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  • Release Date: 28 November 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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There's something that big companies like Apple, IBM and Ford have in common. They have all embraced designed thinking when it comes to developing their products and their services. If you're looking for a powerful tool that can help you improve your business, then look no further than design thinking. When you develop skills related to design thinking, you can become more creative when it comes to solving business problems. Irrespective of what your role in the company is, facilitate innovation using design thinking to improve processes within your company. 

Let's first look at what design thinking is.

What Do You Mean By Design Thinking?

Design thinking refers to an approach relayed to problem solving. This is where the person using design thinking seeks to better understand a product or a service using design intelligence. They look at what the goals associated with that product or service at. They also look at what challenges they are likely to face when trying to sell those products or services. 

Using this information, they make use of knowledge to find useful solutions to problems. Design thinking is designed to be iterative, and it encourages practicioners to challenge what their assumptions are about the problems that they're dealing with. They think harder about the solutions to their problems which can lead to them landing on innovative solutions to business problems. 

Design thinking speakers know how to encourage the spirit of innovation within your employees. Usually, design thinking can be broken down into four distinct phases. These include: 

Clarifying The Problem 

This is where the employee narrows down their focus on what the design thinking process is. They seek to identify the problem and focus on looking for an ideal outcome. 


Design thinking keynote speakers are adept at teaching audience members how to better ideate. During this stage of the design thinking process, the employee should already start looking for solutions. They should be actively challenging the assumptions that they have in order to overcome their personal biases. The solutions that they come up with should be truly innovative and useful. 

Developing Ideas 

Design thinking speakers UK know just how important it is to develop innovative ideas. During the development phase, the employee starts to experiment with the solutions that they came up with during the ideating phase. At this point, they should not be spending excessive money on creating prototypes. The prototypes that they do create should not be seen as the final solution to the problem. 

These prototypes are rather tools that employees can use to test their ideas and then learn from. 

Implementing Their Ideas 

A design thinking experts speaker can equip your employees with the skills needed to find effective solutions to the problems that they are facing. During the implementation phase, employees need to test the various prototypes that they came up with. Their goal should be to collect a great amount of data which can further be used to help them in creating ideal solutions to their problem. 

It should be noted that these four phases tend to blend into each other. You shouldn't look at the implementation phase as the end but rather use it to revisit the earlier phases that you came up with. By focusing on various solutions to the problem, it becomes easier for employees to find original and unique ways to deal with business problems. 

What You Should Know About Design Thinking Skills

Here are the various design thinking skills that design thinking speakers can help your employees to develop: 

1. Emotional Intelligence 

This is a core skill for people who want to excel at design thinking. To be good at design thinking, you need to know how to empathize with the people who will be using your products and services. You need to underhand not just their goals and ideas, but also their dreams and desires. If you aren't willing to empathize, then you won't be able to make the most of the other steps involved in design thinking. 

There are other skills related to emotional intelligence that you should work to improve upon as well. You should know how to better connect with the end user and should also be self aware. You should know how to motivate yourself as well as how to self-regulate. 

2. Building Consensus 

Design thinking speakers UK can better educate your employees on how to build consensus on different topics. All team members working on a project should be able to reach a consensus when it comes to dealing with challenges. They should agree on who to ideal buyer is as well as what the end use of the product being developed should be. They should know what problems they are aiming to solve with their solutions. 

Understanding how they can define success will help them in moving their project forward. Your team may not be right all the time simply because they agree on something, but you shouldn't be challenging their assumptions either. This is as even if they fail, they may be able to provide you with data that can help you in the future. 

3. Increasing User Reach 

A design thinking experts speaker knows how to help businesses reach their end users better. To understand more about their users, they need to conduct user surveys and hold user interviews. This can be extremely helpful in enabling businesses to gather data about the end user. Using user research data, businesses can better optimize their products and services to appeal to their target market. 

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