The Benefits Of Team Building for Your Company

Team building is essential to finding success in projects. Find out why team building is important and how to build better teams in this guide.

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  • Release Date: 28 September 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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Team building is seen as important for everyone ranging from businesses to schools. It's believed that more can be achieved by working together as a team. A team can do more than what a single person can do. Team members could either specialize in the same or similar fields, or in related fields. By working together, they ensure that the project is successfully completed properly and within time. 

 But why is team building so important?

The Power Of Team Cohesion

If a team is cohesively working, then this means that the team members respect each other. In addition to this, they are also contributing their part in ensuring that the project is successful. With team cohesion, team members support each other and work while thinking about the whole team. 

There are a lot of teams that work together. But when the team is cohesive, that's when the real success shines through. People work more effectively, help each other out and compensate for each other's strengths and weaknesses. This leads to increased levels on work satisfaction among the employees, decreased anxiety as well as improved self esteem. For a team to work cohesively, they need to be united while working towards a common goal.

Team Cohesion

Team Building Activities That Work

Team building activities help to get the team to know and understand each other better. By spending some time together having fun, the morale of the team improves and people learn more about each other. Team building activities can be excellent for breaking the ice. 

Here are some team building activities that you could try out for your team: 

  • Hold a trivia night: This helps people assess who knows more and builds general rapport among team mates as well. 
  • Ball Games: This can be anything from football to basketball. Divide the group into teams and hold a competition to see who excels better at the sport of your choice. Playing games together helps build friendships among the team. 
  • Potluck: People love getting together to enjoy some good food. Ask your team members to each bring some food for the rest of the team to enjoy. You'll be sharing food together and growing closer. 

There are generally four kinds of team building exercises that you should aim to teach your team. The first of these is commumication-focused activities, which can even be a simple game of charades. The next kind of activity you should aim for is trust-building, like playing a game of football together. 

You should also include problem-solving activities such as pictionary and decision-making activities such as a quiz. 

Problem Solving As A Team

Problem Solving As A Team

Your team building skills can only improve when you learn how to problem solve as a team together. During the course of the project, the team could find themselves dealing with any number of problems. During such times, the team should be capable of coming together to solve the problem. 

Instead of expecting one team member to fix the issue, all the team members should play their role in fixing the problem. First, they'll need to assess what the problem is. Then, they'll need to find out which team members can best work on the problem. The team members who aren't directly involved can provide information, tools and help their team in other ways. By working together, teams can solve problems that it would have taken an individual much much longer to solve.

The Impact Of Team Building On Employee Engagement and Retention

If you promote team building activities within your employees, are you likely to see an increase in employee retention? The simple answer is, yes. When your employees feel like they are a part of a well-functioning team, they are less likely to leave your business. At the same time, employees who feel like they don't fit in tend to leave more often. 

Not only will you be increasing employee retention, but you'll also see more employee engagement as well. This is as they will communicate more often amongst themselves. They'll develop their planning skills and will even be capable of motivating each other to do better at their job. Twam building activities provide your employees with a space whether they can understand how your organization expects them to behave. It can help reduce toxicity at work and enable you to turn your work environment into a more positive and enjoyable atmosphere for employees.

Sustaining High Performing Teams

If you want to build teams that are high performing, then putting together skilled people is a good start. Then, use team building exercises to help the team get to know each other better and work more cohesively. Sometimes, creating a high performing team is easier than sustaining one. 

To ensure that your team stays high performing, you'll need to encourage regular team building sessions. The team members should be capable of collaborating together and should know how to communicate with each other effectively. 

You can sometimes find yourself splitting up teams to put them to work on different projects. This won't be an issue as long as you continue to provide team building events for your employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions that people.habe about team building. 

What are the advantages of team building? 

There are several advantages to team building. The benefits of team building include: 

  • Teams can communicate better 
  • Teams are better able to understand what their team members expect from them 
  • Teams know each others' strengths and weaknesses, allowing them to complement each other well
  • Teams can work faster and more efficiently at fixing issues and solving projects 
  • Teams are more positive and productive, and the overall culture of the workplace improves as well 

What are the benefits of working as a successful team? 

There are several benefits of team work, especially when the team is a successful one. These include: 

  • Teams are better able to work cohesively and efficiently 
  • Team members understand their social dynamics better, allowing them to work in a more productive manner 
  • Team members are better able to meet deadlines and deal with problems that arise during the course of the project 
  • A successful team is generally a positive team as well - team members are happier and this reflects positively in their performance 
  • Improved performance leads to improved self-confidence among team members as well 

 What are the advantages and disadvantages of team building? 

Why team building is important is a question that people sometimes ask. Surely there are disadvantages to team building as well. There are a few disadvantages, but the positives largely outweigh them. Now that you know what the advantages are, let's look at some of the disadvantages. 

  • Teams that work well together might not work as well when separated 
  • Team members might be hesitant to do jobs without their team present 
  • Team members might not be good at jobs individually 

What are the benefits of team building activities for students? 

Students can benefit from team building activities as well. At an early point in their lives, they will be learning how essential team building skills that can help them in the future. Students can sample what it's like to work as a team and learn what working in official teams is like. They'll be more confident with working in teams later in their lives and will develop into ready team players. 

To learn all about team building, why not attend a talk by ,Casper Craven, Mark Denton or Dr. Michael Gervais. Other speakers well known for their positive influence on team building include Bruce Paisley, Jamil Qureshi, Matt Phelan and Ryan Murphy. 

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