreds of thousands of podcasts available on its app. It is free to listen to podcasts on Audible. However, extra features are available with Audible Plus and Premium Plus. 

Audible boasts exclusive Audible Originals podcasts that are not available elsewhere, which are free from ads for listening without an interruption. 

Audible is available here

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