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The site is for professionals who want to learn more about sustainability in practice. The term sustainability differs from corporate social responsibility and refers to sustainable growth or development.

  • Release Date: 31 May 2022
  • Update Date: 03 April 2024
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It is possible to grow and make the most of everything while caring for all the components which make up our communities. In this matter, social entrepreneurship can be combined with sustainable entrepreneurship and our focus will be on social entrepreneurs. 

You will read about a number of NGOs in this article, which can be considered as social entrepreneurship examples in Turkey and in the world. Social work carried out by these organisations creates a great impact on communities, especially by engaging young people with a collective objective. Before we take a look at some of the most important social entrepreneurship examples in the world, let us mention some of the celebrated names in the world of social/sustainable entrepreneurship.

Understandably most of the names we would like to mention are from the United States where social networking principles are made. Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway stock leads the group only followed by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Among the members of big givers’ club, there is one person who does not have a foundation and funds initiatives for children and healthcare issues in stealth. That is MacKenzie Scott. Scott’s ex-husband Jeff Bezos has become a philanthropist and has donated over 1 billion dollars in gifts ever since he stepped down as the CEO of Amazon last year.

Mark Zuckerberg is among those who continues to give. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative backs scientific and medical research as well as education and criminal justice reform. Dustin Moskowitz whose net worth is more than 18 billion dollars has been donating to a variety of causes from education reforms to malaria. Co Founder of Alibaba Group, a former English teacher Jack Ma is involved in many social initiatives. Michael and Susan Dell of Dell Computers founded their initiative in 1999 and have been helping to combat urban poverty in the United States.

Let us remind ourselves that social entrepreneurs combine business techniques and private sector approaches to develop solutions to social or environmental problems. In this aspect, one individual strikes us as unique as he has done so much for energy independence and renewable energy: Elon Musk.

Although not working in the same framework Sir Richard Branson also is one of the most important figures in social entrepreneurship for his involvement in various charities shows his efforts for a better world. Being the richest man in the world is only a headline at the end of the day. Making an impact on the community, whether you are a small business owner or a multi-billion-dollar net worth business guru, is the utmost mark one can leave behind. Now let us take a look at a few initiatives which value human life and the community and work for a sustainable future for both.


If we don’t have enough motion and lack sports in our lives, we are bound to see some negative results. Beesportive is there for those who cannot find the motivation and desire to engage in sports activities. The platform brings active people together offering them possibilities for sports activities which are compatible with the users’ preferences and ability levels. Beesportive also brings athletes together with similar preferences. People tend to feel alone when they are exercising and get demotivated. Beesportive makes it possible for people to socialise while getting exercise. They also share their experiences with each other.

LUSH Cosmetics

A British company, Lush is a manufacturer and retailer of cosmetics (soaps, creams, skin and hair cosmetics) which come from vegan or vegetarian recipes. The company also is a defender of animal rights making sure that they purchase from companies which do not engage in using animals in any way. No animal testing is allowed and all Lush products are tested on human volunteers. Lush donates to a variety of organisations which work on animal welfare and environmental efforts. Donations come from a certain line of products called “Charity Pot” and all the profits of Charity Pot products go to small organisations. 


Otsimo offers special education and speech therapy apps for autism, down syndrome and other developmental disabilities. Otsimo Works for the happiness of children by supporting the learning experience of the children with its products and games. Otsimo also offers parents tools to follow the development of their child closely. 

Good Eggs

Industrialization made it difficult for us to reach local produce and fresh food. In this climate, Good Eggs offers an option. Good Eggs is an online grocery and meal kit delivery service with a mission to reinvent the food system, for good. The company’s mission is to make sure that at least 70% of the food and beverages (wines and spirits) are locally farmed and produced. Each delivery is then in line with the mission.

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