Top 10 Jobs of the Future

Technological advancements are transforming the job markets. Here, we look at what we think the top 10 jobs of the future in uk will be

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  • Release Date: 11 January 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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The world is evolving at an almost alarming rate and is becoming more digitised with every passing moment. Of course, this has a huge impact on future education and careers. We take a close look into the top ten careers of the future.

1. Software developers and coding experts

Coding is one of the most in-demand skills for technology organisations as well as between different research groups. According to the results of a survey conducted by Remote among more than 500 tech employees and employers.  37% of respondents believe that the most essential tech job of the future will be a software developer. Because of this, working as a software developer is currently the occupation that received the highest overall score in the poll.

Because of the growing relevance of programming, some European countries have included coding as part of the primary school curriculum. In the United Kingdom, one school in Coventry has even employed a child coding prodigy to teach coding at the school. A high school diploma may be all that's necessary to get into employment.

Coding is going to be a key factor in the creation of new career opportunities. However, it may be some time until those elementary school children enter the employment market. Hence there is a clear talent gap in the coding market that needs to be filled as soon as possible. Changing careers may even result in a 38% gain in pay for those who have the necessary retraining.

Therefore, if you thrive on taking advantage of opportunities, consider getting into software development.

Programming allows you to do so many various things. You can work from the comfort of your home, which has provided a boost to mental health in some cases. There are so many different things you can do with programming. It is possible that creating video games and other interactive media appeals to your sense of adventure. A close second could be  application programming.

2. Blockchain

Blockchain technology is expected to improve more than 40 million occupations throughout the world by the year 2030.  Mass adoption of blockchain technology is going to have a significant impact on the future of finance. The courses on offer can teach you about decentralised financial systems or how to become a blockchain developer.

Even if they are not familiar with blockchain technology, the majority of people have heard of crypto currencies such as Bitcoin. However, blockchains have applications beyond simply the bitcoin industry. These technologies exist on their own and have applications in a variety of different fields.

The overall potential of blockchain technology is enormous. In the not-too-distant future, nearly every sector will be vying for the services of blockchain engineers.

3. Virtual reality

Recent statistics reveal that the worldwide market size of AR and VR is predicted to reach $296.9 billion in 2024. This is a significant increase from the market size of $30.7 billion that was registered in 2021. That is an increase of almost ten times the original amount.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will have a significant impact in the not-too-distant future. Especially with the introduction of the Metaverse, a network of interconnected virtual worlds established by Meta (previously known as Facebook).

Virtual reality is going to be a watershed moment for the employment market as well as for society as a whole. Ripple effects will be felt across many industries and departments from marketing to video game developers. 

4. Big data analysis

Over the course of the past few years, big data has thrived. That trend is not set to halt any time soon. According to Statista, the global market for big data analytics is expected to expand by thirty percent by the year 2025. Resulting in revenue of more than sixty-eight billion dollars.

In the specialised field of company development, data analysts are going to emerge as the new industry leaders. Big data and the capability to analyse massive volumes of information afford an advantageous position and to data analysts.

They will be able to provide accurate predictions to enable business leaders to make solid choices. If you are good at maths and enjoy simplifying complicated data into judgements, you should consider becoming a data analyst.

5. Data protection

The body of legislation governing the storage, transfer, and privacy of data continues to expand with each passing decade. There is a lot of interest in personal data because it can be  utilised in many contexts from marketing to politics

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However, far too often, personal data falls in the hands of bad actors.  Where it is mishandled or utilised in violation of the law. This will result in the creation of new and high paying job opportunities for "data detectives,”. Their main responsibility will be to investigate violations of data regulations committed by specific businesses.

6. Data broker

A new kind of broker, known as a data broker, is going to shake up the broker industry. In the same way that traditional brokers do by enabling the smooth completion of transactions involving various commodities.

The concept is easily understood. These data brokers will be in charge of establishing commercial agreements between corporations. Selling data to individuals or organisations interested in purchasing data in chunks. 

They will see to it that the purchaser receives the data they paid for and that the vendor is compensated. Maintaining the data's confidentiality is essential to the new data market's success and must take precedence over all other considerations.

Because the amount of data that is stored online is increasing at an exponential rate. The current estimate of the amount of data that is created each day is 1.145 trillion MB. We are fairly confident that jobs for data brokers will be secure for many years to come.

7. Drone pilot

Every day, the usefulness and popularity of drones continues to grow. According to the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, there will be at least 100.000 new positions for pilots of unmanned aircrafts by 2025.

Drones have the potential to transform delivery services. They can  make it easier to inspect the structural integrity of buildings, and ensure safe delivery of medical supplies. The use of drones  will only accelerate over the course of the next ten years.

In light of this fact, professionals with expertise in drones will be required to create these machines as well as to provide maintenance for them, and pilot them. If becoming a drone engineer or pilot is something you are interested in, then we have some wonderful news for you. In the not too distant future, more of these occupations will become readily available in a variety of industries.

8. Smart home design manager 

The demand for smart home design managers is expected to surge as more homes are built with dedicated home office spaces. These spaces will have routers, soundproofing, separate entrances controlled by voice and wall screens made of Gorilla Glass. 

9. Digital marketing expert

Lockdowns across the globe made businesses rethink their marketing strategies and adopt digital. This definitely provided a growth boost to the digital marketing sector.

While the digital era is way anyway growing more and more prominent, the pandemic only served to fuel this growth. 

There are plenty of opportunities for professional development in digital marketing, brand management and performance marketing sectors.

10. Robotics

Every person who is interested in science and technology is now looking forward to working in Robotics.

Some popular  science fiction films are forecast to become reality, with robots assisting humans in all aspects of daily life. Robotics, Materials Engineering, healthcare, mechanical engineering, software development significantly influence contemporary life. Oceanography is one of the disciplines that rely on robotics.  To safely explore parts of the ocean like the Mariana Trench.

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Wrapping up

Choosing the appropriate path for one's professional life is a big decision. Over the past few years, we've seen changes to different industries make some jobs obsolete.  While also making others more valuable. Information technology has certainly come out on top in this article. 

However as our populations continue to age, we will require more skilled care workers, registered nurses, and medical and health services managers and physician assistants to help bridge the gap between supply and demand, easing the pressure on health services. 

We all want stability and security in our careers if not jobs for life. Your current employment or state of education might shouldn’t stop you from setting intentions. Find accredited trainers and train for your dream career.

Watch this space for another deep dive into the best jobs of the future.

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