Jim Carroll

Jim CarrollWorld’s Leading Global Futurist

Keynote Speaker

  • The Jetsons Have Arrived 50 Years Early: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin and the End of Money: Understanding The Ultimate Disruption
  • Disrupting Amazon : Accelerating Strategies for Success in the Era of Industry Transformation
  • Accelerating Creativity: How to Rethink, Redo, ReAlign and Rethink Your Future
  • Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast: Innovating in the Age of Disruption
  • Accelerating the Auto Industry in the Era of Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Healthcare 2030: The Transformative Trends That Will REALLY Define Our Future
  • The Future of Education: Rethinking Opportunity in the Era of Knowledge Velocity
  • Big Trends in Agriculture: What Will the Worlds’ Oldest Profession Look Like In 2025?

Speaker Profile

Jim is the world’s leading global futurist, trends and innovation expert, with a massive global blue chip client list. Over the last 25 years, more than 2 million people have shared his insight with his events on stage. His clients include NASA, Disney, Mercedes Benz, the World Government Summit organized by the Prime Minister of the UAE, BASF, the Swiss Innovation Forum, the National Australia Bank, and hundreds more.

Jim has researched key innovation success factors for dozens of industries, associations, professions, companies and individuals. People have shared his insight with highly energized presentations in Tokyo, Zurich, Dubai, Munich, Palm Springs, Sydney, Cayman Islands, Los Angeles, Miami, Costa Rica, London, Nassau, Sao Paolo, Munich, New York, Vancouver, Stockholm, Budapest; everything from small Board-level sessions with 12 people; to high level CEO leadership meetings to 7,000 person conference keynotes.

Leading global futurist, innovation expert and keynote speaker Jim Caroll shares his views on everything from the future of finance and agriculture to healthcare and self-driving cars. How to realign and rethink our future to stay ahead? Disruptive innovation and much more.

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