Sahin Ozcan

Sahin OzcanForeign Trade Expert and Keynote Speaker

Keynote Speaker

  • Brexit: A brief history of UK-EU relationships. How Brexit came about? What it means for the UK and Global economy?
  • Foreign Trade: Practicalities and Challenges of International Business. Common Misconceptions in Foreign Trade Practices.
  • Economics: The New World Order, Transpacific Alliances. The Risk of EU and NAFTA becoming obsolete.
  • International Trade Wars
  • EU and the Future
  • UK Foreign Trade
  • IR35
  • The New UK Global Tariff

Speaker Profile

Sahin Ozcan is a foreign trade expert with a background in international relations and economics. He holds a MSCs and PhD in International Economics from LSE. Ozcan received training from the famous Michael Carroll and Carmen Bostic St. Clair. He held senior executive roles at a number of multinationals and is currently the general manager of a company in London that specialises in providing “consulting and training” to global companies and government agencies worldwide.

Throughout his career, Ozcan has received numerous awards for his work, as well as his social responsibility projects. He writes regularly on global foreign trade in addition to presenting keynote talks on this topic with the largest Speaker bureau in Turkey. He is an active member of multiple international businesses and thinktanks. Sahin is fluent in Turkish, English, Russian and Spanish. A PPL holder, he enjoys playing the bass guitar, reading, history, gastronomy, and football.

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