Personal Well-Being and Self Improvement Can Help Us Find Our Own Happiness

The adventure we call life makes us experience change, improvement and maturity. We all stop and look into our lives deeper at some point asking the questions ‘What am I doing?’ ‘Am I happy with what I have?’ or ‘What else can I do for my well-being?’ These questions basically make the first steps of your very self improvement. Once you’re there to take on these questions, you’re ready to sail out to a new world. Self improvement and personal well-being, your new world.

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What might be the next step then? What are we meant to do to make ourselves sustainably happy? Here’s a good read for the answers, along with information about personal well-being and happiness.

What is Self Improvement?

Self improvement is the compilation of all the effort and changes you go through to better yourself. This is a process directly related to “self” but it’s not a self-centered act. It’s actually self-involved and self-serving with the conscious knowledge and purpose of betterment. When we talk about making things or making our lives better, the idea of “better” is relative. It is relative not only because the circumstances differ from person to person, but the individuals differ one another. 

That is why personal growth of each person is an original, custom-made experience. Making things better starts with a growth mindset which allows the person to form and stick to good habits while kicking the bad ones. It’s easier said than done to form good habits however there are several approaches which are proven to work. One of them is the 21-day-rule. If you simply do something for 21 days without giving up on it, you make that activity a habit. 

The same idea was also tried for 30 days, which we can call the 30-day-rule, also known to work. There is no harm in repeating that forming good habits is easier said than done but one must try first purely because life requires it. Having a growth mindset and forming good habits are the initial stages of the path to personal growth and personal development. But let us remind us one quite essential part here: good mental health is the most vital component of personal growth for a healthy mind is where all kinds of changes begin.    

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Self improvement has no limits nor does it have to end. To focus on a certain subject matter and learn about it is not self improvement. Self improvement is rather a continuous effort and process changing you constantly. As there’s no end to learning and improving one’s potential, the road to reach a goal becomes more valuable than the goal itself. We can call this adventure the improvement journey and try to enjoy every step of it along the way. Your improvement journey starts with improvement ideas.

These ideas then form into goals and you may begin to get a clearer idea of what you need to do once you set a goal or goals for yourself. The entire idea of reaching your goals or achieving them, is the key which unlocks your own potential. Remember, change begins in your mind and then comes the action. Now getting into action is not quite so easy either. It requires leaving your comfort zone and forcing yourself in certain ways that you haven’t done before in most cases. Comfort zones are important because they give us a sense of security, the warmth of familiarity but at the same time they can be our own little room from which we never get out. And when we don’t leave the room, we cannot know what else is out there for us.

Personal growth is possible when we can get out of the room and start finding new things to improve our lives. In order to get pro-activated we sometimes need guidance. Luckily, there is guidance available to achieve your goals in the time and age we live today. Content created on self improvement and personal growth is out there, let it be books or podcasts, there is so much to learn! As long as you’re willing to make yourself better, as long as you’re OK with changing certain things and picking up new habits, as long as you’re adamant about personal improvement you will be able to find more than enough ways to achieve your goals and live well.   

Where to Begin?

Self improvement and well-being clearly depend on the person’s character as well as his needs and ambitions. Just as the word individual signifies the singularity of each and every one of us, each of us look for happiness in our own ways and we all define happiness differently.

You might want to be on your own at this stage so as to identify what it is that you want. To prepare yourself for the process, once again you might need to be alone. Are you comfortable with your own company? Your life, is it the life you wanted to have? Are the choices you made completely decided for by you or are you being led? Why are you pursuing this?

Questions of similar nature might open doors for you in your own search. Life sometimes is quite simply more beautiful with minor touches or with the addition of new beginnings.

Tools of Self Improvement

You can think of a number of subjects related to self improvement and quite a number of instruments too. One of the most effective tools is probably reading. Reading always renews you in ways you don’t even know. The motto is to improve continuously, so, to do that, you read and learn constantly. We all have different fields of interests, don’t we? One can find an activity, a hobby which suits him best. You will too!

An activity that gives you pleasure not only makes you happy, it also relaxes your mind. Hobbies are where we get to see our skills and talents in different areas other than work. You don’t have to get one of those classic hobbies if they’re not your cup of tea. You don’t have to play an instrument or paint but consider bird watching, carpentry or mushroom hunt. Why not consider writing as a hobby? How many of us think of reflecting our inner world into a diary? Keeping a journal might sound a bit out of date, so why not blogging? Try and join one of the challenges online or fill in a mandala design each day. Get on a diet which bans television and social media and detox your mind by listening to self improvement and well-being podcasts. Acquiring a new skill is always adventurous and useful. Imagine picking up carpentry or weaving. Both require a certain amount of discipline but are wonderful activities which can evolve you and enrich your life in different ways. How fun it is to use the coffee table which you actually made. How sweet it is to enjoy the warmth of the blanket which you actually wove.

Also, learning a new language can widen your horizons in many ways. A new language is not just a new set of words replacing the same meanings in your mind. It is a whole new world of understanding because when you start learnşng a new language, you start learning a new culture, new historic facts and new knowledge about a whole different community. Learning a new language allows you to explore the similarities or differences between your own culture and the culture of the language spoken in a country. Time invested in your improvement is never the time wasted. It is just the right thing to do. 

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