Whether in Sports or in Work Life, How to Lead a Team Work?

Team work is not only important at work but in sports as well. Team spirit is the most important component of desired success in basketball, volleyball and football where the team have to fight the opponents together.

12 March 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

The togetherness and the team spirit can be attained when the team is lead by a proper leader. What actually is team work in sports? How do you lead the team in a sports game?

Team Work in Sports

Team sports require the players to have skills and capability for the team to be successful. However, there needs to be more than skills and talent to reach a common goal. Each individually talented player needs to connect and interact with the other players for the team to reach their target. Each player also needs to leave aside his personal differences, allowing the team to feel like an integrated group of people. This can be translated as, individual desires to display talent and skills should be removed from the equation. Success in sports is possible when there’s team work in place and the team spirit required for team work can be established by a leader.

Leadership in Sports

Leadership in sports is explained as forming strategies for the members of the team and make them understand how they can use their talents during the challange. An effective leader needs to establish a team culture to start with. Team culture involves not only the members of the team: the players, but also each and every assisting person working for the team. The leader chooses and combines the talents of the players who differ from one another in terms of character, talents, skills, preferences and so forth. Obviously, in a group of players, each member has different strengths and the leader is the person who should recognise these to lead the team for the common good of every member. The leader naturally finds himself in a position where he has to form close and long term relationships with the team members.

How to Lead a Team in Sports

Main duties of the team leader to take the team towards the path of success are as follows:

  • Instructing the team members about the technical and practical knowledge of the sports they’re playing.
  • Approaching the team members not necessarily like a director but with compassion and understanding. Team spirit will be stronger when the relationship is friendly.
  • Supporting the team members so as to discover their strong traits, mentioning their efforts regularly enough so as to motivate them. Also the leader needs to be feeding the members with the right elements of knowledge and motivation so as to overcome their shortcomings.
  • Being aware of the new developments in the field of sports they’re playing and making sure the team members are informed about them.
  • Managing the relationships among the team members and the executives as well as the other parties who work for the team. Forming positive relationships with other teams.
  • Before the season starts, preparing a work schedule for the team in terms of training and making sure the training schedule is strong enough for the season.

Leadership Types in Sports

In sports the goal of the team is to win which makes the need of a leader essential. Just like at work, the leader approaches the work mates differently. Following are the types of leaders in sports:

  • Democratic leader: This type of leader asks every member of the team to take responsibility while defining what needs to be done and how on the way to success. In other words, this type of leader equally delegates the responsibility among the members of the team.
  • Autoctaric leader: Putting himself in the core of the matter, this type of leader directs the team with an approach centered towards the leader. The leader decides the goals of the team as well as who takes responsibility for which goal to be attained.
  • Liberal leader: The level of authority of the leader, both democratic and autocratic, is the same but how this authority is used is different from one another. Liberal leader however, has less authority. Team members are given the liberty of planning, depending on their skills and capabilities. It’s worth mentioning that this type of leadership has the potential of making different goals emerge within the team members.

There’s a strong connection between leadership and team success just as there’s a serious connection between sports and healthy living. This connection also matters for work life. When doing any kind of sports, one needs to follow a plan and when a team wishes to win there needs to be planning and implementing with the guidance of a leader.

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