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If you’re looking to book an event to celebrate an occasion or make something remembered, there are many choices available in town. Here are some of the top venues in London.

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  • Release Date: 28 March 2023
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We all have these days in life when we want to make sure that it is remembered and talked about. What makes these days remembered is the spirit we create and make no mistake, the physical aspect of the event helps the spirit.

Let’s say you want to book an event venue in London to throw a birthday bash for your partner, or you need a special space for a new product launch which would require a party venue or an outdoor event venue. Depending on your needs, there are a number of event spaces (including outdoor event spaces) to hire in London with the amenities meeting your requirements. All you have to do is do a bit of homework first.

Best All-Round Venues in London

Whether you live in London or not, it’s not completely useless to know about the right spots in this amazing city. If you are trying to plan an event in London and would like to find out which ones are the best venues in town, we prepared a list of establishments for you. Some of these venues are available for dry hire, that way you can make your event exactly the way you want it to be.

Planning an event used to be quite simple when the venues offered features known to everyone and they used to be pretty basic. But we live in a time and age where options for celebrating an occasion are quite a lot. Also, we celebrate different occasions today which vary from a bridal shower to a new book on the shelves. Whether it’s the diamond anniversary of our parents or the big 40th birthday for our best friend, it’s important to find the right place.

When we say the right place, it sounds vague and feels like a blank canvas. However, for special gatherings the details are the secret ingredient which make the event unforgettable. If you’re aiming to host an event (yes, there are many types of events…) please bear in mind that the venue has to be compatible with the character of your organisation.

The location of the venue is obviously important but its size and personality matter more. Service quality is another significant factor. Remember the overlooked issues like transport links and related information about the venue.

Now why don’t you take a look at the places and venues we mention here to get answers to all your questions from cost to hire to accessibility, and all other details.

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Main Space

Kunstraum is a well-equipped space that is highly suited to talks, screenings, film shoots and even exhibitions where daylight events can take place for it is an airy space that has windows across three sides, and skylights built-in to the ceiling.

The space can be blacked out when needed and it is open for public events. But it can easily be transformed into a meeting room if your goal is to do a special event for team building at the workplace. Please note that the venue does not have an alcohol licence.

The Bedouin Tent & Garden

The Tent is a very unique space and it is very close to Bishopsgate meaning it is also close to central London. The Tent is built with 16 sides to give the impression of a circular indoors design which was actually manufactured in Saudi Arabia. The Tent is the ultimate space for you to host a meeting, workshop or any other gathering you may have planned. Depending on your needs, the venue can be used as a corporate venue because of its special features. 

The Games Room 

The Games Room provides you with a very private room which has enough space to host 60 people, standing. The venue has a projector with added entertainment options. For instance, let’s imagine you’re planning a special birthday party or private togetherness for a product launch, The Games Room will meet your needs and serve as the perfect venue.

If you know that you require a bit more room then you can fit an additional 25 guests in the next area over. So why would you choose the Games Room?

The main reason for this is because it has a built-in projector and you will also find that it comes with a classic Nintendo 64 console, so you can play all of your favourite games with ease. Outside the room you will see that there is a football table which can be used during corporate parties or birthday parties.

Best Corporate Event Venues

Business life has never been this much fun for there are always reasons to host a corporate event? 

690X460 Private Event Venues In London

1st Floor

With space for 100 people standing, this is a stunning space if you want to host a corporate event or if you plan on having a private event. 1st Floor has its very own bar with a dedicated team who would be more than happy to help accommodate any needs you may have. The room has arched windows, a wooden floor and red brick room walls which makes it’s safe to say that this is a venue unlike any other.

Function Suite

The Dickens Inn is a reconstructed pub and restaurant with a great menu with steaks, burgers and even Sunday roasts. The establishment chose to build another room in the building compatible for private hire if you wanted to host your private event, party or corporate gathering.

Function Suite in The Dickens Inn is a hidden gem that is completely tucked with an area for al fresco drinking in an incredibly pretty historic setting.

The Library

The Library is a stunning room with oak panels and a ton of character where you can host meetings as it is able to accommodate 18 guests. The reception area can accommodate up to 40 people as well for it receives a lot of natural daylight and can simply be spectacular.

For your own corporate events, please view our Speakers page and contact us to invite and be inspired by our expert speakers who would meet your needs.

Best Wedding Venues

We have a completely separate article for wedding venues but it wouldn’t hurt to mention a few here.

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Menier Penthouse

The Penthouse is a stunning space that has an uninterrupted view of the skyline under which you can see a lot of high-end and industrial features. The room has a stone floor and a large balcony where the floor-to-ceiling windows really add to the space. This is the best place for you to have your wedding because the views are stunning, to say the least. You can expect velvet sofas, luxurious plants and a setting that allows you to look over the whole of London.

Westminster Suite

If you want a good venue for your wedding where you can invite up to 144 guests in two distinctive suites (in case you need), Westminster Suite will meet your needs. You can expect to have everything you are looking for at this venue and there are also options for more intimate gatherings as well. 

Ivy Suite

The Ivy Suite is a very unique venue that can be catered to meet almost any requirement you have. It has a dance floor and a lot of bespoke furniture with a capacity for 320 people. You also have a theatre-style seating option, which means the venue can double up as a space to serve corporate events.

The private bar and a private kitchen are the best parts about this venue which allows you to design your gathering in the way you want. The venue offers a number of attractive packages which you don’t want to overlook for your wedding.

The great thing about these venues is that they are able to cater to numerous price points and you always have the option to book extra add-ons if you want. This could include having a catering team dish up some gourmet food, or simply having an extra room rented so you can accommodate even more people.

Some get-togethers are simple and can take place in public spaces. Getting together in Covent Garden or any other dynamic part of the city is wonderful but sometimes you just need the limited space with a selected number of people to make the most of what you are celebrating. So, why not check out some of these venues for yourself today?

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