Is Cryptocurrency the Future?

The security of crypto currencies which are used as digital currencies is encrypted in digital environment. Bitcoin is the first crypto currency which appeared in the year 2008 as a pysically non-existent form of currency.

21 March 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

Many followed Bitcoin afterwards and we now call those alternative currencies ‘altcoins’. Ethereum, XRP, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, Tether and Dogecoin are some examples of altcoin. Just like Bitcoin, altcoins are manufactured by encryptography. Altcoins cost relatively less than Bitcoin and have more transactional speed.

Excavating crypto currencies which is called ‘mining’ is a way of improving energy efficiency. Market value of Bitcoin and altcoins change depending on the users. The number of people who use these alternative currencies is increasing more and more giving Bitcoin and altcoins a path to spread. 

How Crypto Currencies are Manufactured and How Safe are they?

Crypto currencies are manufactured in an unregulated system and they are fundamentally for the user. Almost like mathematical problems, the logic stays the same, these currencies are produced through mining. The functional abilities of mining are more efficient when the system operates with high speed and uninterrupted internet service.

All transactions with crypto currencies can be monitored and evaluated by the concerning parties thanks to Blockchain technology. The amounts and the account addresses of both the sender and the receiver are sufficient information for transactions. Transactions are then confirmed by miners using encryptographic solutions and also transactions cannot be undone.

Future of Crypto Currencies

The differences between banking practices along with the fact how crypto currencies work, it might force governments to limit the use of digital currencies. Crypto currency accounts and digital currencies are legal in Turkey and have quite a platform. Here are some advantages and examples for future use of digital currencies.

  • Crypto currencies will probably have a bigger share in the finance industry, as they are produced in an unregulated environment.
  • Not being attached to a central system or a branch, crypto currencies are not directly affected by the economic state or the economic conditions of a country.
  • Crypto currency accounts can neither be frozen nor be confiscated by governments or by third parties.
  • The popularity of Blockchain technology will grow even more with the improvement of mathematical formulae and advances in computer sciences. Thus, the wonder and the demand for Blockchain will also grow.
  • To make a transfer in crypto currencies, you don’t need a bank or a payment tool which means you can make transactions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • You don’t have to disclose your personal details to use a crypto currency platform. Your personal information is safe in each transaction you make and even if you are indebted, you can still appear anonymous.
  • You don’t have to pay a fee to open a crypto currency account. The crypto currency platform, which operates without being an extension of a service provider or a service centre, can also provide its users with low-cost operational possibilities in the future.
  • Crypto currencies allow new business models to flourish and entrepreneurship activities increase in the fintech eco-system. Blockchain technology is one of the most promising fields for the future as it will provide many job opportunities for those who are eager to work in this field.

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