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Sadie Clayton Creator, Educator & Innovator: Artist Specialising in Copper, Art & Culture TV Appearances & An Advocate for Diversity and Inclusivity


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Sadie Clayton 2024 Speech Titles Sadie Clayton 2024 Speech Titles

  • Metaverse Digital Art Digital Fashion
  • Intersection Between Creative Practices
  • Finding your Purpose in Life
  • Pivoting your Career Journey
  • Culture and Diversity
  • Diversity within Creative Education
  • Empowerment and Motivation

Sadie Clayton's Biography

Sadie Clayton is a sculptor exploring the dynamic boundaries between art, spirituality and technology. Sadie works specifically with copper; a material that is known for its healing properties. Having worked with institutions such as the Royal Academy of Arts, the Tate, and the London Design Biennale and created a series of large public sculptures and installations both tangible and virtual to extend holistic health benefits of this material into the wider community for the Ivy, Sky Arts ‘Landmark’ and as part of the Albertopolis Fantasy Project. Embraced by the art world as a creator and innovator unique to the UK scene, Sadie was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 on their Only Artists programme, with Ron Arad the renowned industrial designer, artist and architect, about her perspective on what it means to be an artistic fusion with no creative boundaries, created a video for the Art Fund for the V&A museum exhibition of Frida Kahlo, and spoke about her creative journey at the Royal Academy of the Arts exhibition on Anthony Gormley. Sadie was chosen at the beginning of the year to be one of the young artists in the new Sky Arts format ‘Landmark’, aimed at bringing together artists from across the UK to create the next sculptural landmark.  The piece that she created, which represented a Yorkshire rose in tribute to her heritage, in her trademark copper, was then placed on display in the Grizedale forest.  Clayton has embarked on more projects within TV including the Channel 4 documentary, in collaboration with Dove, Hair Power, Me and My Fro, talking about the symbolism and sensibilities within the African / Caribbean community vs white community to afro hair, and as a mentor to one of the finalists on CBBC’s Britain’s best Young Artists.   A perfect role for Sadie who has an instinctive interest in teaching, educating and supporting young people across all of her areas of expertise, whether fashion, art or entrepreneurialism.

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