What is Renewable Energy Sources?

Global warming and draughts are two of the major problems of our times as we feel the effects of climate change more and more. Climate change is one of the most important topics being discussed today as it is affecting not only the landscape but also human related factors.

20 April 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

There are many sources of energy on our planet, both sustainable and non-sustainable, as there are also many ways of making use of these resources with sustainable methods so that we can transfer them to next generations. Environmental policies are being modified accordingly which help reducing the devastating effects of climate change.

What are the Renewable Energy Sources?

Nature itself provides us with renewable energy sources for the sustainability of the planet. When these resources are used efficiently and properly, it will be possible to preserve the environmental order and to produce energy for daily life. The idea and concept of sustainability is all about the systematic work where these resources are used and renewed to make sure human life can keep on existing on the planet.

Energy stations consisting of solar panels and wind turbines combined have been generating energy. Power stations with solar and wind power are now being preferred as they are capable of self-production. Solar panels are best installed on flat areas where the ground allows the installation to spread. Also, regarding the climate conditions, when solar panels are installed in areas where the number of sunny days is high, there is less heat dissipation. Roof-top solar panels help meeting the entire energy needs of the building.

Areas with high altitude are the right places for wind turbines which produce energy using wind power. Especially at places getting high winds, power generation increases. Just like solar and wind powered plants, another renewable energy resource, geothermal power plants also exist which help to tackle global energy production issues.

Sustainability and Global Warming

All natural resorces should be used efficiently and sensibly to maintain urban life in cities and preserve the ecological system. Cities where green and cement are balanced seem to be the places with an understanding of sustainability. Landscape architecture, city planning and environmental engineering presented us the idea and concept of sustainable cities. Sustainable cities are possible to build when the human factor is working and when people are willing to change things. There is also ecologic sustainability to talk about. Ecologic sustainability makes it possible to balance the use of water for green areas in cities. Ecologic sustainability practises help reducing the negative effects of fossil fuel emissions and work against global warming. Ecologic and sustainable cities are being designed thanks to raised awareness and the right action taken by the experts. The air of urban areas is changing and rainfall is being optimised by using bio-mass energy. All these activities are run under the same umbrella: sustainability.

The Idea of Ecologic Cities

Global climate change makes it harder on developing cities and highly poulated areas as it causes severe environmental problems. Recently, environmental spaces are being created to tackle the global problems and to make the cities ecologically sustainable. Recycling makes it possible for different sorts of materials to be reused. It also helps to reduce the use of unrenewable energy sources. Simple efforts such as building recycling units for paper, glass and plastic can go a long way. The awareness for climate change, global climate problems and the future of communities is rising. This fact alone results in building more recycling units and more recycling plants.

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