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Giles Hutchins Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy, author of Leading by Nature, Founder of Leadership Immersions


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Giles Hutchins 2024 Speech Titles Giles Hutchins 2024 Speech Titles

  • Regenerative Business
  • Beyond Sustainability/Next-stage Sustainability

Giles Hutchins's Biography

Giles applies 25 years of business experience to his organisational development, executive coaching, leadership immersion workshops, speaking, writing and catalytic skills to the transformation and emergence of a new logic in business and beyond - the organisation-as-living-system - resilient, vibrant, purposeful businesses that seek life-affirming futures.

Giles Hutchins blends a wealth of leadership development, business strategy, operations and transformation experience with pioneering new thought on leading, sustaining and flourishing in volatile times. In particular, he draws on the logic of living systems to aid our leaders and organizations to become ‘future-fit’.

A prolific speaker, writer and adviser, he applies 25 years of experience to his work at personal and organizational levels. Previously the Global Sustainability Director for Atos, and Head of Practice with KPMG, and now Executive Coach and Senior Adviser, he has helped transform a wide range of organizations (corporate, third sector, public sector and start-up).

Giles is Chairman of The Future Fit Leadership Academy, Founder of Leadership Immersions, Lead Partner of The Natural Business Partnership, co-founder of BCI Biomimicry for Creative Innovation, co-founder of Regenerators, and adviser to several forward-leaning organisations. He also works with leading business schools on ground-breaking leadership and organisational development.

He is a regular keynote speaker at conferences and expert round-tables. He has been interviewed by the BBC, writes articles for a number of world leading networks, and is author of the books The Nature of Business (2012), The Illusion of Separation (2014), Future Fit (2016) and co-author of Regenerative Leadership (2019)  


“Giles brilliantly combines his warm and empathetic style with his incredibly sharp business acumen. He helped me grow massively as a CEO and enabled our leadership team to work in more harmony. I would hugely recommend him to other businesses.” Rob Wilson, CEO

Toast In times, when business leaders are struggling with volatility and uncertainty about the future of their organizations, Giles Hutchins lays out a path for transformational change. Mick Bremans, Chairman

Ecover Giles’s blends business expertise, deep connection with nature and our living environment and experience in transformation, helping us think differently and progressively about work and organisational intent. He is magical in his ability to generate ‘safe spaces’ for conversations that matter. Caroline Gosling, Director

Rubica Giles commands an incisive analysis of the systemic challenges we face, whilst connecting with clients in a warm, engaging rapport, making him a compelling and insightful change-agent of our times. Tom Keward, Programme Director, Roffey Park Institute

Inspiring, uplifting, simply superb! Euan Smith, COO

Sky MediaThe experience of today has been very insightful. From the moment I walked in to Springwood I felt a special energy – I felt the healing of Giles’ words and the woods will help me in my new venture. Thank you so much – so inspiring! Nathalie Frances, Head of ESG, DHL Supply Chain

Giles is a hugely energetic and inspiring speaker.’ Paul Bray, Executive Partner, IBM 

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