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Timothy Papandreou CEO at Emerging Transport Advisors | Strategic Advisor at Google X Moonshot Factory | Former Strategic Partnerships Leader at Google X Moonshot Factory | Former CIO at MTA | Founder at Waymo


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Timothy Papandreou 2024 Speech Titles Timothy Papandreou 2024 Speech Titles

  • Smart Cities: The intelligent management of complex systems using disruptive technology and what it means for the future of life & work
  • The Moon-shot Approach: Combining courage, audacity and technology to achieve the impossible
  • The New Work Normal: Emerging leadership trends and the importance of workplace culture for high performing teams
  • From NFTS, to crypto currency and blockchains: How to prepare your organization for the digital shift to Web 3

Timothy Papandreou's Biography

Timothy Papandreou is a trusted global thought leader on emerging technologies, moonshots, smart cities, and the future of life & work. Currently, Tim is the Founder and CEO of Emerging Transport Advisors,  providing investors, companies, and governments with clarity and guidance on how to best position themselves for massive disruptions ahead.

Previously, Tim led key strategic partnerships at Google X Moonshot Factory where he worked on humankind’s most pressing problems, applying the world’s most advanced technologies and methodologies to create new pathways to market for vital innovation projects. As such, Tim was an early, key member of the founding team behind Waymo - the world’s first self-driving robotaxi, trucking and delivery vehicle technology. 
Tim is also the former Chief Innovation Officer at San Francisco MTA -where he led cross-functional teams, and on behalf of the Mayor, implemented urban mobility technology centered on sustainability, social equity, and climate resiliency  - making him an expert in holistic community-centered smart city tools that benefit the broader economy.

He presently serves as a trusted key advisor and mentor in several emerging technology spaces - including Google X,  Stakeborg’s web3/crypto investment and education platform; the expert in-residence at 11.2 venture builder studio (mentoring AI & fintech supply chain startups); and a Senior Partner at Monaco Foundry- a first-of-its-kind platform that increases the early success rate of sustainability-focused startups through accreditation and unique web3 support systems. He is also a holder and member of the Onchain Monkey community- a web 3 non-fungible token community focused on building the web3 metaverse.

Tim is a digital nomad, as he regularly attends and presents at conferences and events around the world. His diverse public and private systems experience makes him a highly sought after speaker.

Tim’s unique insights and thought leadership draws from his strong track record to see the signs, lead cross-functional teams, build partnerships and deliver moonshot innovation.

Keynote Titles in Detail

Smart Cities: The intelligent management of complex systems using disruptive technology and what it means for the future of life & work

More than half the world’s population now lives in cities. Navigating these contemporary urban environments is affecting how we live, work and get around - particularly, as we recognise our vulnerability to climate disruption.

Our way of life has changed more in the past five years than the previous 50 - and the next ten will have even greater changes. We can’t afford business as usual. 

The converging trends of electrification, automation, and on-demand services have already started and they will continue to accelerate profound changes to all our lives in both subtle and dramatic ways. 

In this captivating speech, Tim explores the intersection of emerging technology, sustainability and innovative infrastructure - and how life as we know it will never be the same again. 


  • ●  Learn all about this convergence on the future of living and working

and how to prepare your organization to seize new opportunities.

  • ●  Understand how technology companies are creating a ‘Lifestyle as a

Service’ business model, where AI-enabled super apps are

integrating all aspects of life in more sustainable and resilient ways

  • ●  Discover how to safeguard your community - while all these

technological advances promise to help us lead more comfortable and productive lives, the ever increasing reach of data, privacy and sovereignty create big societal questions 


This keynote is vital for everyone from general audiences to forward-thinking strategists because the point of access is simply to be a human who connects with other humans. Everyone who lives and works will be captivated by Tim’s visionary insights into the future. Tim can always tailor his speech to deliver bespoke content for your audience.


Key Trends I Smart Cities I Sustainability I Climate I Resilient Cities I On-Demand I

Electrification I Automation I Innovation I Infrastructure

The Moon-shot Approach: Combining courage, audacity and technology to achieve the impossible

DESCRIPTION:The courage to set audacious goals and explore new applications of disruptive technology is identifying a third way of achieving success - commercializing radical solutions and challenging what we thought wasn’t possible.

Timothy Papandreou spent years at Google X, the renowned innovation division, positioned at the apex of a global problem, a radical solution, and breakthrough technology. Synonymous with the Google X brand, ‘Moonshot’ thinking refers to a visionary technique of implementing a future-oriented approach to solving some of humankind’s most challenging obstacles. The philosophy is named after John F. Kennedy's dream to send a man to the moon. Another definitive example of a moonshot is often self-driving cars - the exact project Tim worked on - delivering Waymo to market.

The world is going through a tectonic shift in unprecedented technology advancement. At the same time, society is (in some ways) stalling its progress due to inequality and rising polarity. We’re seeing these mega trends of AI-centered digitalization, electrification, and automation catapult the level of progress ((whilst raising questions that have yet to be answered... “stay tuned”)). This allows us to see, for the first time, multiple moonshot ideas turn into commercialized products and services.


  • ●  Learn how moonshot developments focus on the three key areas:
    • ○  Can they solve a global problem?
    • ○  Can they do it with breakthrough technology?
    • ○  Can the technology be commercialized?
  • ●  Discover all about the latest in moonshots from electric and automated vehicles of all types under/on/over the ground, sea and air, 3D printing, vertical and horizontal future farms, drone deliveries, robotics and co-botics including nano-bots, carbon capture and sequestration, water creation, digital wellness and more.
  • ●  Receive invaluable, practical tips from someone who knows first-hand what the pitfalls are and how to avoid them
  • ●  How to implement “Yes, and” instead of “No, because” for a more successful journey


This speech will be captivating for even the most general of audiences because it explores the projects that will propel humankind into the future - and Tim’s profound knowledge and straightforward delivery style make it a fascinating yet accessible keynote. For niche audiences, perhaps working on moonshots of their own, Tim is able to tailor this speech and deliver bespoke content - he is also happy to host breakout sessions and roundtable discussions to tackle specific concepts and share his expert insights.

Moonshots I Key Trends I Innovation I Startups I Energy I Mobility I Ground-Sea-Air I Agtech I Drones I Space

The New Work Normal - Emerging leadership trends and the importance of workplace culture for high performing teams

The future of working is upending all our preconceived notions of a strong team. The global Covid pandemic bifurcated our economy into those that can work from home and those that can’t. Resulting in big gaps in our future outlook. At the same time, the fear of robotics has become less of a scare and more of an embrace - actually creating more jobs than thought - coinciding with labor shortages and localization of products (an effect of globalized supply chain issues).
Workplace culture is the glue that keeps organizations together - from remote working, hybrid and onsite options, working with intergenerational teams and distributed teams. Moreso, culture is key to high performing teams.

How do you create and keep a high functioning culture in such a volatile, flexible and open working environment? Big and bold ideas are needed to create the vision, but even more courageous actions are required to lead these teams in new ways to support and retain our valuable team members.


  • ●  Receive practical, operational and anecdotal tips on how to “solve” the hybrid work place
  • ●  Learn about the latest tools and approaches startups and other

leading organizations are using to stay competitive while retaining

valuable talent

  • ●  Learn about the Design Thinking Process and how it helps rapid

prototyping and ‘learning while doing,’ to keep your strategy focused

on helping improve day to day operations

  • ●  Learn about how to implement system thinking processes to lead cross-functional teams
  • ●  Beyond the future of work, learn about how to empathize and retain your customers through the customer journey process


This speech will have a powerful impact on people in leadership roles, upper middle managers (as well as executive teams), professional services and industry groups (including associations). This speech contains practical and accessible solutions, from someone who is currently implementing them, and has real-world examples and expertise. Uplifting and motivating, this speech will be a catalyst for future success.

Leadership I Cross-Functional Teams I Design Thinking I System Thinking I Rapid Prototyping I Change Management I Moonshot Strategy I Innovation I Work Culture From NFTS, to crypto currency and blockchains - How to prepare your organization for the digital shift to Web 3

We’re at the sunset of Web 2 (our current internet, owned by a few mega corporations) and at the dawn of Web 3 (which is more decentralized and open to all). From crypto currency, to digital assets (art, music, etc), to transparent smart contracts, there are boundless opportunities for new areas of growth and capitalization. There is also so much hype and so many terms it's hard to keep up and see what's real and what’s just fluff. In this welcoming talk, Tim breaks down Web 3 and all its components in simple to understand terms. He will also provide a compelling call to action, explaining market opportunity, as this is the biggest generational change in how we source information, transact contracts, procure and secure digital assets, and so much more.


  • ●  Learn about key areas of Web 3 from crypto currency, digital wallets, and digital assets; to NFTs, how to buy them, how to create (or “mint” them).
  • ●  Learn how to safely store digital assets
  • ●  Learn how to navigate the metaverse or virtual reality spaces
  • ●  Learn how community is vital to Web 3 and new forms of digital governance through decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)


This speech will be captivating for even the most general of audiences because it explores the future state of our assets and the next phase of the internet where we are in charge of our data. Timothy gives a dynamic and enthusiastic presentation in a tactical, practical and accessible way for the audiences - and goes deeper for specific industry insights - to bring everyone up to speed on this rapidly evolving landscape. The audience will leave feeling entertained and educated on the future of the internet.

Timothy Papandreou is ready to inspire your teams!
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