YouTuber Marketing and Best Examples Worldwide

One of the most popular social media apps, YouTube, is chosen by many companies for video marketing purposes. The platform is used not only for marketing activities but also for creating corporate culture and brand identity.

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  • Release Date: 21 June 2022
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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At least for a certain age group, images or videos on YouTube meant taking a stroll down the memory lane or remembering a long-lost song which you didn’t have on record (or CD or cassette tape). 

Then of course YouTube became a digital environment where you could find an extreme variety of content and a place for learning, studying, exercising and many other activities. It is now considered as one of the most effective tools in marketing for a number of reasons. It has become essential for anybody who wants his voice heard to have a YouTube presence. 

Same goes for businesses. Especially in the time and age we live in, where we can access YouTube videos by a number of devices -not just computers- it is a whole different understanding of marketing activities in businesses. 

It is perfectly possible for businesses to promote their products or services through YouTube ads or YouTube videos and reach many viewers through video content. No wonder companies prefer YouTuber marketing to manage their brand positioning operations and brand awareness efforts because YouTube videos are simply effective.

Advantages of YouTuber Marketing

In today's world, new marketing strategies and methods are being introduced more than frequently. This, of course, is a result of wide-spread use of technology and digitalization. One of the most preferred marketing methods is YouTube marketing which makes it possible for businesses to promote their products or services for the target audience by using the power of imagery and quality content. Businesses also run their PR campaigns and even carry out corporate social responsibility duties on YouTube.

People are more and more prone to seek information online before they buy something. This we know, is a fact now. The largest search engines in the world (Google, Bing, Baidu, Yandex…) provide the users with YouTube videos as well besides the content available online. 

This is a clear indication of YouTube functioning as a search engine and helping the users to get what they are asking for online. That is why we hear the term YouTube SEO. If we are going to talk about YouTube SEO, then we must understand the basics of YouTube marketing strategies. Using YouTube channels to promote your product or services requires being familiar with YouTube analytics. 

Understanding the facts about the target audience, video content for marketing and other social platforms is a must. There are a number of ways to promote your channel.  First things first, you need to get people to subscribe to your YouTube channel.You should use tools like custom thumbnails to promote your channel. 

A YouTube thumbnail is a specific image ideally created by you, which represents a larger image and draws attention to your video. It is a way of attracting more people to your video content. In order to optimise your videos, ensure good sound quality and imagery. 

Watching your video needs to be interesting and useful for the viewer, so make sure you create content which appeals to customers and which will result in a click on your website. There are many advantages which come with YouTube marketing. We listed some of them below:

  • Broadcasting in multiple languages is supported by YouTube which also provides closed caption (subtitles) and voice-over options. YouTube is widely accessed around the globe.
  • When viewers and users think that the marketing content on YouTube is engaging and amusing, it’s much easier to establish or improve user interaction.
  • YouTubers have a strong connection with their fan base. This connection is the bridge between you and your target customers / target audience which will also help to reinforce the trust for your brand.
  • In most cases, visual content lasts longer than the inscriptive content. When you conduct marketing operations by using video content, all the groups tend to react and the message is a lasting one.

Best Examples for YouTuber Marketing in The World

YouTubers play an important role in marketing strategies if the core of the company’s growth strategy is based on going digital. Some of the YouTube channels with millions of subscribers in the world with interactive video content are mentioned in the following paragraphs

Vlogs on a Daily Basis

Basically, daily vlogs are videos which show the daily routine activities of the YouTuber. Subscribers follow these YouTubers to find out how they live and function in life. In these videos certain products are sponsored and the YouTuber promotes these products or services by offering guidance about the use of them. 

Sometimes, some YouTubers explain traits of the products in detail. Daily vlogs are a way of building product trust. There are some famous YouTubers who make videos in which they display how to make the most of a product. Casey Neistat, Vagabrothers, Hey Nadine, Sawyer Hartman, Martyn Casten ve RayaWasHere are some of the names in the YouTube environment.

Shopping and Fashion

Videos which are made with the ideas of Open The Box, Shop With Me or Making The Right Combination serve the purpose for sponsored products. Subscribers are keen on the activities of their favourite YouTuber who asks them what they think about the last clothing combination he or she made and interact with them through the YouTube channel. 

Open The Bow videos are known to be exciting because a new product is displayed in the video and the experience of the user is broadcasted on the channel. This is a very useful way to promote a new product and a great way to build trust for the brand. Some of the YouTubers who make sponsored product videos are Ashley Brooke, Best Dressed, Shahd Batal, Atta Halilintar, Tess Christine, Vanessa Ziletti and Kalyn Nicholson.

Videos About “How it’s made”

Explaining to viewers how something is made is always interesting. Videos about how something is made and and using sponsored products while showing the manufacturing stages help building trust. Subscribers get to witness that the product delivers for what is advertised; this actually increases the interest towards the product. A few important YouTubers and channels who produce video content in this perspective are Video Influencers, Think Media Podcast and Jessica Stansberry.

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