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Dave Carroll | Keynote Speaker

Speaker, Singer-Songwriter, Social Media Innovator

Dave Carroll


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Dave Carroll I Keynote Speaker

Dave Carroll is an award-winning songwriter, social media innovator and master storyteller from Halifax, Canada. He became familiar to 150 million people when his YouTube music video about a customer service issue with an airline, United Breaks Guitars , became a worldwide media sensation.

His keynote is a combination of music, humour and powerful business insights that demonstrates that human beings are fundamentally connected. Leveraging that, Dave teaches his audiences how simple changes in perspective can inject caring into your business & that organizations founded upon ‘compassionate design’ make for a happier, more productive and profitable ventures.

Dave Carroll - Essence Statement

Dave Carroll

Dave Carroll is a Canadian songwriter, author, social media pioneer and the creator of a one-in-a-billion story, United Breaks Guitars. His $150.00 YouTube music video about his broken instrument and the airline that failed to right their wrong, changed the world and became “one of the most important videos in Googles history”. It empowered consumers and sent ripples across the global business community after it dropped United Airlines stock by $150 million in market value. Today it endures as a case study within a wide and diverse range of #organizations and at reputable universities such as Harvard and Oxford. In fact, many of the world’s top speakers share Dave’s story in their own keynote presentations as a teachable moment. His areas of expertise are Customer Experience, Branding and Compassionate Storytelling but his infectious ability to connect with audiences has generated invitations to speak in over 30 countries. His music, down-to-earth sense of humour and insightful experience have made Dave Carroll a masterful teller of stories that unite, #motivate and start movements.