Pros And Cons Of A 4 Day Working Week

In the modern economy, it's more important to work smarter than harder. New work cultures are constantly evolving - such as working in an office with an open space design.

  • Release Date: 30 October 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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In the modern economy, it's more important to work smarter than harder. New work cultures are constantly evolving - such as working in an office with an open space design. Remote working and working four days a week are also becoming more and more popular. Technology in today's world helps people work in different ways, depending on what they are most comfortable with.

These days, it's up to people to decide what kind of work they want to do, and this choice isn't always about the nature of the work itself. An emerging trend that's becoming popular is the 4 day work week. This is where workers have to go to work just four days every week. Instead of working nine hour days five days a week, they'll be working twelve hours for four days eve week. This helps ensure that while they're working the same number of hours every week, they get more three days off instead of two.

Data analytics and automation have helped fuel the 4 day work week. Businesses these days actually want to give more time off to their employees. There are various successful startups across the world that have already embraced the 4 day work week. Companies like Google, Panasonic and Teskavvy fall into this category.

What Is A 4 Day Work Week?

In the UK, the 4 day working week is gradually becoming more popular. This is where employees have to work longer hours for four days in lieu of getting an additional day off every week. Standard work hours are from Monday through Thursday. From Friday to Sunday, employees have time off.

The 4 day work week UK is gaining popularity rapidly. Countries like the US and Canada are also adopting the 4 day working week. It's been seen that a 4 day work week can help reduce work related stress in employees while increasing their productivity.

The Pros And Cons 

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There are several 4 day work week benefits. Businesses are moving away from the 5 days a week 9 to 5 routine. They're adopting a shortened work week instead. Employees can enjoy a better work-life balance with a 4 day working week. At work, they're more productive when compared to employees that work more days in a week.

Let's look at the pros and cons of adopting a 4 day working week.

The Pros:

There are mainly three 4 day work week advantages that you need to know about:

1. Employee Happines And Satisfaction 

Work-life balance with a four day work week drastically improves. Research done on 4 day work weeks has shown that employees are happier working fewer days. This means they are less likely to leave their current job and their loyalty towards their company increases as well.

Employees are less stressed since they get more time off every week to recuperate. They are more productive with the time that they actually spend at work. Such employees feel more satisfied with their jobs, which in turn helps them perform better at work. When compared to employees working 5 days a week, employees who work fewer days produce work that's of higher quality. They have more innovative ideas and learn to thrive in competitive work environments.

2. Increased Productivity At Work 

Should your business be struggling to meet your business goals, then a 4 day work week could be the answer you're looking for. If you want to increase business profits while reducing overhead costs, then adopt a 4 day work week. Employees who work four days a week are usually more motivated. This helps them get more work done even if they're getting an extra day off every week.

Such employees complete work on projects faster and deliver results timely and of high quality.

3. Improved Work-Life Balance 

Improved work-life balance with a 4 day week at work is a huge draw for modern employees looking for a job. Employees get more time off in a week to handle personal matters. They can spend time with their family, do chores and run errands or work on various hobbies.

This extra time off helps people recharge and lead generally healthier lifestyles. In return, when they are working, they are able to dedicate themselves 100%. Employee morale can be improved while reducing burnouts. Businesses that adopt the 4 day working week can enjoy lower rates of employee turnover as well. By adopting 4 day work weeks businesses can reap several benefits. 

The Cons:

Now let's look at the disadvantages of a 4 day work week.

1. Work Longer Hours Per Day 

While employees work fewer days a week, they aren't working fewer hours. This means they need to work harder on the four days they are working. In a day, an employee may need to put in extra hours in order to finish the work. This can lead to stress which can affect the productivity of the employee.

2. Not Everyone Can Enjoy 4 Day Working Weeks 

Drawbacks of a 4 day work schedule include that not all businesses can adopt this form of working. Businesses that require employees to concentrate for long hours without breaks may find that the four day working week doesn't suit them. Flexible working arrangements like the 4 day work week should only be adopted after a businesses assesses whether it suits their work style or not.

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The effects of reduced work hours on employees are generally positive. An employee who works just four days every week will be more productive and less stressed. Employees get more time for their personal lives and can improve their work-life balance.

However, there are some drawbacks as well. Employees will need to work longer hours on the four days that they do work. With work going faster, establishing a routine can be difficult as well.

At Speaker Agency, you can find reputed speakers who can help you learn more about the 4 day work week UK. Learn why the 4 day working week is becoming more popular and what advantages it presents.

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