Kitty Horlick

Kitty HorlickNFT, Web3, Blockchain, Metaverse Thoughtleader | Analyst | Founding Partner at Blackwood

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Kitty Horlick is a founding partner at Blackwood, a consultancy firm focused on onboarding traditional businesses into web3 and its associated technologies including blockchain, NFTs, the metaverse and cryptocurrencies.

As well as running Blackwood, Kitty remains closely involved in a selection of web 3 projects and has a particular interest in virtual lands as the base for consumer interactions in the metaverse. She leads communications at Digital Landowners Society, a community of metaverse landowners, and writes bi-monthly columns on digital art, and the NFT market for Unit gallerys NFT branch, Institut.

She is a long-term adopter of and investor in cryptocurrencies and NFTs with over five years of experience in the space. As early as 2017, she joined Ehab a start-up devoted to revolutionising the construction industry through blockchain. She is an insider, deeply embedded in the industry and with her finger closely on the pulse of the latest trends and challenges.

Though a deep believer in the disruptive potentials of the metaverse, Kitty is not an evangelist. Her focus as a speaker and consultant is on communicating both the possibilities and the limitations of the metaverse so that audiences and companies can make informed decisions about exactly how their businesses can create value and tackle the challenges of this promising, competitive industry.

She covers topics including but not limited to identifying key metaverse products; the technological advances required to power a fully-fledged metaverse; common misconceptions and errors; the drivers of investment; rising and future trends within the metaverse, NFTs, and the broader crypto-sphere; the evolution of consumer behaviour; and the role of financial institutions. She provides detailed case studies of both successful and unsuccessful NFT and metaverse project launches to shed light on what works and what doesnt.

She is adept at communicating what the metaverse and other web3 technologies are, how they work and where their value lies.

In addition to her background in blockchain, Kitty is an experienced communications expert and a vivid storyteller. She has worked as a PR executive for Portland Communications, and a multi-media journalist, writing for publications such as The Sunday Times and producing award-winning documentaries.

Blackwood was born out of her frustration that the web3 industry’s growth was being stunted by a lack of clear and relatable expert guidance on its central products of blockchain, the metaverse and NFTs.

As well as providing powerful insights into the possibilities of the metaverse, Kitty suffuses her talks with gripping anecdotes from her on-the-ground experience in the wild world of blockchain, most recently, for instance, staying with bitcoin-mining cow herds in the Caucus mountains.

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