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Matt Phelan Top Employee Happiness Speaker | Co-Founder of The Happiness Index | Best Selling Author of “Freedom To Be Happy” | TEDx Speaker | NED


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Matt Phelan 2024 Speech Titles Matt Phelan 2024 Speech Titles

  • 12 Million Lessons in Employee Happiness: The Super Happiness Suit with In-Built Emotional Deflector Field
  • Freedom to be Happy: The Business Case For Happiness
  • The Happiness Index Founder Story: Scaling Happiness
  • Freedom to be Human: The Hierarchy of Employee Engagement & Happiness
  • Does Giving up Alcohol Impact Your Happiness? Matt’s Personal Data & External Research From Giving up Booze
  • Founding, Growing, Scaling & Exiting a Business: Matt shares all his mistakes and lessons from 15 years as an entrepreneur

Matt Phelan Biography

My career started working on a farm and my first venture outside of that was founding a digital marketing agency called 4Ps Marketing when I was 25 years old.

We started 4Ps in an attic on Wimpole Street in London and went on to service over 100 brands, such as Selfridges, M&S, Nissan and L'Oréal before exiting the business via a trade sale.

I hold a keen interest in food, where we source it, how we grow it and ultimately how we can feed ourselves sustainably.

Every year my two worlds of food and mood become closer as new research helps us better understand the impact of what we eat and drink on our well-being and happiness.

My desire to better understand culture and what connects us became part of our founding story of The Happiness Index.

The Happiness Index offers a unique neuroscience-driven platform to help organisations measure their key employee engagement AND happiness drivers - leading to thriving cultures.

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