Sadie Clayton

Sadie ClaytonCreator, Educator & Innovator: Artist Specialising in Copper, Art & Culture TV Appearances & An Advocate for Diversity and Inclusivity

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Speaker Profile

Sadie Clayton graduated from Kingston University in 2013 with a BA Honors Fashion Design. Fascinated by design and innovation, Sadie took these foundations to explore the creative boundaries between art, technology and fashion presenting her Spring /Summer 2017 collection at the Royal Academy of the Arts in holographic form in collaboration with MHD holograms, and presenting her working process with copper through Augmented Reality for her Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

Sadie has showcased and demonstrated the art of working with copper metals as a part of the Nick Waplington / Alexander McQueen: Working Process exhibition at the Tate Britain, lead several workshops at the Tate Modern for Late at the Tate and at the Ace Hotel as part of London Craft Week 2019.  Sadie started to take her creativity away from the confines of the body and released herself as a creator and innovator debuting her copper wearable art at Art Basel Miami at the Red Dot Gallery, and later at the Museum of Art and Design as part of Singapore Design Week.

Fast forward to October 2018, Shanghai and Sadie takes these demonstrations of her working process to another level.  Collaborating for the second time, following the success of COGX in London, with Sophia, the first ever social, humanoid robot, programmed through AI, created by Hanson Robotics. Sadie and Sophia continued their exploration of Sadie’s working process, and her journey to harness Art, Design and Technology which became a reality during the event at Shanghai fashion weekend as Sadie designed bespoke, copper and 3D printed arm cuffs for Sophia.  An on-going conversation which meant Sadie presented her latest work in New York in April as part of the Designing Our Future exhibition hung in a human form to break down the mental barriers between human and humanoid.

Sadie’s creative drive to innovate and take her art to the next level meant that in October 2019 she became the first artist to create works of art together with the first Artist robot, Ai-Da the robot, at the Tate Modern as part of the Tate Exchange exploring the theme of technology and the human extension of self and how technology can transform and influence society, and facilitate or exacerbate existing racial dynamics.  As part of this creative exchange between Human Artist and robot artist, Sadie took inspiration from Andy Warhol’s video portraits to explore the limits of a humans’ virtual self, and created mini workshops where she dynamically responded to Ai-Da’s drawings, in themselves created by Sadie’s moodboards, to develop a mini-prototype copper sanctuary. 

Sadie is inspired by headspace and our holistic journey, and the power of art, combined with her signature material copper to have a positive mental affect. As the Covid 19 pandemic meant less opportunities to express creativity physically Sadie spent 2020 exploring the virtual art world. Creating 3 digital works, with collaboration from Ai-Da, she illustrated how nature had been revealed without ‘human pollutants’.   The three pieces were supported by the A/D/O Mini programme. Sadie was also chosen to be part of the Albertopolis Fantasy Project 2020 for Kensington & Chelsea Art Week, to create a digital fantasy world spread across Exhibition Road in London.  The virtual world depicted positivity in a post apocalyptic world through copper sculptural imagery.  Sadie worked with a researcher from Imperial College London researching into how social media affects women’s mental health to inform the virtual sculpture.

Embraced by the art world as a creator and innovator unique to the UK scene, Sadie was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on their Only Artists programme, with Ron Arad the renowned industrial designer, artist and architect, about her perspective on what it means to be an artistic fusion with no creative boundaries, created a video for the Art Fund for the V&A museum exhibition of Frida Kahlo, and spoke about her creative journey at the Royal Academy of the Arts exhibition on Anthony Gormley.  Sadie also curated the ING Discerning Eye exhibition in November 2018 and created the 2018 copper Christmas tree for The Ivy Granary Brasserie drawing significant national and international acclaim. Sadie was also selected to create a cube for the cure3 exhibition at Bonhams, curated by Artwise. Filling the perspex cube with copper off-cuts, she created a piece inspired by beauty in imperfection and harnessed the spiritual properties of copper and radiates positivity. London Craft Week 2020, Sadie was chosen as one of three makers to create an exclusive piece for Sipsmith Gin. Clayton designed and hand made a copper drinks trolley. Followed subsequently by a commission for the same drinks trolleys’ for the recent edition of Wimbledon 2021

Not only has Sadie had a voice in the Art world but is often called upon to speak at events around race and the ability that art has to impact the conversation for the positive and to not only draw attention to the situation but to free the issues of inherent racism in a very traditional environment by supporting and listening to young female artists such as herself.  Sadie not only has a voice in this field, but was also part of the Channel 4 documentary, shown in October 2020, in collaboration with Dove, Hair Power, Me and My Fro, talking about the symbolism and sensibilities within the African / Caribbean community vs white community to afro hair. Being a mixture of Caribbean and British heritage Sadie has always taken great pride in her roots and sees them as the source of her stimulus to collaborate with creatives, or specialists in all fields not only art.

Starting 2021 Sadie worked in collaboration with the artist Hagen Hinderdael as part of the London Design Biennale 2021– Design in an Age of Crisis to explore creative ways to respond to the psychological impact of COVID-19 on our mental health and access to critical care, EMBRACE re-imagines home treatment. Sadie created two beautifully crafted pieces in copper, which has inherent hygienic qualities, SHIELD, a versatile face mask or beautiful fashion accessory and COCOON an easily assembled immersive copper environment for nurses to use when visiting homes to administer care. Each providing a safe haven where tactility and comfort provide uplift and rejuvenation.

Sadie was chosen at the beginning of the year to be one of the young artists in the new Sky Arts format ‘Landmark’, aimed at bringing together artists from across the UK to create the next sculptural landmark.  The piece that she created, which represented a Yorkshire rose in tribute to her heritage, in her trademark copper, was then placed on display in the Grizedale forest.  To end the year, and building on the success of her TV appearances, she was asked to appear as a mentor to one of the finalists on CBBC’s Britain’s best Young Artists.   A perfect role for Sadie who has an instinctive interest in teaching, educating and supporting young people across all of her areas of expertise, whether fashion, art or entrepreneurialism.

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