NFT & Art Speakers

NFT & Art Speakers

NFT & Art Speakers are ready to share their insights about the NFT and art in the new age of immersive digital.

Aric Dromi New
Aric Dromi Futurologist | Strategy & Innovation Advisor | Speaker
  • Automation & fast tracking Technology, process and human behaviours, how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?
  • The smarter data dilemma The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation How will technology and human behaviour impact our privacy? Can legislation actually protect our privacy, or is it there to legalize surveillance?
Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Artut New
Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Artut Artist and Academician
  • Artificial Intelligence and Creativity in Art
  • Human and Technology Collaboration
  • The Digital Becoming Artistic
Ghislaine Boddington New
Ghislaine Boddington Creative Director / Presenter / Expert - Future Human - Future Selves, Virtual Physical Presence, Hybrid Identity | body>data>space | University of Greenwich | BBC | Stemettes
  • Future Human: The Body is the Interface
  • Women in Tech: Diversity & Inclusivity Enables Innovation
  • Experience Economy: How Technology Will Define Collaborations
JASPREET BINDRA Founder - Tech Whisperer | ex-CDO Mahindra, Microsoft, TAS | Author - The Tech Whisperer | MSt AI & Ethics Cambridge University | Advisor - Findability Sciences | Cambridge, Gurgaon
  • Digital Transformation (DX) for Large Businesses: Become a Digital Business.
  • Blockchain Demystified, How it can Change your Business, and How to Adopt It
  • For Better or for Verse (Metaverse, NFTs, Web3
Joel Comm New
Joel Comm Web3 & Blockchain Keynote Speaker, Advisor and Content Creator
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Business
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money
  • A Web3 World - NFTs, Metaverse and Play-and-Earn Games
Kelly Vero New
Kelly Vero Futurist, Game Developer, and Architect of the Metaverse
  • Free-to-Play :Developing Creators in the Metaverse.
  • Betting on the Metaverse : Why the future of Casinos is Web3.
  • The Metaverse and you!: How the Metaverse is going to evolve and change the way we work.
Kitty Horlick New
Kitty Horlick NFT, Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse Thoughtleader | Analyst | Founding Partner at Blackwood
  • Metaverse
  • Marketing in the Metaverse
  • Metaverse ethics
Mehmet Unal
Mehmet Unal Award Winner Artist, Composer and Software Developer
  • The Journey from Composing to Coding
  • The Future of Digital Art
  • AI & Art
Nicolas Nova
Nicolas Nova Ethnographer, Futures Researcher, Writer and Curator
  • Technological failures, product flops and how to learn from them
  • Digital Art and how it can help anticipate the future of technology
  • Marginal practices of digital technologies and how they anticipate their futures
Pinar Seyhan Demirdag New
Pinar Seyhan Demirdag Founding Partner at Seyhan Lee | Generative A.I. Expert | Creative and Visionary
  • Hollywood and A.I.: How generative A.I. art is disrupting film, marketing, and entertainment industries
  • What is consciousness? What sets humans and machines apart
  • The skillsets we need to remain relevant in the age of A.I.
Sadie Clayton New
Sadie Clayton Creator, Educator & Innovator: Artist Specialising in Copper, Art & Culture TV Appearances & An Advocate for Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Metaverse Digital Art Digital Fashion
  • Intersection Between Creative Practices
  • Finding your Purpose in Life
Stephen Wilkes
Stephen Wilkes ‘’Stephen Wilkes , World-Renowned, Award Winning Photographer and Creator of “Day to Night”
  • Time Continuum
  • Passing of Time in a Single Photograph
  • Day to Night Photography
Timothy Papandreou New
Timothy Papandreou CEO at Emerging Transport Advisors | Strategic Advisor at Google X Moonshot Factory | Former Strategic Partnerships Leader at Google X Moonshot Factory | Former CIO at MTA | Founder at Waymo
  • Smart Cities: The intelligent management of complex systems using disruptive technology and what it means for the future of life & work
  • The Moon-shot Approach: Combining courage, audacity and technology to achieve the impossible
  • The New Work Normal: Emerging leadership trends and the importance of workplace culture for high performing teams
Toju Duke New
Toju Duke Responsible AI Advisor | Founder - Diverse AI | Ex Google | Speaker | Author |
  • Building Responsible AI Algorithms
  • Developing Responsibly in an AI Driven World
  • The Responsible AI Framework

NFT & Art Keynote Speakers - NFT Art and Investment

NFT and Art speakers are experts in the field of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and the art industry. They are individuals with a deep understanding of the emerging world of digital works of art, blockchain technology, and the market for those items.

These speakers bring a unique perspective to events, conferences, and seminars, providing insights into the future of NFT art and digital collectibles (art and technology as well), and how the two are increasingly becoming intertwined.

NFT and Art speakers come from a range of backgrounds, including artists, technologists, collectors, curators, and entrepreneurs. They are equipped with knowledge on topics such as NFT marketplaces, NFT art market analysis, digital art creation, tokenization, and NFT art and blockchain.

They often have extensive experience working in the industry and can share valuable insights on topics such as emerging trends, challenges and opportunities. Some of these speakers are NFt art experts or NFT art collectors themselves. NFT art and technology speakers explain the details of NFT art and copyright topics. 

5 Ways NFT and Art Speakers Can Add Value to an Event

1. Educating on NFTs and the Art Market: NFT and Art speakers can provide valuable insights into the emerging world of NFTs along with the traditional art market. They can explain the nuances of NFTs and digital assets. They also explain how crypto art is changing the art industry. They give information about pieces of art in NFT collections and the benefits and drawbacks of using NFTs to sell and/or own art.

2. Sharing Their Experiences: NFT and Art speakers can share their own experiences in the NFT and art world, offering valuable anecdotes and advice to attendees. They can discuss the challenges they have faced, intellectual property rights, the lessons they have learned, and the successes they have achieved. They can explain topics like copyright law for digital files protecting the NFT collectors. This can help the audience to avoid any possible blunders, saving them time and money in their NFT projects.

3. Providing Networking Opportunities: NFT and Art speakers often have extensive networks in the art and tech industries, and can provide opportunities for attendees to connect with other professionals in these fields. They can facilitate introductions, offer advice on how to expand one's network, and provide opportunities for collaboration, because in this industry connections are crucial.

4. Inspiring Creativity: NFT and Art speakers can inspire attendees to think creatively about how they approach their own work and careers. They can share their own artistic processes, talk about how they stay motivated, and provide tips for cultivating a creative mindset.

5. Offering Predictions and Insights: NFT and Art speakers can offer insights into the future of the art world and how NFTs will continue to shape the industry. They can share their predictions on emerging trends and offer advice on how artists and collectors can stay ahead of the curve.

Importance of NFT and Art Speaker Topics & Some Popular Examples

NFT and art speaker topics have become increasingly important in today's society. With the rise of NFTs and the increasing value of digital art, there is a growing need for experts who can speak on the intricacies of this topic.

NFT and art speakers can provide unique insights into the world of digital art, including how to create, market, and sell NFTs. They can also speak to the role of technology in art and the implications this has for artists, collectors, and the art market as a whole.

They can also discuss the importance of art and creativity in society. How? By exploring the ways in which art can be used to express emotion, tell stories, and bring people together. Additionally, they can address how NFTs are changing the way artists are compensated for their work and how this is impacting the traditional art market.

5 Popular NFT and Art Speaker Topics

  1. AI, Creativity and Ethics by Jaspreet Bindra
  2. NFTs by Kitty Horlick
  3. Metaverse Digital Art Digital Fashion by Sadie Clayton
  4. The consequences of artificial intelligence in cultural production (art, music, literature, etc.) by Nicolas Nova
  5. A.I. & Art as creative partners to different Business Functions. (Marketing, film, automobile, real estate, healthcare, etc) by Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Some of the Best NFT and Art Speakers of Speaker Agency

1. Jaspreet Bindra

He is a renowned technology expert & the Managing Director & Founder of Tech Whisperer, a consulting firm specializing in digital transformation, AI, blockchain, and the future of work.

Jaspreet Bindra has been previously invited to give keynote speeches for leading organizations such as IBM IoT, Google, and SAP due to his thought leadership in the technology field.

He is also a thought leader in the blockchain space in India and has built Proof of Concepts and products based on this technology. Jaspreet is a highly sought-after speaker, having delivered keynote speeches at 250+ corporate events and conferences across India, US, UK, Africa, Sri Lanka, and Southeast Asia.

2. Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

She is an A.I. director, creator in several disciplines, and visionary who is passionate about the conscious use of technology.

She co-founded Seyhan Lee, the world's first studio dedicated to generative A.I., in 2020 with her partner Gary Koepke.

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag is a sought-after speaker and has delivered talks at various conferences such as SXSW, Google I/O, Eyeo Festival, TEDx, and others. She writes and speaks passionately on how humans can remain relevant in the age of A.I. and the importance of a conscious use of technology.

3. Kitty Horlick

Kitty Horlick is a highly experienced entrepreneur and consultant with a deep understanding of the Web 3.0 industry. She is the founder of Blackwood, a consultancy firm that helps traditional businesses embrace Web 3.0 & related technologies, including blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse, and cryptocurrencies.

As a speaker and consultant, Kitty Horlick communicates both the possibilities and limitations of web3 technologies, so that companies and audiences can make informed decisions.

She covers several topics such as identifying key metaverse products, rising and future trends within the metaverse, NFTs, and the broader crypto-sphere, etc. She also provides detailed case studies of both successful and unsuccessful NFT and metaverse project launches to shed light on what works and what doesn't.

How to Book an NFT & Art Speaker Through the Speaker Agency?

Booking an NFT & art speaker through the Speaker Agency is quite easy. Just follow these 3 easy steps to do so:

1. Browse the NFT & art speaker directory: Visit the website and browse through NFT & art speaker directory to find the one who meets your needs and requirements.

2. Book Them Online: You can directly book the NFT & art speaker by filling the form on the website. After submitting it, someone from the Speaker Agency will reach out to you, confirming the details & the booking.

3. Book via Call/Email: You can even call or email the Speaker Agency to book the NFT & Art speaker of your choice.

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