What is Self-Compassion?

When we hear the word ‘compassion’ we often think about being compassionate towards others. Imagine someone close to you is going through some hardship, you would probably try and let them know you are there for them and show them compassion from the bottom of your heart. When someone close to you needs you, the feeling that you are able to be there for them is rewarding, isn’t it? But, what if it’s you who’s going through troubled times?

20 May 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

Let’s say you’re experiencing trouble, would you be as compassionate to yourself as you’ve been to others? This is where the concept ‘resilience’ comes into the picture. Just as you speak words of comfort and try and help your loved ones, it’s important to speak those words to yourself and show compassion to your own situation.

Why is Self-Compassion Important?

Fundamentally, self-compassion is about learning to love and care about yourself before loving and caring about others. Self-compassion has been becoming a popular subject and is being discussed more and more. Even if we make mistakes, once we have the understanding for ourselves, we can then learn to love ourselves as well.

It might be hard to build self-compassion if the person has never experienced the feeling. One can still try and build self-compassion and improve in time which will be a useful tool. Practising meditation and doing breathing exercises are a good way to get introduced to self-compassion. This way, managing stress levels will get much easier in time.

How to Build Self-Compassion?

All practices about mindfulness will help you to build self-compassion. Mindfulness is about ‘now’ and ‘at the moment’. Our daily responsibilities and basic activities in life make it hard for us to get in touch with our feelings. Taking a step back during the day and stopping to smell the roses might just be the ticket to feel better. If you are in emotional pain, admit that you are in pain instead of ignoring it and show compassion to yourself. This will make you feel the care you need.

Being aware of your breathing is another step when understanding self-compassion. Doing breathing exercises regularly reduces stress and it has other mental and physical benefits for the entire body and mind anyway, thus it can be a tool to build self-compassion. Time spent focused on your breathing is the time spent on your awareness of now, the moment you are in. Your body relaxes while you’re focusing on your breathing and compilation of these moments are the key for a strong mind.

In a few words, we’re all human and one of our collective experiences is making mistakes. We should always remember that none of us has the perfect life and it’s important to be able to say “I’m only human after all, it’s alright to make a mistake from time to time. It’s only natural” That way, we can have the self-compassion we need. 

What Does Self-Compassion Change?

Self-compassion can change a lot of things  but one of its many benefits is the fact that it develops psychological endurance. Following are some of the other benefits of building self-compassion:

  • You will get a more positive attitude towards life.
  • Constant self-critique can lead to loss of motivation. Stronger self-confidence is possible with self-compassion.
  • You will actually enjoy your work, your duties and your life in general.
  • Many negative aspects in life such as depression, emotional stress and other behavioral conditions will be avoided.
  • Your communication with people around you will improve and you will express yourself better.
  • When you build self-compassion, you start respecting your body which will lead you towards healthier life choices.

The self-criticism you employ against yourself might affect you in worse ways than you think. It might be necessary to remember that there’s still a child in you and he or she needs love and understanding. One of the ways of building self-compassion is to do more reading about the concept.

Please refer to our Resilience Speakers page if you want to find out more about self-compassion and awareness. Speaker Agency’s experts Dr. Martyn Newman, Felicity Aston, Geoff McDonald, Jamil Qureshi have the knowledge and insight you might be looking for. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

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