Big Data and Analytical Skills: Tips from Expert Data Science Speakers

Unlocking Insights: The Power of Big Data and Data Science. Explore the Impact of Analytical Skills in Understanding Customers and Improving Business. Learn from Data Science Speakers.

  • Release Date: 01 December 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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Big Data is one of the top buzzwords in the market. To put it in simple terms, Big Data refers to large data sets or information that is complex and voluminous. Dealing with such data is not easy and it requires analytical skills. When a business uses Big Data, it can understand its customers better and offer them better quality products and services.

Data science involves studying data (including Big Data) to extract meaningful information for a business. It is a subject that involved knowledge of statistics, mathematics, engineering, and even artificial intelligence. Data science can study data and explain what happened and what can happen next. Data science speakers are professionals who can talk about Big Data and Data Science.

Data Science Speakers: Who are they?

A data science speaker is a professional who is well-versed in Data Science, Big Data, and related subjects. They would be people experienced in different areas of Data Science. Apart from theoretical knowledge acquired through a formal qualification, they would also have practical experience in data science. They would have worked with different businesses and used data science and analytics in practice.

The best speakers would be well-versed in applications of data science. They would know how to make use of Big Data to get the best results. With their experience in using data science, they would be able to offer advice to different types of companies. Data science professionals are consultants who help businesses harness the potential of Big Data. Such consultants would be good speakers thanks to their diverse experience in the subject. 

What do Data Science Speakers talk about?

Big data speakers are experienced in using Data Science. They can bring their experience into play during their talks. If you invite them for a talk or conference, they can share their experience with the participants. They can talk about a variety of subjects that includes:

1) Data Visualization

When you represent data in a graphical form, it makes it easy for people to understand the data. This is known as Data Visualization. Data can be represented through visual elements like charts, maps, etc. Visualization makes analysis easy since people will understand the patterns in the data. They can also easily make out trends and use the data for predictions. The best data science speakers can explain how you can carry out data visualization and the tools used for the same.

2) Big Data Essentials

For an audience comprising people new to the subject, a speaker can explain the essentials of Big Data. They can talk about key elements of Big Data like volume, velocity, value, visualization, etc. The speaker can explain with relevant examples what Big Data is. They can also make the audience understand how Big Data can be used by businesses. An experienced speaker can provide use cases that make the audience clearly understand the power of Data Science.

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3) Data Mining

When you have voluminous data you must be able to find what is relevant for you. Data mining involves the use of techniques to mine or extract the knowledge you need from a huge data set. A well-versed speaker can explain how data mining is done in practice. They can outline how data is extracted, reviewed, and processed. The importance of data mining and its benefits can be illustrated through practical examples.

4) Artificial Intelligence

AI is a powerful tool that makes the work of analysts easy. Sifting through voluminous data to carry out analysis is a complex task. AI can do this easily and efficiently. AI can easily recognize trends from data and highlight them. Experts believe that a combination of AI and Big Data can automated almost 80% of all tasks that businesses do. AI is a game changer and a good speaker can explain how to use it to get the best results. 

5) Data Structure and Algorithms

Anyone who wants to work with Big Data and Data Science needs to be knowledgeable about data. They must know all about unstructured data and structured data. They need to be proficient in stacks, queues, binary search trees and other topics of data structures. They must also be thorough about the various algorithms that need to be used. When you get an experienced speaker, they would be able to help participants gain complete knowledge on data. 

6) Deep learning

A powerful technology being used by data scientists is Deep Learning. It is a powerful technology that data scientists use for analytics. Deep learning allows you to analyze data in the form of speech, language and images. Deep learning is effective for use with unlabelled data. Experienced speakers can make participants understand what deep learning is, and how it can be used in their work. Like machine learning, deep learning is a technology that allows the system to learn by studying data. 

Using the services of a Data Science Speaker

If you are conducting an event on Big Data, then you need the best Big Data keynote speaker. You must look for an experienced speaker who has conducted similar talks before. Some speakers specialize in particular topics. You can choose such speakers to talk about a specialty subjects. You can also consider getting a generalist who can give your audience a broad picture.

If your audience comprises people who are yet to work on Big Data, then the speaker can inform and educate them about the subject. For people who are already working on Big Data, the speaker can help them hone their skills. They can help them understand the various tools available for use. They can also explain advanced analytical methods and techniques. 

To make your event successful, you must choose big data conference speakers who have both experience and expertise in the subject. Look for industry leaders, consultants, and subject experts to speak at your event. Find a speaker with good public speaking skills who can make the sessions lively. The most experienced professionals will ensure your event is a success, and your participants return enriched by the knowledge they gained.

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